Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira seeing the gifts sent from Kartik’s family. Everyone tease her. Naira says none will take my gifts. Gayu and Mishti ask her to see the change, Naira does not like to share gifts. Gayu says we will call Kartik as Naira listens to him. Naira gets shy and runs. Naitik smiles. Bhabhimaa says we should send Shaurya to get Naksh, so that he can explain him. Devyaani agrees. Kartik talks to his mum’s painting and tells about Naira. He sees the frame different and gets angry. Suwarna comes and says Dadi has sent puja items, touch this, I will send to pandit. Kartik asks her to keep it. She says I got this frame made. He asks why did you touch this, I don’t want you to interfere in my matters, stay away from all this. She says frame broke by wind, you were

busy and I did not get chance to tell you, sorry. She goes. He fixes frame back. Kartik thinks of Naira and takes selfie to send her. He sees Manish behind and goes. Manish looks on. Dadi asks Manish not to worry, I will not let Kartik go, let Kartik’s love win, but I promise, I will not let our relations fail.

Lav and Kush ask Kartik to get Naira home, they will play games. Kartik says Naira is marrying me, so she will be in my team. Surekha asks when are you going to give sherwani order, I shortlisted all the lists, I know Dadi will ask me, I fit in her standards. Mansi says all the best Kartik. Kartik says I m not interested in parties, menu and clothes, just get me married, I have car, I will race it and get Naira. Mansi says no. Akhilesh says Kartik is joking, groom will go on horse in baraat. Kartik says its time for Dadi’s medicine. Lav says I feel Dadi is fine. Kush asks is she doing acting to be ill.

Kartik says no, she was seriously ill, doctor said she has stress because of me, I feel guilty, I will give her medicine. Naira sees clothes and jewelry. She dresses up a bit to see. She sees Akshara’s pic and cries. Naitik comes there. Naira removes the bindi and dupatta. Naitik makes her wear bindi and chunri again.

He says you used to do this in childhood also, you used to tell about doll’s marriage, I used to be glad with your games, see you have grown up today, I wish this was just a game. She says sorry Papa, mumma used to say daughters’ can’t stay with Papa always, but you have first right on me. He hugs her. Kartik gives medicine to Dadi. She says I will have later. Kartik goes to get more medicines. Lav and Kush come to make song. They ask Suwarna to make video, we will dance. Dadi dances with them and gets tired. Manish asks what happened, I will call doctor. Dadi stops him. He says if you faint like that day then… She says I m fine, I got tired, doctor said my heart is weak, as I told doctor to tell Kartik, I love Kartik a lot and can’t stay away, I lied of heart disease to him. Manish gets shocked. Dadi asks Manish to try this, do anything to keep Kartik with us. Kartik hears this and gets shocked.

He goes to room and says I did not wish to come here and stayed here for Dadi, I trusted her the most. I thought Naira will be happy coming here, but not anymore, I will not get her here where all relations are fake. He gets angry.

Kartik goes and meets Naira. She asks whose house is this. He asks her to open door, its couple’s house, I know them. She asks do I know, who is it. He asks her to open door. She sees the house. He says the guy is seeing this flat for that girl, how is it. She says its cute, but small. He says fine, the guy has to see budget, he is not big businessman and does job. She says I did not mean that, sorry, but kitchen is very small. He says you did not like it. She says no, I said its cute. He says then showed many flaws. She says I will say good things also, that window corner is romantic, the couple can have tea coffee there. Kartik imagines them. She says good use is they can be infront of each other always. He imagines her dancing and he is sitting working and seeing her. She says kitchen is cute, they can cook together and romance. He imagines romancing. She says there will be many small happiness in small world. He imagines sleeping together. She says its perfect house to stay for a couple, their private world, it will be romantic one. He smiles.

Manish asks manager what is it. Manager says my brother went to see house for rent, he saw Kartik, he also came to find flat on rent, I did not believe it but my brother showed me pic. He shows pic to Manish. Manish gets shocked. Naira says your friend will be happy. Kartik asks sure, shall I say who is it. She says yes. He holds her hand. He shows Naira and Kartik’s home sweet home board. He says its our house. She gets shocked and drops the keys. She asks why, what are you saying, we will stay with family. He says I know family is imp for you, but…. family was imp for me also, I mean its imp even now, but we can’t stay with them. She looks on.

