Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik saying Naksh is right choice for Kirti, I was so worried, but I m not sure of this, I would have asked them to wait for few months. Naira says no need, they will be happy. She packs gifts. He says this is bit much. She says we can’t say anything. He says I m happy for Kirti. She says I m excited for tomorrow, Dadi agreed to take ladies along, what can be more good, we will sleep now. He says I m feeling hungry. Dadi calls Naira and says I had to tell you, I understand your happiness, but I m helpless, I want family’s happiness. Naira says don’t worry, family happiness is most imp. Dadi says bless you, I m glad. Dadi tells Manish that Naira got sensible, I did not expect she will agree so soon. Manish says much changes with time. Kartik asks what was

Dadi explaining. Naira says that she is helpless that I m managing much work, but I understand time is less and everyone will have responsibility. Kartik says I know, I m feeling hungry. She gets some corn. He sees I love you written on the corn and recalls the old moment. He hugs her. They eat corn. She adds more lemon to her corn. He acts to drop the corn. She shares her corn. They romance. Yeh rishta kya…..plays…..

Its morning, Surekha says we should have done party. Suwarna says no, Maa ji asked us to do puja. Surekha says Kartik and Naira are still working, he may fall sleepy in tilak, Naira has to just sit at home. They see Naira and Kartik. Surekha asks Naira to try her lahenga. Naira gets a call from designer. She says Naksh’s sherwani did not get ready, we will find some way, don’t tell anything to Dadi, she is already worried. Kartik asks Naira to go to designer, he will pick sweets. Suwarna says we have to manage everything.

Naksh says Naira is coming here. Rajshri says its good Dadi agreed. Naira comes home and shouts to family. They all get glad seeing her. Naksh hugs her. Naitik asks them to think of Akshara with happiness. Rajshri says yes, she wanted to see your marriage. Devyaani asks them to go and get ready. Gayu asks Naira to wear her new lahenga. Baisa says Dadi agreed to get ladies in tilak, she did not agree at Naira’s time. Naitik says we will accept Kirti with love. Baisa says Dadi will do something even today. Dadi asks Suwarna is Naira crying at home, it will be abshagun. Suwarna says no, she went to get Naksh’s sherwani. Dadi says we are going there, Kartik will come there, ask Naira, I don’t want anything wrong to happen.

Naira and Mishti ward off bad sight from Naksh. Bhabhimaa makes Naksh do ritual. Naira says we will welcome girl’s family well. Bhabhimaa asks Naira to come fast. Dadi and everyone come. Naitik welcomes them and says we want to welcome you with aarti. Dadi sees Naira and gets upset. Kartik smiles seeing Naira. Rajshri says Suwarna and Surekha did not come. Dadi says they did not come. Naira asks why. Dadi says we told you in Kartik’s tilak, just gents, kids and elders go in tilak, not ladies. Naira says I thought everyone is coming so I came. Dadi says how could I stop you, its your Maayka, its Naksh’s tilak. Rajshri says thanks for letting Naira come. Baisa says what’s there to thank, girl’s family has to work according to groom’s family. Naira does Dadi and others’s aarti. Kartik compliments Naira. He asks where are you lost, you are behaving like groom’s family. She says nothing like that. Kartik hugs Naksh.

Suwarna makes kheer. Kirti puts dry fruits and likes it. She asks how do you make things so good. Surekha says I also did not know anything, I had many servants at home. Suwarna knows cooking well, she did not had help at her house. She stops saying. Kirti tells about Naira, she knows everything, she did everything well on Maha bhoj day. Surekha says yes, I eat food by heart like Suwarna cooks by heart. They hug Suwarna. Surekha says we will start puja once Naira comes. Naira calls Suwarna. Suwarna asks where are you. Naira says I m with Naksh, he has worn the sherwani, tilak will start in some time, why did you not come, because of puja or…

Suwarna asks did anything happen. Naira says no, Dadi did not say anything, I felt Dadi is upset, tell me what did I do. Suwarna says no, I was asking about your clothes, shall I send your clothes. Naira says I got Gayu’s clothes. Suwarna asks her to enjoy tilak. Surekha asks did she go there. Suwarna says yes, there is some confusion, I want her to enjoy the function. Surekha says Dadi can’t take this thing normal. Naira asks Dadi is everything fine. Dadi says yes, there is nothing.

Everyone sing and dance around Naksh. Badhai ho badhai…..plays……

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Fenil

    Hello Everybody.

    Aflatoon episode.

    First toh Dadi is also female i think if she has doubt ,khud aa gayi aur dusro ko rok rahi hain.

    Awwwww so cute romantic moment of Kaira ,Corn wala dream yaad aa gaya.Lovely scenes.

    Today Naira was looking so sweet in yellow then blue wow, Gayu you toh as always so pretty.Mishti Ward off bad sight so cute.Naksh ,Naitik,Bauji,karthik looking so handsome. Keerti,suwarna,surekha kitchen moment sweet.

