Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju and Yash arguing. Naksh looks on. Yash says we love each other, nothing else matters. She asks what about our dreams. He says you can fulfill after marriage. Sanju says why this marriage. Naksh takes Sanju’s side as its not their age to marry. Yash asks Naksh not to say in between, he can’t understand as he is not in love. Sanju argues and says I m done with you. She leaves. Rashmi and Sameer sit with families. Sameer goes to help Devyaani. She refuses. Sameer says I know you don’t trust anyone easily, please clear it. Devyaani says fine, I will say, how does it happen, when its everything wrong, you make things fine, is there your planning to make yourself great in our eyes. He laughs and says it seems you see spy movies, I m scared of you. He

jokes and says one day will come, when you will love me as my son. She says or maybe everyone hates you after seeing your truth. He says lets see, we both are here.

Devyaani plays dhol and Rashmi’s mehendi is done. Gayu gets angry seeing this. Mehendi rachan lagan haathon me……………plays……….. Gayu thinks Sameer convinced Rashmi, he is very smart, Rashmi does not care if I m with her or not. She asks Rashmi why did Sameer’s sisters came in morning. Rashmi says they came to give this mehendi and hides everything so that Gayu does not get upset. Sameer gets mehendi done by his sisters. They all dance. Gayu slips intentionally over Rashmi and spoils her mehendi. Karishma says Sameer’s name got spoiled. Mishti says its bad omen right.

Naman asks Mishti to be quiet. Akshara says I will write name again. Gayu asks Rashmi did she feel bad. Rashmi says no, it was not your mistake. Gayu asks Rashmi to wash hands. Akshara says no need, everything will be fine, we will make it fine, I promise and hugs Rashmi. Karishma gets a call from her mum and says don’t worry, how is Papa, we are coming.

Akshara dries her mehendi. Naitik says you did not write my name. She laughs and says will I get it written always. He says am I not your husband, actually your love got less. She says name is written on her heart. He says your romance got old. She says find someone who has young romance, you got old. He says his heart is aching and smiles. She says she wishes Rashmi also gets lovely husband like she got. They laugh. Its morning, Akshara asks Naira to get Rashmi for haldi. She tells Rajshri that Sameer is bringing haldi. Naira gets Rashmi.

Devyaani talks to Rajshri. Rajshri asks her to be happy and clear all doubts to bless Rashmi. Devyaani says I m trying to be happy, I feel something is wrong. Rajshri says I know this feeling, its not necessary that its bad sign. Sameer comes there and says he has got the haldi. They all smile. Naitik asks him why did he come himself. Sameer says he has come by making excuses, everyone is busy, so I have come. Naitik welcomes him. Devyaani looks at him. Girja says Gayu’s lehenga is not there. Nandini says I will call and ask. Sameer says this marriage is getting long time, I can get old till marriage. They all laugh. Sameer says I was unwell at night.

Devyaani feels he is drunk and thinks she is overthinking. Nandini says Gayu’s lehenga is getting ready at designer, Gayu can go and try. Rashmi says we are busy, who will go. Naitik says I will go. Sameer says I will take Gayu, I have to come as groom in evening. Rashmi says yes Gayu, go with Sameer. Sameer says he will wait for Gayu, as he was waiting for Rashmi for 5 years. Devyaani says Naksh can go with Gayu. Akshara says Naksh can’t go, he is not so good. Akshara sends Gayu with Sameer. Sameer says my daughter knows roaming with her father is fun, now its out last outing before this marriage. Gayu gets sad and goes with him.

Everyone dance around Rashmi and get happy. Akshara is about to apply haldi to Rashmi. Gayu comes crying and says mumma. They all look at her. Gayu hugs Rashmi and says Sameer uncle has beaten her. They all get shocked. Rashmi sees the marks on Gayu’s hand and hugs Gayu. Sameer comes there and they all look at him. Akshara asks Sameer did he beat Gayu. Naitik asks Sameer to answer. Sameer says yes. They get stunned.

Akshara asks what happened, tell us everything. Devyaani says whatever the reason, by what right did you slap Gayu. She argues with Akshara and scolds Sameer. She says what will he do after marriage. Akshara says we should ask Sameer what happened. Naitik says we don’t have reason to believe him, just Akshara makes us believe him. Devyaani blames Akshara for sending Gayu with Sameer. She asks Akshara to accept its her mistake. Akshara cries.

Akshara asks Naitik to explain Devyaani, we should give a chance to Sameer. Naitik says stop it, its enough.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. idiot devyaani

  2. Ohh no poor Akshara
    Today ep thoda sadness tha..

    1. how did you keep your photo

      1. dr it’s not my pic,she was a telly actress. You go to” Graveter”. It’s a website and add your pic in your gmail account.

  3. I think sameer is trying to hide the mistake of gayu but no one understood. and ya devyani is doing too much doubt

  4. Is Sameer really fraud? Very confusing episode

  5. Why the hell does Yash always bring up marriage its like he wants to bracke up with Sunju and plus Naksh and Sunju r going to endup together because sunju and Naksh look cuter together

  6. Sanju may have a point. But somehow i find her annoying.

  7. sameer is a pervert and abuser,akshara is becoming a dumbo,rashmi does need such a man in her life.

  8. there was no reason for sameer to slap a kid,he should not get away with it,rashmi should kick him out of her life and stupid akshara thinks that sameer should get a second chance,wake up production team,please do not support child abuse.

  9. no is gayu is leing there is a big reason it is gayu’s mistake

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