Naira says we say small lies to be with family. Kartik says I can bear Dadi’s lies, I can’t bear Manish and Suwarna’s lies, Suwarna is not my mum. Naira gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Tvfan1


    |Registered Member

    Awesome episode!! Kaira little house Awww. I hate this dadi! But. I feel sorry for suwarna.
    Also Naksh is to be replaced!!.by rishi dev

  2. Vrushy


    |Registered Member

    Finally Karthik got to know about his dadi’s truth. She is such a drama queen. If she lies than its ohkay but if someone else lies than its a crime. Such a partial character !!
    So tomorrow Karthik will tell Naira the whole truth. I saw a video today where in new naksh was introduced. He definately suits the character. Also some of his physical features are similar to rohan mehra so it becomes easy to relate.
    Kaira’s dream was the saving grace fortodays episode. Its getting a but dragged. But still hope yrkkh comes on track again.
    PS : Saw a pic on insta where all the cast members were present. Yrkkh was awarded the best show of 2016 !! Yupiee

    • Soumya

      Hi vrushy di u can’t send me friend request as my settings r like that so pls u tell me ur id name and pls like my page…and sorry for very late reply

  3. Soumya

    Hi my yrkkh family members… today’s episode really I m very happy as karthik get to know about his cruel dadi…kaira’s dream and house was soooooo cute😍vrushy di I have also seen the video in which New naksh is introduced ya his some features r similar to rohan…really now they r dragging it.

  4. karishma

    At first Karan mehra left the show and he was replaced.Then Hina also left the show.And now Rohan also left the show and he is also going to be replaced.what is happening.the main charecters are leaving.Old Akshara,Naitik,Naksh moments were awsome.but now it is very much boring.don’t like the show anymore because of replacing the actors.specially without rohan mehra..really missing rohan,hina & karan….

      • Vrushy


        |Registered Member

        I don’t guess so he will return after big boss ends.!! The production tean will want people to accept the new face. He is gonna enter the show before the end of this week itself !!

  5. Pari...

    Hlw all of My yrkkh fmly.. Hw r u all??
    Hii othr yrkkh fans,cmmntatrs,silnt cmmnt readrs…I wish evryone iz fine…
    thnk god…finlly finlly finlly kartik get to knw his dadi’s real fce..Ufff…
    nd kaira’s scene was really cute (As usual)..Bdw rahul vai aliya nd othr fmily mmbrs where r u all???reAlly missing ur cmmnt yaar…

  6. Shesha

    Hey guy. How is everyone doing??
    Kartik’s dream sequence was very nice. Happy that he found out his dadi’s truth. Hopefully naksh will be back in the next few episodes. I saw a video where he came back to the singhania house. I also heard that kartik’s mom is alive and will come back in some time. They said that nupur joshi will play the role of his real mom. Feeing bad for suwarna. Also vrushy dii I absolutely love your kaira ff. Too good!!

    • Vrushy


      |Registered Member

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it.
      The new naksh will probably enter in fridays episode. I don’t guess karthik’s mom is alive. They are going to show the flashback of what happened and the actress is called to act in that flashback. His mom is dead and he considers manish and suwarna to be the killers !!

  7. Shraddha

    Now I know why this serial is still going on . It’s because of teenagers watching the dreamy sequences and increasing the TRP .. nonsense serial with nonsense people showing nonsense traditions where a son is not present for mothers funeral ..I have stopped watching the episodes and would only read to save time but now this is my last read ever.

