Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh and Naitik being on the way. Naksh recalls seeing that same van and tells Naitik. Naitik asks are you sure. Naksh says yes and calls police inspector. Naitik follows that van. Police stops that van and catch those men. The men say there is no one in van, we were running as we don’t have license. They don’t get Naira. Naitik prays to get Naira. Akshara prays for Naira and cries. Everyone cry and pray.

The goons are on the way and says girl is beautiful and young, it will be good deal, we will get good price, so we kidnapped here. Naitik and Naksh come home. Akshara asks Naitik about Naira, where is she. She cries and hugs him. Shaurya also signs no to elders. They all cry.

Its morning, Naira opens eyes and finds herself tied up and locked

in the car. Everyone pray for Naira. Akshara asks Lord to give some sign. Tarun comes there. They all turn and see Tarun. Naksh gets angry and slaps Tarun, asking about Naira. He slaps Tarun again. Tarun says please, listen to me. Naksh beats Tarun. Akshara stops Naksh and says listen to him. Naitik asks Tarun about Naira. Akshara folds hands and asks him where is Naira, I know you did all this, tell me where is Naira. Tarun says I really do not know, I know someone who might have kidnapped Naira. Naksh and Naitik ask who are they. Tarun says that day I got slapped by Naira… FB shows Tarun saying I will take revenge from Naira. The goons ask Tarun why is he in tension, we will get her for you. Tarun says yes, I just want to scare her, I like her though. The goons say we will scare her, leave it on us. FB ends.

Akshara and everyone get shocked. Tarun says forgive me, I did big mistake. I just told them to scare Naira, I just used to meet them at tea stall and I don’t know where they stay. Naksh and Akshara scold Tarun. Tarun apologizes and says I will help you in saving Naira. Naitik consoles Akshara.

Tarun tells police sketch artist about those goon’s description. The sketch is made. Inspector checks it and shows to Akshara and everyone. Akshara says no, they are not these men. Inspector asks sure? Naitik says yes, they are different. Naksh says Tarun is cheating, inspector beat him. Tarun says no, I just told these two men. Naitik says then who were they. Constable says guard is unconscious, he is hit by someone. Inspector says this case is complicated, the goons are professional kidnappers or…. The family cries.

The goon says we have heard Tarun talking at the tea stall that day and got to know of this girl. He laughs and says police will catch Tarun and his friends. Inspector asks staff to check every car at checkpost. The goons meet their another helper at tea stall and see Naira sleeping. They plan to take car by avoiding checkpost.

Naira gets up. Inspector says we will tap the phone, if this is normal kidnapping, there will be ransom call. Akshara refuses to have tea. Mishti convinces Akshara. Nannu says we will beat those goons. Akshara cries. Mishti says Naira will come soon. Akshara wishes the same. They get a call.

Akshara answers call. Naira cries. Akshara shouts Naira and cries putting the phone on speaker. Akshara asks where are you and with whom. Naira says some goons kidnapped me, they are going to kill me, save me. The family gets shocked and cry. The goons talk at the tea stall. The goon checks for his phone and says I think I left it in car. He goes towards the car.

Akshara asks where are you, say something. Naira says I don’t know, I want to come home. Inspector asks about the landmark, look around. Naira says they are coming, they will kill me, send Papa. Akshara says stop crying, listen to me carefully, you have to be strong and tell us where are you, you have to fight with them, you are our brave daughter. Naira says no, send Papa and take me. Akshara says calm down, listen to me, maybe we can’t talk again, you inform us anyway when you get chance, so that we can reach you soon, we are taking police help, did you see those goons before. Naira says they are coming. Akshara says cut the call and keep phone aside when they come, tell me where are you. Naira tells about some dhaba, the goons are three and tells their description. She takes more details. Naira sees goon coming and ends call. She acts like sleeping. Goons leave in the car. Akshara cries and hugs Rajshri. Inspector says we will trace the call and phone location now.

Inspector tells everyone about mirchi gang, they are going out of city. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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