Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara and everyone managing the baby shower function. Naitik says Alok has got the bookings for us for Goa beach wedding. Karishma hugs Naman and elders look on. Akshara says hug him later and smiles. Naitik gives credit to Alok. Akshara tells Naitik that they should tell everyone that Karishma stays alone here. Naitik says he will tell them later. Rashmi and Nandini comes with their families. Rukmani likes the arrangements. Yash tells Naksh that Rukmani did not celebrate his birthday and doing this for little baby. Akshara asks Nandini to forget everything and enjoy the day. Naitik and Mohit have a talk about their yesteryears and laugh. Dadda ji comes and thinks its Nandini’s birthday. She says he is right, as becoming a mum is like a new birth. They smile.

Maheshwaris come and greets everyone. Rajshri likes the decorations. Rukmani says she did not leave anything, as its her bahu’s baby shower. Rajshri asks Devyaani how did they manage everything. Devyaani says we did not make Akshara work. Rajshri says why did she give explanation. Devyaani says but you have this thought in heart. Rajshri says if you took good care of her, this thought would have not come. Ananya asks Naksh why is Yash sad. Yash says Rukmani scolded him. Akshara asks Yash is he fine. Yash says yes. Akshara asks the kids to enjoy and asks Naksh to make video of everyone. Naksh hugs her. Yash says stop Naksh, the baby will be hurt. Akshara asks who told you. Yash says no one.

Rukmani tells the guests that she did all the arrangements and take the credit. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani hear this. Devyaani says she is happy to see Nandini happy. Akshara asks everyone to come for the function startup. The baby shower starts. Karishma says if this is done so lavish, I m sure the marriage will be more grand. Rajshri asks everyone to sing and dance. They all dance. Dil se bandhi ek dor…………….plays……………..Nandini asks Yash to hug her. Yash hugs Nandini. Rukmani sees them and gets worried. Rukmani takes Yash. Naksh thinks she will scold him now and stops her. He says Yash did not do anything. Naksh tells Akshara and everyone that Rukmani will beat Yash now, she is very bad. Naitik asks him to say sorry. Naksh says he is not lying, and asks Yash to say it, else Rukmani will always trouble her.

Yash hugs Nandini. Naksh tells everything how Rukmani scolds Yash saying she will send him to hostel. Mohit is shocked. Nandini cries and asks Rukmani does she not have mother’s heart in her. She asks why is she troubling Yash, as she requested her before. She says he is the son whom you loved so much, why are you treating him like this, I can’t bear this now, stop this baby shower. She cries and says she does not this function. Nandini says she can’t kill Yash’s happiness. Rukmani says this can’t be stopped, its bad sign. Akshara asks how can it be good if you do injustice. He says she always supported her, but not today.

She says she is with Nandini being a woman and mother. She explains that they can’t ignore the first child if the second child is coming. Bhabhimaa says yes, we always stayed quiet to keep relations well, I have always seen and kept quiet, but not today, you did a sin to make Yash away from Nandini. Mohit also gets angry on Rukmani and says she made it memorable for them. Rukmani leaves. Mohit holds his ears and says sorry. Nandini also says sorry. Yash says why, its your not fault. Mohit says our fault is we did not find your worry, I promise this won’t happen again, you will always bee special for us. They hug Yash and smile. Everyone praise Naksh for going this good work.

Akshara asks the guests not to go, as rituals have to be done. Nandini says let it be. Akshara insists and says lets do this function for the baby, as he will feel bad and he will ask us later. Devyaani says yes, just shagun is remaining now. They do the function, everyone give Shagun to Nandini. Mohit thanks them for organizing the function and apologizes on Rukmani’s behalf. Bau ji says no need to apologize, forget it now. Karishma says Rukmani has insulted me and Naman, its good she got insulted today. Akshara says its bad not to have hatred in heart. Karishma argues. Rajshri scolds Karishma. Devyaani says she will explain Karishma.

Mohit says he needs their help and requests them to keep Nandini and Yash here, till Rukmani’s anger goes, and he will take them later. Akshara says sorry, we can’t keep them here. They are shocked.

Suresh says no one can make my children away from me. Devyaani asks what does he mean. He asks why is his name not on the card.

Update Credit to: Amena

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