Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone singing Gori ke haathon mein….. Everyone dance. Naira smiles. Naksh and Gayu dance as a couple. Naksh acts like a girl. Naksh gets Naitik for dance. Naitik sees Naira dancing and says I can’t dance, my daughter is leaving me, I m trying to bear this but I can’t celebrate, if Akshara was here, we would have been each other’s support. Naira says I will miss you all, you all elders make this rasam to make daughters’ leave home. Bhabhimaa says so that they make someone else’s house a heaven with love. Devyaani says like Akshara joined two families with love, you have to do same, once hearts join, it can never get away.

Naksh asks Naitik to come and continue dance. Naira says leave it. She cries and goes. Naitik dances holding dupatta

and covers Naira with the dupatta. They all dance. Naksh wears the dupatta over head and dances. They all enjoy. Kartik comes there and smiles seeing them. He signs Naira. Naira and Kartik dance and have a romantic moment. Naira’s imagination gets over. Dadi, Kirti, Suwarna, Surekha and kids come there. They see Singhanias dancing. Gayu stops dancing seeing Dadi. Gayu signs Naksh to see them. Naksh continues dancing. Everyone stop dancing, and Naksh dances alone. He does Naagin dance. The dupatta gets off his face. Naksh sees Dadi and stops. Lav and Kush laugh. Dadi also laughs. They all get relieved.

Bhabhimaa says come we will start haldi. Suwarna gives haldi. Surekha says you all did much decorations. Naitik says Naksh wants the best for Naira and did all this. Dadi asks them to apply haldi to Naira. They all see dull haldi. Dadi asks what happened, it has many things, haldi is just for shagun, it has imported herbal cream, gold and silver powder, chandan. Bhabhimaa says we just use haldi. Dadi and Baisa argue.

Baisa asks Dadi to take this back, just haldi will be applied. Naira says wait, if two families can unite for marriage, why can’t haldi and cream get mixed. She mixes haldi and cream, and asks them to say where is haldi and where is cream, shall we start now. She applies haldi to her face. Bhabhimaa says wait, why are we here, we will apply. Dadi says we will leave. Naira asks Dadi to apply her haldi Dadi smiles. Everyone apply haldi to Naira. Maari lado….plays……..

Suwarna, Dadi and others also apply haldi to Naira. Mansi sees Akshara’s pic. Naira gets Kartik’s message, that one more rasam is over, now marriage is too close. She replies that she is eager to meet her groom. Akhilesh asks what happened Kartik. Kartik says they made me yellow. Akhilesh laughs and asks him to take bath, I will send clothes. He goes. Kartik says get me married soon.

Naitik asks what, how did he run from jail, my wife’s murderer had fled, why did you not catch him till now. Mansi hears him and runs. Naitik sees Naira and Naksh. They ask what happened. Mansi runs to Akhilesh’s room and cries. Someone holds her. She says I will go jail Papa, we will get caught, I told you to tell everyone, why did you refuse. What will everyone think of me and you, and Kartik….. he will feel so bad, he trusts you and what did you do Papa, nothing will be saved now, Naira will be too upset. Its Kartik….. He looks on worried.

She says I will go jail, I will be punished for Akshara’s murder. Kartik gets shocked. Mansi says I have killed her. Kartik cries. Mansi says her accident happened by my car by mistake, but I killed her. She cries and asks what will we do now Papa. She turns and sees Kartik. She gets shocked. Kartik gets angry and cries. He leaves.

Naira asks what. Naitik says yes, inspector called me. She says how can they let my mumma’s murderer go, I m getting angry, we will not leave that man, we will catch him like last time and punish him. She goes. Kartik thinks of Akhilesh and Mansi’s words. Naira thinks of Akshara. Naira and Kartik walk crying and see each other.

