Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh telling Bau ji of the eco friendly Ganpati and visarjan. They all talk of small efforts making a difference, and doing visarjan in a small pool outside their house. Kartik says its good Naksh could come along us. Mishti comes and tells Kartik that she has come to help him in packing. He says I did not think of it. They both pack clothes. She asks is Switzerland called country of chocolates. He says country of love. She asks him to propose Naira. He says but there will be two bodyguards, Naksh and Gayu.

She asks him not to stare Naira, else Naksh will freeze him in ice. Kartik says sure, I will try, I m thinking how to propose Naira. She says Krishna ji is there to help. He calls her cute. She calls him handsome. She says packing is done, listen

carefully, I love Kaira and want to see Kaira. He asks whats Kaira. She says you are going as Kartik and Naira, and will come back as Kaira. He smiles. She says no dreams now, go there and dream, anything else. He says nothing, thanks. She asks shall I go. He says yes. She says fine. He stops her and says my thanks will be less, I want to get something for you as a token, one more thing, my pretty lady, there is imp place for you in my life, none can take that place, I love you my dear. She says I love you too, you both will come back as Kaira.

Gayu says I can’t say Kartik how much excited I m, I did not imagine I will go to country of love with Kartik. She smiles and dances. She checks her clothes for packing and says in what clothes will I good look to Kartik. Naira packs bag and says I will have to keep an eye on Kartik, he wants to cheat my dad, see Kartik what I do. Kartik dances hugging a pillow and smiles. Gayu is unable to sleep. Naira is worried. Kartik smiles thinking of Naira.

Its morning, Akshara tells Ganpati that your time to leave has come, but Naitik did not come, we thought to do your Bidaai together, it could not happen, I m sorry on his behalf, send him home, I m getting strange thoughts, you show me the way, don’t leave my hand, I can understand signs. She hears Mishti making a request of goggles.

Naman lands in Switzerland and goes to meet someone. He asks the man why are you troubling me, I told you I will pay you. Akshara does the Ganpati aarti. Kartik smiles seeing Naira. Naman says I have come and we will finish paper work soon. Everyone pray. Naman says when I get money in my Swiss account, I will transfer, I have to solve the mess created by Naitik, I have to leave for Kenya. Akshara asks Ganpati to give her some sign, is Naiitk fine. A flower falls and sindoor gets in her hairline. She smiles.

Naitik comes and holds Naman. Naman gets shocked seeing Naitik. Naitik recalls how the goon shot at him, and Naitik has beaten him up. They had a fight. Naitik tells Naman that I m alive, you wanted to get me killed, don’t know why you changed mind, how low can you fall for money, I can’t believe this, I m related to you, I m ashamed of this, I got saved by my family’s prayers. Akshara thanks Ganpati and says I understood your sign, it means Naitik is fine.

They take Ganpati for visarjan. Akshara prays for Naitik. Naitik asks Naman to answer him, why did you trap innocent people in Kenya, why did you get me here away from family, why did you try to get me killed, whats the reason. Naman asks him to ask himself, when you returned from Cape town, same thing happened, when Naira left, I managed everything, when Naira came back, you took my power and authority back, you managed business, you think I m your pet dog.

Naitik asks who told you, how do you get this in mind. He says this happens when I justice happens, I did not get fair share in business, you never gave me credit, you always deal with big clients, I have handled everything in your absence, no one gave me credit, when I did mistake, you all blamed. Naitik says no, I did not blame or snatch anything, I just advised you for mistake. Naman says you just gave orders, stop this acting, you and Akshara pretend to be good. Naitik says we never regarded you as strangers, if you told me, I would have give everything to you, you would have not tried to kill me. Naman says I don’t want to take charity. Naitik says I m talking with manners, and you are saying this. Naman argues. Naitik slaps him.

Naman pushes him and steps on his chest, saying you have shared enough Gyaan and business, now I won’t share anything, business will be mine, be quiet now. Naitik says you can’t do anything, my Akshara will save me. Naman says I will see how she saves you. Naitik says Akshara and my family’s love are with me, nothing will happen to me. Naman suffocates his neck.

Mishti asks Kartik why is he happy. He says I m excited and nervous, I have big responsibility of proposal, I did not know when love happened, but no use to think of ideas, I did not get any idea. She asks him to include him in his dream. He says good idea, shall I start, are you ready. She says yes, start your thinking CD. He says think, I m taking Naira blindfold…. And I m removing the cloth from her eyes. Kartik gets Naira and removes the blindfold. She smiles seeing the lovely decorations. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai…..plays….. He sits down and forwards hand, saying I love you Naira…. I did not had courage to say, but today I have said, I love you….. She smiles. Naira says I love you too and holds his hand. Kartik dreams and Mishti laughs. He says I was seeing beautiful dream, and you are laughing. She says your dream was good but not possible, mine is possible, see now, you proposed Naira and she says I will just come in a minute. Kartik asks what, one min got over, what next. She says let Naira come back…..

Naira’s ticket flies and she runs out of the train to pick it. Kartik and Gayu ask her to get it fast.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Kaira romance is going to start!!!

    1. Yeii waiting for that too ? Hope gayu will not interfere ??

  2. Wow Mishtiiii and Karthik are the best Yaar seriously love their bonding
    Tommrow onwards Swiss track super excited for KAIRA romance confession and naitik and akshara romance and new naitik is already awesome

  3. SaYan

    Loved kartik and mishti bonding…
    Love u kaira and kashti and this gayu is getting on to my nerves

  4. Mishtiiii ur the Jaan of KAIRA fans
    KAIRA romance
    Naitik returns mission

  5. Bl**dy cheater naman

  6. Instagram gives me new and more KAIRA …….GOOSEBUMPS each day.
    the Swiss Romance is amazing.

  7. Mishti is a supercool in the kaira romance.

  8. Too excited for swiss track kaira on roll wow their intense love story their songs wow
    mishtii y r u so cute the little girl is seriously a good performer thank u yrkkh for showing child artist like this unlike other shows.
    naman was and never a good guy showed his true colours his greed for money similar to many people in real life .
    Karthiks responsible dream was so unique irs just in brain
    new naitik did a fab acting

  9. Naman is bad they not even real brothers but he wants nathik business n nathik treats him like his own

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