    • Tvfan1


      |Registered Member

      no don’t stop watching. it’s ana amzing show, i understand ur POV but still, its the actors fault. yrkkh is far better than other ‘dragging’ serials

  8. Naksh rock

    Kitne bhi aye aur jaye doesnt matter yeh show sirf hina and karan hai rahega woh es show ka hissa hamesha rahege nobody forget them

  9. RV

    YRKKH is a feel good serial. Some of us Hav stressful jobs n stressful home lives n series such as these just give us half hour of easy viewing n time to relax, it’s not just teenagers who watch. Yes the ppl that Hav left Hav left a void in the show but hoping upcoming storylines Wil keep the showing. The young actors n actresses r doing well n they shud b applauded for their work. Hope my comments don’t offend anyone, they’re just wot I think 😁

  10. Adi

    Hope all of my yrkkh family is well , I thought it would be the only one that didnt comment yesterday but it turns out that so many didn’t? Where is everyone ?! Hope everything is ok!
    Shraddha thanks for your opinion but the producers will do what their audiences want because that’s where their profits lie, so you cant expect them to air towards specific audiences – I disagree with you because if you watch the serial or read it in depth with some thought of society now, you’ll understand it’s about traditions and how modernism impacts the traditions — I agree it was wrong to show the son not show up – they shouldve picked a new naksh earlier, but then again it’s to do with the consequences of the real world at the same time. If you have a more open mind and look past the dreamy sequences, I’m sure you will find more 🙂

  11. Adi

    I think today the episode was interesting. I liked how they unveiled the truth of the – keep in mind, none of the actors in goenka villa have been shown as villains as there is some good behind all the characters – I hope they keep it the same and don’t drag! I saw the video with nakshs intro and it seems weird so I hope that changes with time – hope everyone is ok 🙂

    • Vrushy


      |Registered Member

      Just because you don’t like a thing doesn’t mean that it has to end. If you don’t like it stop watching it !!
      There are many people who earn theirbread and butter because of Yrkkh. Why should Everyone suffer just because of one persons deeds. She wanted to quit nobody forced her to. We want to watch the serial without her so stop forcing people to shut it down !!

  12. Twana

    Hello My YRKKH parivaar n all the other ppl in this website
    At last Karthik got to know his dadi’s real intentions….
    Waiting for Karthik to tell the whole truth to Naira kyuki she should know the real truth n knowing the half of it might create a misunderstanding….
    Yeah the story is different from the old YRKKH.. but what can the cvs do? All of a sudden Hina left the show but they should keep the show going na? I think thatz why these days it z mostly centered around Goenkas..
    This is my POV n I hope nobody gets offended…
    Although Hina, Rohan n Karan were good actors, they left the show on their own arrogance n will… no one told them to leave the show na?? Why still praise then like they had done a veryyyy good deed by leaving the show…
    So if they left the show by their own will n if they didn’t felt anything abt the show… why still make them the best n put those efforts of the young actors in a low place…
    At least they r trying to increase the TRP..
    And itz gud to know that the TRP has increased by us teenagers watching the show…… we will do our best to increase the TRP…
    This is just my POV and I nobody felt offended…
    Coming to my YRKKH parivaar…
    I hope everyone z doing fine… and All the best for those who hv exams…..!!
    Aliyaaaa kaha hai wo thu???
    Aniket,Aliya n Adi my BFFs I hope u all r fine…
    And Chanya, Trishi, Soumya n Riya. my cute lil sisters I hope u all r doig fine…
    Sachu dii, Sophie dii.. long time no see… where r u all??
    Pat dii how r u?
    Hope everyone will hv a nice day filled with joy n happiness 😇

