Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh being scared my Yash, Ananya and Sanju. They laugh on him having masks on their faces. Naksh scolds Sanju for scaring him. Sanju asks him not to overact. Ananya pulls his cheeks and laughs. They remove the masks. Sanju slips and Yash holds her. She comes to know that he is Yash, Naksh’s brother and she is hhis best friend Sanju. They smile. Sanju shakes hand and says glad meeting him.

Naksh says did they not get gifts and they tease him. Sanju says my sweet friend. Akshara says will he like this mum and keeps the laddoos in the box. Naitik comes to her and asks her not to feel bad, but not send this, they now the taste of her hand. He says he will have it now and very soon they will make them have it themselves. Vishwamber says he will make laddoos

and sits to make. Ananya gets the cake and Yash says she made it herself. They sing happy birthday to you and Naksh cuts the cake.

Sanju says the cake is very good. She brings something and says she will apply cream to him. She hugs him. Ananya says he got te facial. Sanju says he can get two four Indian girls tomorrow. They laugh. He says he enjoyed with them. Sanju asks him to make her meet his family. He says come soon. She says not like this, I don’t want all the attention now, I will meet later. Ananya says we will leave now and drop Sanju too. Yash says he will drop them. Sanju says I know Karate, I m not kid. Yash asks Naksh does he have any plan. Naksh says no. Yash says we will celebrate tomorrow and they all leave.

Its morning, Akshara comes to Naksh and wishes hhim happy birthday. He wakes up to hug her and realizes it was just a dream. Bhabhimaa comes and wishes him happy birthday. He hugs her. Everyone do puja at home for Naksh. Naira says why can’t she meet Naksh. Bau ji hugs Naksh and they also do a puja for him. They all wish him happy birthday. Both the families do the puja. Dadi says we did not do all this when you all were abroad. Naira says but I miss Naksh and gets sad.

Akshara says come Naitik, we will meet Naksh. Naitik asks where is she going. She says I will meet my son. Ananya says why can’t they meet Naksh. Akshara says I can see Naksh atleast. Naitik says its easy to cross this door but not going inside that house. She stops and cries. She says she can’t bless her son. Naira and Ananya look on puzzled. Naitik pacifies her and hugs her, asking her to be strong.

Rajshri talks to Devyaani and asks her to do something. Naksh comes to office and meets the staff. They all wish him happy birthday and sing the song. Naksh thanks them. They all miss Naitik and Naksh sees Bau ji and Naman sad. He says he will get Naitik next time. Naman says I hope this turns true. Bau ji shows him the office. Bhabhimaa, Devyaani and Karishma do all the work and Bhabhimaa takes Akshara’s name, and stops. Devyaani smiles as she took the name for the first time in 10 years.

Naksh asks Bau ji why did they keep Naitik’s cabin till now if he does not work here. Bau ji says we did not give it to anyone, as we did not need too. Naksh asks can I see and he smiles. Naksh goes inside the cabin. Mishti offers help and everyone ask her not to help. Devyaani asks Bhabhimaa does she have to invite anyone else.

Naksh is stuck in traffic and says he will go by walk. Naitik, Akshara and Naira also come there. Naksh is stunned seeing them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i think next marriage in singhania house is sanju and yash cute couple let’s wait and see

  2. Please now stop this serial 6 yrs completed aur kitne saal drag karogi brought new serial in place of yrkkh I’m just tired of watching stupid sentiment soaps

  3. i agree srut

  4. i agree sruti

  5. but this serial is going good I think no need to stop this serial this is among the top 10 serials in TV

    1. Its bettr to stop dis soap now just dragging like hell alwayzz boring nothing else.. I’m so tired uff a soap with max 3 Years is more Dan enuf … Ha talking abt trps ippknd in top 1 and eht in top 5 but Dey end so soon… Dey r just best soaps so far.. I don’t wana c yrkkh more … Its juz my opinion

  6. your point of view is also correct

  7. I think dervwil b a luv traingle btwn naksh sanju n yash. Jus like kuch kuch hota hai..naksh wil realise his luv fr sanju aftr cng yash n sanju tgthr…jus like ksjol felt cng srk n rani tgthr…

  8. Who is forcing u guyz to watch this if its dat boring??????? If u want watch or else jst chang d channe.. cool guyzzz..

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