Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh talking to Tara. He says he is not going for youth festival, as he will eventually meet her, which is not right. She says fine. He says he told mumma about this. She asks him to call Akshara Maa, it looks mature and nice. He says fine, what should I call you. She says I will think and say. He asks her for a kiss and she gets shy. She gives him a kiss. Akshara comes to him. He sees her and coughs. She gives him coffee and leaves smiling. She comes to her room and gives coffee to Naitik. She says she has thought about what he told, she realized she took mumma’s role seriously and forgot wife’s role. He says I got annoyed and you realized. She says I realized you said right, we don’t have our time, I promise I will take out some time for us. They say

I love you to each other.

Its morning, Naksh chats with Tara. Naira talks to her friend and asks is she coming. Her friend says she is coming. Naira starts acting seeing Naitik. Maharaj asks them to come out and see. They all rush out. Dada ji, Sangram and Vikram come in the tractor and bring some aarti plates. Dada ji says he has many tractors, as he has many land fields. He says we don’t leave if we like anything, Tara is not at home, so I thought to make girl’s handmarks on the tractor before sending it to fields. They ask Naira and Mishti to do the rituals. Naira thinks her hands will get bad by the color. She says her class teacher does not allow anything on hand. Dada ji asks why will school teacher have problem, fine go to school, I will make Mishti do rituals. Naira thanks them and leaves. Mishti does the aarti and applies her handmarks on the new tractor. Everyone smile. Dada ji gives her money asking her to buy chocolates. Akshara says its much money. He says its less, I have enough money.

Sangram asks Naksh did he drive tractor till now. Naksh says no. Sangram laughs and says you can drive it today. Dada ji says my tractor got lucky that Naksh will drive it. Akshara says he does not know driving, he did not get fine, don’t tell him to drive. Dada ji says he has to make start some day, he may drive on Tara’s land also. He asks Naksh does he want to drive. Naksh says yes and smiles. Akshara worries. Sangram and Vikram lift Naksh and make him sit on the tractor. Naksh starts the tractor and takes back, while Mishti was standing there. Akshara and everyone get worried. Akshara scolds him for driving tractor, Mishti would have got hurt, why do they always get adamant for everything. Dada ji gets shocked. He says women worry lot, how will Naksh become man if he does not get hurt, shagun is over, we will leave. They leave.

Naksh says sorry, I m fine, don’t worry, I have to submit project. He goes. Akshara asks Naitik to see, they always do what they want. Naitik says they are elders, it does not look good to stop Dada ji always. Naira and her friends gets their photos clicked. The man asks them to change for next round. The man shows the shirt clothes and Naira gets shocked.

Devyaani asks Akshara to ask her about keeping medicines, half knowledge is bad. Akshara says I did not know. Tara comes and says Devyaani is right, I also feel half knowledge is wrong. She greets them and says sorry to speak between elders, but I feel so. Akshara asks why is she saying this, Devyaani does not need support, I agree with her, I kept medicines on top of cupboard so that Mishti should not get it, if anyone else kept in inside cupboard, then I don’t know. Tara and Devyaani look at each other as they were wrong. Tara thanks them for letting her continue studies and hockey. Devyaani says Akshara brought all good changes in our home.

Akshara asks Tara the reason for saying that. Tara says yes, but how to say. Akshara says tell me, its better to clear out things, sit. Tara tells Akshara about Naksh’s trip to Jaipur, which was for youth festival. Akshara gets shocked learning this. Bhabhimaa comes and Tara talks to her. Naira and her friends wear those nighties and robes and are worried. The man asks them to remove the robe and smile to get good pics. The man gets a call and phone falls, it gets on speaker. They all hear a girl asking him to not to put her photos anywhere, she will give him money. Naira says I don’t feel this is right. Naira says we won’t get photos clicked and pushes the man. The girls run out, and the men stop them.

Akshara is sad. Naksh asks is she thinking of Naitik. She says no, why did you not tell me about youth festival, Tara told me. He says I m happy to be here, I submitted project on time. She asks him to punish her, she is feeling bad. He requests her to trust him. She agrees. He thanks him and says he will try to be good. He calls her Maa and says Tara suggested this. She smiles and says she felt good.

Naira and girls get inside a room and are worried. The man asks them to open the door, else he will leave, they have to be here locked. Naira prays. Naksh and Tara meet in café. Tara apologizes for telling Akshara. He says its okay, mumma and my bond got well, my mom is special, she is world’s best Maa, she is so caring and nice, she always supported me, she is super woman. He gets Naira’s call and gets shocked. He asks her where is she, is everything fine.

Naitik says he made pizza for Naira and Naksh, why did they not come. Naksh brings Naira home. They get worried seeing Naira crying.

Update Credit to: Amena

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