  13. Pat

    Hi Rahul, Aniket, Sruthi, Shilpa, Twana, Sachu, Aliya, Riya, Vrushy, Pawana, Soumya, Kajol, Trishi, Has, Sophie, Karishma, Ishika, Saba, Ponkuri, Aarti, Ridz, Saraya, Pari, Shesha, TVFan 1 & all YRKKH Fans (Family).
    I pray all of you are doing well & those taking their exams best wishes & great success.
    Hi Shraddha I think you have got the show all wrong. Firstly, I am a grown woman, well educated & have a successful career & watches this show. Secondly, most of the teenagers who have been commenting on this site have shown more decency & respect to others than I can imagine. Thirdly, it doesn’t mean because they are teenagers that they are dumb or nonsense. The teenage fans of this show have been very respectful in their conversations to each other and their comments about the show.
    Fourthly, Akshara’s body have never been found so no funeral has taken place – what they did was to have some prayers, which was comforting to the family & we all know that no matter what religion you are prayers always makes you feel better in trying times. Also the creatives can get away with it about Naksh’s absent as it is quite difficult to give very bad news over the phone especially when those two concern are very attached to each other. Naksh is on his own in a foreign country & he is diabetic, what if they tell him over the phone and he goes into shock & passes out? That can be deadly for a diabetic. We have to give credit to the creatives as they are try & working hard in a difficult situation – they can’t help it if stars wants to move on. Lastly about the traditions, I don’t think it is right to insult others by referring to their traditions as nonsense. You know the traditions of our forefathers are what makes us who we are today. I for one absolutely & fantastically loves the traditions portrayed. If you are a serious YRKKH fan – you would have noticed that they tried hard to add a modern twist to the old traditions depicting that even though we live in a modern world some traditions are still relevant & necessary.
    I hope I have been generous in explaining all this to you, I am not one for insulting people & I hate it when others just used insults to get their points across.
    Today’s episode was great and I agree with some of you it is dragging. I think it is because they were finalising the new Naksh and now that he is ready, I think the show will move on.
    I also think that they are in two minds on weather to replace Akshara with another actress playing the role or just kill off the character completely.
    I love Luv and Kush – so so so cute ah
    It is true Suwarna is lost. I think all will be sorted out – Kartik is kindhearted.
    As for Dadi Goenka – what she was afraid off and hence all the plotting is beginning to backfire on her. The truth always come out in the end.
    Have a wonderful day you all.

  14. Pawan

    Hiii all…..
    How are you?????
    I also think that they are dragging it too much….
    Ya got to see lav kush today….!!!
    Feeling so sorry for suwarna….. Although she is so good yet kartik and dadi hate her…
    It’s New Year in 2days so what u people have planned for that….???

  15. Pawan

    Hii aniket bhai
    Ananya is already married so I don’t think the way u said will happen
    But I also pray something happen in the way that maheshwaris regain on the screen……!!

  16. Pat

    Thanks Ameena for the update – brilliant
    Well done to Rajan sir and the creatives of the show in winning best show of the year 2016. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😘😘😘😘😘😘😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  17. Vrushy


    |Registered Member

    I don’t understand why the fans of karan mehra, hina khan and rohan mehra are upset with their replacements !!
    You should be glad that their character was not removed from the serial, instead it was kept.alive with a new face.
    When karan mehra left the show, the production house tried hard to get him back. They waited for almost six months. Also the fans requested him to come back on all social media platform.but he wanted to move on and asked us the same. Well he has already moved on and is happy in his life but some people are still stuck at that one point.
    As for hina khan. The way she has contributed to the show is commendable. But you should remember that its a symbiotic relationship. If she has given a lot to the show than the show has also given a lot to her. The producers are still waiting for her to comeback and are persuading her. They have not introduced a new face as they know all of us were attached to akshara. They don’t want to let us down.

  18. Sachu

    Hi dears how r u all ? Hope all r doing well n preparing to welcome coming year with a bang. I was really busy for the past few days and is still in the same state. Just popped up to tell u all a big hii. Din read the updates or comments since few days. Just read spoilers n today’s comments. Glad to know that Naksh is coming back. Hi Shradha Iam not telling against ur pov as everyone has their own ways of looking at things. But it is very sad to see u insulting so many hardworking people for the sake of some characters who left the show on their own will. I also miss the old Yrkkh bt at the same time I respect n adore the hardwork n acting skills put up by present cast n crew. How can u consider teenagers as silly ? Iam nt a teenager. Bt I respect the mature way in which they see things. How can u say that the traditions r nonsense. When a person’s body s nt found then how to do the rituals . We have seen the bonding between mumma n duggu. So it s obviously nt possible to inform on phone when u dont know how he’d react. Dont be so negative yaar. In fact Yrkkh is the only serial where traditions r valued and negativity is kept out of the house. This is what keeps audience glued to Yrkkh and nt the dream sequence or just teenager’s comments.
    I just came to say hi bt after seeing what she said I could nt stop comnenting a bit long. Keep commenting n watching guys. Hope everyone enjoys rocking days ahead. I ll try to join u guys when I find time. Lots of love to all my sweet sis’ and bros out here. Byee for now.

