Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara and Naitik talking about Shaurya, Varsha and Kuhu. He thanks her to make him relieved of this burden. She says I understand everything. He thinks to go and see Kuhu once. Varsha cries recalling Shaurya’s words. Shaurya calls her. She rejects call and cries. Naksh apologizes to Naitik for hurting him. He says I always think to make you feel proud, I don’t know I never become your good son, forgive me. Naitik says fine, forgiven, okay now. Naksh smiles. Naitik says you told everything and brought frustration by this acting. Naksh signs no. Naitik says I m joking, sorry and hugs Naksh. Akshara smiles seeing them.

Its morning, Bhabhimaa asks Akshara not to do preparations. Akshara says we can’t tell everything to kids, we have to do this. Devyaani

asks did Shaurya wake up. Akshara says I took tea for him, he is not fine. Naita, Mishti and Kuhu play with water guns. Kuhu puts water on Shaurya and smiles. Everyone look on. Naira says Mama ji, you are at our house….. Akshara asks Naira to take kids outside and play holi. She asks Shaurya to have breakfast. Shaurya says no, I have to go to Varsha and apologize. Ananya calls him.

Akshara answers call. Ananya asks where is Papa. Akshara says we got late and I stayed here, your mum and dad are doing puja. Ananya says tell everyone that we are reaching there in some time for holi, its first holi after marriage, I will play a lot, you also stay there. Akshara says yes, we have to prepare, we will wait. Shaurya asks Akshara to stop Ananya, I don’t want her to know truth. Akshara says Ananya wants to come with her family, I will explain Varsha, I m sure she will agree, she is mother too, father can leave responsibilities, but a mother can’t.

Shaurya goes to Maheshwari house. Everyone see him with anger. Ananya, Ranveer come with Ranveer’s family. Ranveer says its awkward, everyone are so quiet. Ananya says yes. Naksh and everyone surprise Ananya showering flowers on them. They say the flowers significance. Everyone smile. Akshara blesses them. Kuhu asks them to let her apply holi to Ananya. Varsha looks at Shaurya. Ananya asks Kuhu to apply color to her. The kids apply holi to Ananya and Ranveer. Ranveer’s parents ask for Rukmani, Nandini and Tara. Naksh calls Tara and sees her. He asks are you feeling better now. She says yes, but Naksh you did not do anything to make me feel better, you did not call, you behave as if you don’t care. Akshara applies colors to Tara. She asks where are your brothers. Sangram, Aditya and Vikram wish happy holi to kids, and kids scream.

Everyone ask what did they apply. Dada ji says they applied silver lining, so that colors don’t get on their skin. Sangram says yes, we will be get rid of colors well. Baby Maasi comes wearing a raincoat. Everyone smile. Naksh tells Tara that we should learn things from elders. Tara says yes, they are happy, unlike us. Maasi asks Dada ji did I come late. Dada ji asks do you have allergy with holi. She says no, its my fav. He asks why did you wear this long raincoat. She says so that no one applies color to me before you. She removes raincoat and throws. Dada ji and Maasi play holi. Maasi dances. Dada ji says I think she drunk bhaang. Sangram says Dada ji is better than us, he is playing holi and look at us, kids are scared seeing us.

Shaurya tries talking to Varsha. Kuhu goes to apply color to Varsha. Varsha says I don’t like colors. Ananya asks since when, you always play holi, Kuhu and I will apply color to you. They apply color to Varsha. Everyone look on. Rajshri calls Varsha by excuse. Akshara slips and Naitik holds her. They have a sweet talk. She call each other their strength and live the moment. They hug and wish each other happy holi. Naitik says I wish everything gets fine between Shaurya and Varsha. They stop talking seeing Ananya and Ranveer.

Ananya asks Akshara to come, the holi looks so boring. Ranveer asks is there anything else. Naitik says we have another plan, go and enjoy. Ranveer’s dad and mum Savita sends them and asks Akshara did anything, something is strange, are you hiding anything from us, did we do mistake. Akshara says no, don’t say this. Naitik says so many functions happened and we all got tired, we don’t know what to do new. Akshara says we planned something. Savita says we are waiting and goes. Akshara says Ananya should not know anything, we have to think. They see the kids and sign. Naksh hears them and thinks don’t worry, see how I make this holi memorable.

Maasi adds bhaang thandai and sends for Dada ji. The glasses get mixed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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