    Overall Happy episode.

    Precap was so beautiful i m waiting.

    Guys,If you remember when Naitik scolded Naksh and Naksh got hurt then Naitik went to park and asked apology and did Naagin dance and they came happily home.You guys notice Manish is not even trying for Karthik ,his ego is bigger than his he is waiting Naira will make everything fine.

    1. Ponkuri

      Hi Bro Fenil

      Ur right Dadi is also female… n she still hve the belief that girls shuldnt involve in certain ritual? I feel like she shuldnt come to Singhanias hse also coz she is a girl too!!! Manish can represents her wat!!!
      I like what Baisa said girl family has to do according to groom family Yes Yes!!! ?
      Its time thing turns around?

      1. Fenil

        yaaa Ponkhuri , She thought manish and other has no brain , she has not trust in her family so thats why she came she didn’t want any mistake in keerti marriage…pagal hain crazy woman

    2. I dint agree to you fenil bhaiya manish tried a lot to convince kartik but kartik was stubbirn all the times he could bever see the pain in his father eyes for him it might be so hurting for a father that his son dont accept him has a father and manish is so mad for kartik that he is ready to give his life too….i think manish kartik reunion should be seen soon i want to see those father son moments

  2. Good episode

  3. Soumya85

    Hello my yrkkh family members… are you all?
    Really missing many members..I’m happy that fenil bhaiya is commenting everyday very good bhaiya
    The episode was nice naira and dadi misunderstanding starts…..waiting for keesh weeding ceremonies to start like engagement sangeet etc.

    Guys go and vote here for our karthik (kittu)

    1. Ponkuri

      Hi Soumya ?

      Votes done??

      1. Soumya85

        Hello di how r u?

  4. Soumya85

    And here go and vote for favourite couple KaiRa and keesh u can vote for 2

  5. Ponkuri

    There is something I hve to say it out!! When Narsh had agreed to marry Kirti he has done his part!!!( for Naira sake ) the rest shuld act according to his wishes!!!
    If Dadi still wanna restrict tis restrict tat….enough!!??? ..ask her go n marry herself!!! How can she always taking advantage of ppl??? She wants things to go her way…allow others too? let her hve the taste of when she is rejected how she feels??? Already Narsh n his family hve given in so much ( unless she had the idea tat Narsh is hard up of Kirti which everyone can see is not the case! ) why she nvr think that if she keeps insisting thing to go her way eventually lead to Narsh give up on this relation??? (Yeah!!) Dadi is the elder in Goenkas….Baisa is the elder of Singhanias…as much as Dadi wants ppl to respect her demands Baisa’s wishes shuld be respected too even more as Singhanias r the groom family!
    Naira b4 could felt Kirti’s sorrow but she couldnt felt Narsh’s sorrow?? Where the brother n sister bond?? There is no enthusiasm in Narsh! If he is happy wit the marriage??? I feel like telling Narsh u hve done enough for Naira by agreeing to marry Kirti !! Pls dun deprive urself of ur freedom to let thing goes according to ur wishes n the family…why deprive ur family right to hold ur wedding according to them?? During Naira wedding Singhanias alrdy bear alot…like Maheswaris…now tat ur the groom family ask for ur rights! ( its the only time u can…Baisa is right what is there to thanks we r the groom family! ) n the way Dadi gave Baisa the look!?can’t stand her!
    I just hope Naira pls wake up to ur role as a daughter n sister…not only remember to be a bahu!! Narsh ur a human being u can only sacrifice tat much!!? urself more! ( coz we love u and its hard to see u suffering in silent ?? )

    1. Soumya85

      You are right di
      I’m feeling very bad for Naksh

  6. Fenil

    Agree with you Ponkhuri Dii.

    @Dear Feriha, Yaa may be you r right , i also seen Manish’s love for Kathik but his efforts are not specific towards his son when he got chance he took thAt moment as opportunity. Anyway i’m also waiting for reunion but that will be far as Suwarna’s son is also coming .

  7. Bored with karthik. Naira and their romance.. cv’s please give us a fresh jodi. Maybe Naksh or keerthi or else bring someone opposite gayu!!!!

