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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara asking Naitik to forgive her. She says we will relive the moment to make everything fine. He says no use and is annoyed. Naksh tries calling Tara and gets scolding by people to call at night. He wishes this time he calls right number. Tara answers the call. He says he called many wrong numbers. She asks why did he call. He says to scold you for getting hurt, how will she play hockey now. She says its fine, you would have got caught, I helped you. He asks would you feel bad if I fell in problem. She says even I would have been caught.

He asks about her family, will they beat me too. She asks why will they beat you, did you get after their family’s girl.. He smiles. Akshara apologizes and asks Naitik to forgive her. He asks her to change things,

she is possessive about Naksh, but now she is taking tensions. He did not expect she will doubt Naksh, what will Naksh think. She says I will go and apologize to Naksh and goes. Naksh talks to Tara and asks would you feel bad if I got beaten. She says no, I would have enjoyed.

He says he is not weak like him, he can beat people if they hurt him. Tara laughs that he has hidden under the bed. Naksh says I m not afraid of anyone. She says fine, then do something and show, everyone is afraid of my brothers. He says you are challenging me or do you want me to do something for you. She says I m getting sleep and ends call. Naksh turns and Akshara comes there. She thinks he is sleeping and goes. Naksh smiles and says I love you very much Tara.

Its morning, Akshara comes to Naksh and says sorry, I doubted you. She wakes him up and asks him to go college. She asks for plumber number. He says its in phone, take it. She checks log and sees calls made at night. She thinks whom did he call at night, shall I call, no, I promised Naitik that I will not doubt on him, Naksh did not save number. Naira comes there and asks for notes. Akshara says its there, you frightened me. The call connects. Akshara sees call connected and hears a man. Aditya received the call on Tara’s phone.

Akshara ends call and says sorry, now I won’t doubt on Naksh. Aditya says some unknown number and asks Tara. Tara says may such calls come for credit card, drop me to ground. Aditya says fine. Dada ji asks where is she going. She says she has to go college to submit assignment. He says not today, send Aditya, you take rest, you are hurt. Aditya says I will take her and bring her back. Dada ji asks him not to talk in between. He says no need to take stress about studies, we want to get good guy’s proposal for you, and asks her to rest.

Naksh comes for breakfast. Akshara says sorry, call connected to your friend by mistake. Naitik says your mum ended call, as she was expecting some girl to pick call, and some guy picked call. Naksh gets relieved. Akshara says sorry, I felt Naksh is hiding something, I know you will tell us, we are your parents, who would wish best for you and support you. Naksh says don’t be sorry and feels sorry to lie to her. He thinks to tell her truth soon.

Bhabhimaa asks Devyaani to call pandit. Devyaani tells Akshara that she got pandit’s message, and asks her to read it. Naira worries as Devyaani’s phone has her party pics, she forgot to delete, if Akshara sees it. Akshara checks message. Naira sees Mishti and feels sorry. She spoils Mishti’s painting and Mishti cries. The elders go to them. Naira says sorry. Akshara says she will see how to make it fine. Mishti says teacher will punish me. Akshara checks drawing. Naira goes and takes Devyaani’s phone. She is about to delete the pics and pandit’s call comes. Devyaani takes phone. Naira gets tensed.

The delivery boy brings bouquet for Tara. The family gets shocked. Vikram takes it. Dada ji asks Tara who has sent it for her. Tara says don’t know and checks some random name Nakshika written on it. Sangram asks who is this. Tara says my friend. Another delivery boy gets a cake. Vikram says even this is sent by same friend. Tara gets tensed.

Vikram asks Tara is it her birthday today. She says no. Sangram asks did she win elections. Dada ji says he did not hear this name before. Vikram likes the cake and says maybe she is from good house. He sees Dada ji and asks Tara why did she send this. Tara says I have also send cake when she was unwell, so maybe that’s why she has sent this. Dada ji asks Tara to keep flowers in vase. Sangram says I find it fishy, I will find it. Aditya asks Dada ji does he not trust Tara. Dada ji says I trust Tara, but not guys. Dada ji asks Sangram to find about Tara’s friend, if its guy, then he would not leave him. Sangram says sure.

Dada ji and Akshara have an argument on the road. Dada ji insults her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dada ji should not do this to akshara while she is a women and he should not insult her on the road.

  2. I like Tara’s sweet voice.

  3. Tara ur acting skill is improving day by day…

  4. Naksh pls be careful about Tara’s family. They are very dangerous..

  5. Dada ji should get a tight slap from bhabimaa! Only then he’ll be back in senses.

  6. Wow Naksh aur tara ki love story interesting.

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