Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rukmani calling Kartik. Naksh jokes about Yash and Kartik’s engagement. They all laugh. Kartik says I just came to help. Naira says what will he help. Gayu does not like to hear anything against Kartik. Rukmani says Yash will make Rose wear the ring by this thread, I heard there are different ways of engagements, so I thought to do this unique way. Nandini asks Yash to do it, as that will give happiness to Rukmani and they will also double happiness doing new things. Rose says I m ready for this.

Rajshri tells Devyaani that they will see such engagement for the first time. Yash ties the thread to Rose’s finger. He goes upstairs and everyone cheer for him to send the ring and it should reach Rose in one go. The ring reaches Rose’s finger. They all clap.

Rukmani says its your turn Rose. Rose makes Yash wear ring the same way. Dil se bandhi ek dor………….plays………… Akshara says sometimes its fun to do new things. Rukmani asks Akshara about Naitik, you maybe missing him a lot. Akshara says yes, and smiles.

Kartik sees Kohli and his wife near gifts and threatens to tell truth to everyone, that he is not their relative. Kohli says its nothing like that and leaves. Gayu hears Kartik. Kartik says I did not know its not their house, they lied to me, trust me. She says I trust you. He thanks her and goes. She smiles. Rukmani sings an English song. Everyone smile. Rukmani asks them to dance. Naira says we girls can dance on any song, ask these men. Naksh and Kartik take the challenge, and says we will see girls versus guys.

Kartik says we did not let you win in basketball, you maybe afraid to lose in dancing. Gayu says we shall see. Naksh says who stops first will lose. Naksh, Kartik, Ananya, Ranveer, Yash, Rose, Naira, Gayu dance with others on the song Thug le…… everyone clap. Varsha says both teams are equal, we should change their lines. The guys dance on Kajra re………………song. The girls dance on Bachna Ae Haseeno…….

Naira dances with Akshara and Rajshri. Bhabhimaa says its tough to decide the winner. Everyone say its confusing, we can’t decide. Gayu asks them to see the third dance and decide. She talks to Naira.

Akshara and everyone dance on Badhai ho badhai……. Kartik signs Naira and dances. Gayu notices this. Mohit and Nandini unite Rose and Yash. Everyone dance. Kartik pushes Naira towards Akshara. Akshara gets glad and dances with Naira. Naira goes. Kartik gets shocked seeing Mr. Kapoor coming there. He gets tensed and hides. Devyaani asks who is he. Akshara says he is Mr. Kapoor, he is our client, Naman told me about him.

Kapoor greets them and says Naman invited me here. Akshara says glad to meet you, come, I will make you meet Rose and others. Kartik hides and thinks it will be problem if he sees me. Naira sees Kartik hiding and scares him. She laughs. He gets angry and goes. Mr. Kapoor’s manager sees Kartik and asks why are you here, why don’t you go home, I heard you left home and big business, and doing small job and staying as PG. Kartik says I don’t feel necessary to answer anyone, you go.

Mr. Kapoor says I will leave now, I have urgent work, I will visit home after Naman comes. Akshara tells about the new guy they hired, I will ask him to call you. The manager says maybe they are telling about Kartik, Sir does not know. Kapoor leaves.

Some guys tease Pungi. Naira gets angry and goes to punish them. Kartik asks her to go ahead.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Naira and karthik dance was awesome fabulous but this gayu was irritating I hate gayu please CVS gayu don’t come in between true lovers

  2. But gayu di is doing what she is been told and you can’t criticise anyone due to that especially my diary you don’t know how good she is in meet her and she buys me anything.
    I bet if that was naira she will leg one and hide thinking it as a misunderstanding sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings but my di is the best I love u gayu di mwahaaaaaaaaaaaaxxxxxx ❤❤❤❤?????????????????????????????

  3. Where it says diary I meant di

  4. you are saying this way as if gayu knows about kartik and nairas feelings. if gayu knew this she would definitely not grew a feelin for him.she is really a good girl

  5. It’s high time now both naira and karthik should realize their love
    They are dragging .

  6. It’s high time now both naira and karthik should realize their they both feel for the other.

  7. rather dan casting *kanchi singh* as *gayu*,directors should have casted her opposite rohan verma(naksh) or may b as naira cause gayu is far more beautiful than naira :/

    1. excuse me mind ur language.u r judging ppl by their looks.look ka achar dalenge??shivangi is a far better actress.its not easy to play a character with so many shades.naira is not sumone who is just preety n looks like a doll infront of camera,who just gives a smile n always do mai mami ki parchayi hu.naira is a complete performer.kanchi couldnt play so much of a lively charcter whereas shivangi just nailing as naira.sirf beautiful hone se koi better actress ni ban jati.p.s i love kanchi as gayu but as nnaira no way.she cant match naira’s energy.

    2. I totally agree with u @Babe

  8. naira really a good dancer
    nowadays i really like this yrkkh
    bachna he haseeno awsome..girls superb

  9. Gayu is a good girl.She should not come between kaira.Naira is superb.Also Mohsin khan is a mindblowing actor.

  10. gayu is getting jealous everytime kaira r together like wth!!shes so insecure abiut everything hope kaira stays them.loved akshara n naira’s dance

    1. Naira is so good . I juxt do not want Gayu to interfere between Naira and Karthik . Naira is the replica of Akshara not Gayu . Gayu is good girl but she I mean I don’t think she is wise as Akshara . Akshara understands everybody but Gayu is not like that . Gayu can’t sacrifice and won’t be able to sacrifice anything for anyone . That’s what I think .

  11. As the saying goes ‘Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder ‘ that is your perception that she’s more beautiful but we see it differently. Comment about the show not who is more beautiful than whom. What matters is their talent. Nobody has a right to judge others by their look, colour or stature. They both are playing their roles very well.

  12. Nice episode I liked the dance routines and mulaqaat of karthiks parent.
    I legit cannot imagine anyone else playing nairas role. At first I was weary like ohoho but then I realised how talented she is.
    Overall casting has been done well but character performance in nakshs case needs to improve! Give him more screen time !

  13. I think in precap its Anmol’s first look… Nandini’s younger son…

  14. Show is going awsome…
    Chemistry between the main leads is siziling…. Honestly watching this show only for shivangi

  15. Me too I just love the chemistry between naira and kartik I just can’t think of kanchi as naira I love her but she wouldn’t have been able to pull dat role off I left this show a while back just back because of kaira I just love their romance can’t wait for kartik to propose but am sure the maker are gonna do something dat will cause clans he might propose to gayu rather than naira and then the relationship between akshara and naira will just go from worst to hell no

  16. i dont like akshra dress of yesterday episode it is so much revealing when they dance with naira??? anybody noticied

  17. Missing olden dances the mehandi of akshara nandhini bhabhima rashmi, those are best the mehandi songs reminds the olden days natik mohit akshara shaurya varsha rashmi nandhini it was awesome all-time.

  18. cv’s please yaar…audiences are done with love triangles…dont you get it…we’ve already seen so many…we dont want them…please bring gayu a guy and for god sake get naksh some screen space…uski life kya pause button pe daal di hai kya…

  19. other wise that kanchi is too sweet character cannot tolerate her to irritating otherwise also this girl is very annoying in other serial too

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