  8. Kaina1

    hi guys this is kaina i hope u recognised me my previous id with name kaina isnt working for the reason best known to god only so had to make new id with kaina1 , well this is the same reason why my commenting ability from past 3-4days went 0 but now i am back and let me tell you the previous episode was much better then this for two main reasons
    coming today episode first of all plz some1 get dadi goenka check her gender isnt she a female or girl or is it that she is still in confusion abt it first she tell every1 that no girl or ladies wil go then she herself go. is she crazy or is she hypocrite , well ony she can tell ,then coming to surekha oh god i sometime feel that without insulting some1 her day is not a good-day , but guess what i am still ok with kirti atleast not for herself but for surekha did she gave a good reply to surekha who didnt even spare suwarna from her potshots ,anyways suwarna u r always very immepresive but i still want to know what the hell reason it was that u gav up ur motherhood and better it be some very serious reason or i will to add you in this unending list of annoying goenka u know what guys some time i find it funnier that how in every episode dadi goenka say ab hum aur koi galti ya abshagun nahi hone nahi de sakte aur hur baar kuch gadbadi ho jati more than serious it sounds funny and u know what sometime i feel that goenka should join shanti sadan in order to learn manners and how to fulfill some relationship in recent episode how when naitik saw naksh a bit upset then he along with whole family did nagin dance and then how finally we got naksh smiling and here keerti is always crying and still not for once any1 does anthing to make her smile and dear manish ji you should learn from naitik how he alway stand up with his childeren and over the year has done so much for hi childeren yes bro fenil i clearly remember that scene when naksh sadly went to the park and how naitik did nagin dance there and i am surprised how you even expect this kind of behaviour from goenka remember goenka know how to stand against each other and not how to stand with each other know ries to make other one happy .BTW GUYS I FIND LOT OF SIMILARITY B/W AKSHARA AND NAITIK AND KEESH REMEMBER HOW DURING HIS WEDING NAITIK WAS SAID THROUGHOUT SAMEHERE WITH NAKSH AND MANY MORE ARE THEIR BUT AM LAZY TO POINT OUT. i just wish akshara was here with her duggu she definatly wuld hanle everything with way more maturity than naira , AND OH MY DEAR NAKSH PLZ FOR GOD SAKE STAY HAPPY U R THE REASON FOR EVERYONE HAPPINESS YOU WIL GET WAY MORE HAPPINESS THEN THIS . and dear naira you forget ur role as sister u are only being goenka bahu naksh is doing so much for you without even telling you he simply by one incident understand than if he said no than ur happiness is gone but you after so many incident couldnt understand that he is just not happy first when he came to give you mobile he clearly state that he knew frm b4 abt marriage talk and the manish ji clearly state that naksh didnt look happy with what going on and than you with karthik talked abt how his accident was related to it and still u the grt detective isnt able to fin out that what the hell happen in those 20 mins back to goenka villa that he said yes , BTW I AM STILL WONDERING THAT AFTER GOENKAS ENTRY IN NAKSH LIFE HE HAS STOP SMILING AND WE HAD ONLY ONE SCENE WHERE HE IS SMILING AND BRING RELIFE TO US WHAT WILL HAPPEN AFTER MARRIAGE BUT I BELIEVE U NAKSH U WILL HANDLE EVERYTHING PERFECTLY WEL.

    1. Fenil

      Yaa ,agree with you.
      They can stand against each other but not for each other.Sirekha and Dadi is too tooo much.

    2. Hey Kaina
      So agree with you – you said all that is on my mind.
      Naksh is such a good person, so he will never let Kirti knows that he was not ready for this marriage.

  9. Exactly I am also bored of naira and karthika….want some fresh story…..aaj ka mujhe dadi ka barthav bhi saha nahi jara hamesha unki descisions ko thopthihai sabke upar…unki ladki ko apnana hi badi baath hai….thanksgiving rehni chahiye…..

  10. Hello everyone
    I think theyey want to give importance to kaira so they are showing kaira’s romance .
    Again another marriage in yrkkh.hope it is also worth watching.v want naksh smile back.

    Is naira going to be like keerthi.always upset.
    I really want everyone to enjoy the wedding.please daadi don’t create any problems.

  11. WOW
    So now Naira is in trouble again with Dadi Goenka
    I do agree with you Fenil bro – Manish doesn’t seem to be doing anything to sort the problem between him and Kartik, instead he aggravates the situation sometimes. But I am still against Kartik being rude to him all the time infront of others. I know he loves his children but do not know how to show it. Well look at his mum.
    I am so loving Baisa lately perfect standing against the Dadi Goenka.
    So what could go wrong if the ladies attend that function. I don’t think she is smart and she does everything underhand and behind others back.
    I would love for Naksh to be alone with her and then confess that he agrees to marry Kirti because of Kaira’s relationship. And that what she saw with him and Kirti is respect for women and humanity as his mum Akshara taught him to do. But tell her not to worry – my family and I will keep Kirti happy.
    I keep day dreaming that scenario in my head just to see the look on her face. At the moment she thinks that all has happened because of her stupid woman. I get annoyed when she is on the screen. I think she is one of the most hated dadis on starplus at the moment.
    I do agree Kairas romance is boring because it is looking very staged by the directors to get high TRPs. That scene today was unnecessary.
    Dadi Goenka keeps saying nothing should go wrong to Naira in other words make sure you and your family stay in your place which is beneath us. Pompous family.
    Good to see 1/10th of the Maheshwaris but would like to see all as Naksh has a strong bond with his mothers maayaka.

  12. This show should serisuoly fu&^*& the hell off!

  13. dadi should just drop and f**k off

  14. love the songs of yrkkh

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