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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh telling Akshara that he will go to Rajshri’s home to see Sanju, as she is unwell. She asks about his studies. He says he will study well. She says she trusts him. She tells Naitik that Naksh will study and asks him not to worry. Naksh sits to study in free time between work. Yash brings Sanju home and says she has high fever, I took her to doctor. Rajshri asks why did she not tell her, she was worried for Naksh. Sanju says I did not say as they all will get worried. Rajshri says I will not say if I get ill and acts annoyed. Sanju says sorry, I won’t do this again. Rajshri says get well then I will fight. Varsha thanks Yash and asks him to go and study. Yash leaves.

Naira tells everyone about the dance class. Gayu says we enjoyed it. The elders

are happy. Akshara says we felt glad seeing it. Rashmi says she felt bad as she missed Gayu’s practice. Gayu says its okay, you had work. Naitik says you can see practice anytime, her teacher said she is good dancer. Naman asks Rashmi to go tomorrow. Naitik says Akshara and I would be going tomorrow, you can spend time in office to learn work. Rashmi says fine, and thanks them.

Akshara says Naksh went to mum’s place, to see Sanju, I will call him. Yash comes home and Nandini asks him where was he. He says he was with Naksh, then came to know Sanju has fever, so they took her to doctor. Rukmani says Yash is lying cleanly. Naksh meets Sanju and says its good you got ill. They fight and Rajshri comes. Rajshri asks her to have kada. Naksh says I will leave now and will meet tomorrow. Akshara calls Rajshri and asks when will Naksh come. Rajshri says he lft. Akshara asks about Sanju. Rajshri says she is fine, Yash took her to doctor. Akshara gets Nandini’s call and ends call with Rajshri.

Nandini asks Akshara to come outside the house, don’t tell anyone at home, its imp. Akshara goes to her and asks why is she worried. Nandini says she can’t talk infront of everyone, and asks about Naksh. Akshara says Naksh went to see Sanju, Yash took her to doctor. Nandini says Yash said Naksh also went to clinic, I will explain Naksh to explain his friend, as Yash is spoiling. Akshara asks what does she mean. Nandini says Sanju is not Yash’s friend, and Yash is always with her, talk to Yash and Sanju, else I will do something, I m tensed. Akshara says I will talk. Devyaani calls Akshara and Nandini leaves asking her to solve this problem.

Its night, Akshara asks Naksh to sleep, he has to go college in morning. Naitik asks Naksh to wake up fresh. They care for him, and make him sleep. Yash and Sanju talk hiding inside the blanket. He says he will come to see her once, no one will know. He leaves. Nandini and Rukmani see him. Rukmani says he has gone there again, without saying us, do something. Naitik comes to Akshara and hugs her. She says she has to talk. He says tell me. She says its about Nandini, she feels there is something between Yash and Sanju, I explained her, what shall I do, she asked me to talk to Naksh. He says I don’t think you should talk to Naksh, as he has to focus on studies, maybe this is misunderstanding, Yash and Sanju are mature, we will talk after their exams. He says leave all this and hugs her.

Sanju sees all elders awake and waiting for Ananya. Rajshri asks does she want anything. Sanju says I was getting bored there, so I came to see tv, why are you all awake. Varsha says Ananya did not come, uts very late. Sanju says office cab will drop her, I will stay here, you all go and sleep. Rajshri asks Sanju to take rest. Sanju says I will sit here till Ananya comes.

Yash is at the gate. Ananya comes home and asks what is he doing here, I understood this is Sanju’s romeo who came to see his ill BF, but everyone is awake, how will you go, they are waiting for me. He asks her to find some idea. She says come with me, and takes him. Nandini and Rukmani see them, and Rukmani says they all know this so Ananya took Yash, what do they want, they are spoiling Yash.

Ananya says she got Yash along, her cab stopped and she called Yash for help. Yash signs Sanju. Ananya says he was not coming inside, I dragged him. Vishwamber says this is your house too Yash. Sanju smiles. Its morning, Naksh wakes up by alarm and sits to study. Naitik and Akshara see him. He says he is completing his project. Akshara asks Rashmi to eat well. Bau ji smiles and says he recalled when Akshara joined their business. He says she was first woman to work in office, I was glad that she helped us, and I m proud that she is so much qualified. He says now Rashmi is working, I m proud of her also. Rashmi says I will work hard.

Naitik asks Naira and Gayu to come for dance class. Rashmi asks Gayu to rehearse well. Naitik says she dances well. Mishti says she wants to learn dance too. Akshara asks Karishma to allow Mishti. Naksh says he is leaving and wants paratha roll, he can’t be late. Naira teases him. Akshara gives the roll and he leaves.

Yash asks Nandini about his phone, he has to go college. Nandini asks does he have to go somewhere else, and asks him whats all this, showing Yash and Sanju’s pic. She says she has understood everything, you lied to me, why do you meet Sanju so much, you went to Rajshri’s home to meet her, you will think I followed you, but you made me helpless, I want to know why did you lie to me. He says she is a nice girl and I like her. She says its not your age, focus on studies. He says I study well. Anmol comes and asks who will drop him to school. Yash says I will drop and takes his phone. He leaves.

Rukmani says Yash is arguing because of Sanju, is Akshara’s Maayka supporting them, we will talk to them. Akshara and Naitik spend time together and he flirts with her. Naksh submits the project and teachr is impressed with him. Naksh is glad and says now I have to make my dad happy.

Rukmani argues with Rajshri and insults them. Akshara comes and asks Rukmani to stop it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nandini if yash and sanju loves each other what is your problem be positive they are not doing anything wrong plzzz leave them.

  2. Has nandini forgotten she has also loved mohit n her marriage was love marriage.then wats d problm dude.wat stupid things are shown in d show

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