Kartik says you did this to save Mansi, I will tell entire truth to Naira. Akhilesh slaps him and says stop…. Kartik runs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hy rahul bahai ,snowflake, tahira sis how r u
    The episode was nice
    But akshara ki deadbody kisi ko milk this???
    And mein ne news parhi this k akshara ki jaga some actress named parul cuhan replace ho GI
    Agar kisi ko koi idea h to inform zaroor karna
    Rahul bahai I give my intro in previous episode …
    Now maybe mansi,s father will try to harm kartik to hide the truth?

  2. Hy rahul bahai ,snowflake, tahira sis how r u
    The episode was nice
    But akshara ki deadbody kisi ko milk this???
    And mein ne news parhi this k akshara ki jaga some actress named parul cuhan replace ho GI
    Agar kisi ko koi idea h to inform zaroor karna
    Rahul bahai I give my intro in previous episode …
    Now maybe mansi,s father will try to harm kartik to hide the truth??

  3. Sorry its akshra ki dead body kisi ko mili kia

  4. Amalina

    Poor mansi! She’s so innocent yet she committed a huge crime that broke so many hearts! I feel bad for Kartik!

  5. i shall change my name from Snowflake to Ice Cream coz i love eating ;D. And some people are getting confused. Yesterday, i did friendship with Fenil bhaiyya. And sindhu di, I cleared your doubt in 27 feb’s update. You can go check.

  6. yesterday, i only did friendship with Fenil Bhaiya (so sorry I names you di yesterday) sindhu di replied to me that Am I really a new member?? Yes, I am a new member. Yesterday, someone used my name and chatted with you all (you all can check on yesterday’s update that I am with a blue profiie and the other one was with a green one. )Please believe me, I didnt replied anyone =( =( . I got to know today that what all happend on yesterday’s update. Please believe me, please. And I am feeling so sad that my entry made everyone upset =( =( =(

    1. named*

  7. episode was superbbb…….Naksh’s nagin dance hahaha..n it was soo funny wen goenkas came der….feeling bad for karthik..he shd nt hide d truth from naira orelse 1 more prob in mrge…waiting for their wedding yaar……im sooo xcited.hope mrge will happen..shd nt brk…
    luv u kaira…best couple..

  8. Helen Funmilayo

    The problems arising in this one marriage are too numerous that me and my dauthers always get afraid that Kaitik and Naira might end up not getting married. Anyway we eagerly waiting to see how magnanimous the Singhannia’s will be in forgiveness.

  9. Soofia bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia Naira kartik will get married don’t worry guys naira kartiks wedding will be the most best wedding ever so let’s wait until the wedding day ok guys

    From ur number fan soofia Bhatti

  10. Y can’t many of these serials show happy marriage with full heart.. now that karthik knows about akshara accident.. he will be tensed n will not be able to enjoy wedding. Same thing happened during kuch rang pyar’ during sona n dev.. at least give the leads a break for 1 day to be happy with full heart..

  11. hello every1 rahul,fenil,raf,Sophie di,soumya,chanya,twana,ice cream,sania zahra

    sania zahra you r most welcome keep commenting….!!
    hey ice cream pls can you intro yourself…
    coming to episode
    first of all I really loved naksh dance srsly hahaha I was laughing when every1 stopped and he was only dancing
    I enjoyed and wish kaira get married soon also kirsh……!!

    1. Here’s my intro
      My name is Zainab
      I am 15 years old
      Living in Lucknow
      I am a huge fan of the show Ishqbaaz, Dil bole oberoi, Kuch Rang Pyaar…., yeh hai mohabbatein and ye rishta..
      Huge fan of Kunal Khosla, Karan Patel, Mohsin and Nakkul Mehta
      Hobbies: Cooking , painting and reading
      Love writing Stories

  12. and guys sorry to say but I won’t be able to comment for 5,6 days maybe bcs am going Johannesburg and I will be a little busy there even my
    fon won’t be with me but till then I will try to comment…

    OK bye guys

  13. the dance by naksh was so funny

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