  19. Aniket

    Good Morning to my sweet Family!! Sorry to reply late! Yes Soumya, I am fine! Thanks for asking sister! Yes Chanya, I was a bit irregular for about 4-5months. So I dont know about Ananyas marriage, and Kuhus truth. Even if Ananya is married, I wish she come back having some mutual problem with Ranveer over her fatness issue, and as Keerti is going to play love interest for Naksh although being married, the same should be in Ananyas case. This is just what I think to get the focus back on Maheshwaris!!

  20. Aniket

    Hi Twana, my BFF, I am good what about u? I totally agree with u Twana and Pat di, that althoug we loved Akshara Naitik Naksh played by Hina Karan Rohan but in reality those ppl are very arrogant. They left the show that made them to come into limelight on the Screen! So I wish a fair chance should be given to new actors like- Vishal, Shivangi, Mohsin, Rishi Dev, Kanchi and all new commers. My POV is that, YRKKH is on its height of success bcoz of its story and main plot and not bcoz of its actors!!

  21. Aniket

    I dont bother about the people having negative POV for the show but let me tell them- Few days ago, a general opinion of viewes was taken about- Which longest running show should go off-air among- SNS, SSK, YRKKH. And I am glad to share with u all that not even a single comment was against YRKKH. Instead all of them supported the hardwork of young generation. And if u ppl cant appreciate about their efforts, then its waste of our time to make u realise how good YRKKH is! Love u YRKKH!!

  22. Rinki

    Dear aniket how can you say hina and karan arrogant they harldy work 8 year only for this show hina and kara denied great opportunity jo log dedication ke sath kam karte hai woh rrogant nahi hote agar tumhe aisa hi lagata hai toh why shivangi left begusurai i am hate you not insulting you

  23. Aniket

    Hey u Rinki/ Vishakha/ Baby/ RK. Who so ever u r! First of all thank u for hating me! Actually I have a long list of ppl loving me, and I dont want u to get add in that list! So thanks for hating! And secondly, YOU ARE BLOCKED from our group, so I dont think that I should reply ur statement of Hina and Karan being obedient. Plz Stay out of our chat. !!U R BLOCKED!!

  24. Rinki

    Every person have own ri8 to write our opinion ye kisi ki personal property nahi hai aur ha i am not intresting part of your group tumhe aisa kyu lagata tumse me dar jaungi

  25. Sachu

    Hey Rinki how dare u speak like that. U commented taking his name so only Aniket replied. This is not a personal property but who gave u right to abuse someone like this. U can come here n comment anything about serial bt dont even dare to point ur dirty tongue against any of our family members. We also have right to create group n comment as per our pov. So just get lost from our premises n stop commenting about any of us.

  26. chanya

    Hello my yrkkh family!! How are you all ?hope all of you are fine…
    First of all rinki how can talk so rudely with our aniket bhaiyya??he just replied to you as you were addressing by his its better you don’t interfere in our family..we all are with our bhai..I know most of them are jealous of our togetherness that is bhai you just don’t mind them..we all are with you..agree with you sachu di..

  27. chanya

    Today’s episode is nice…so karthik got to know the reality of his dadi..she is such a double sided person…really enjoyed kaira scenes…so today karthik will tell naira the truth…excited for that…
    Sachu di..happy to see you..missed you…
    And my bff trishi you are fine were missing since yesterday…
    Sophie di missed you too…
    And all of my family members ..just take care of yourselves..and all the best for one who have exams…
    And twana di I am fine ..
    Love you all!!

    • Trishi

      Sorry BFF😘… u know after O/L stuff…
      Yesterday we went to give a surprise party to one of my friends..
      Thatz why… quite busy these days…
      I’m very fine Chanya…. how r u?
      Hope u r doing fine…
      Good Night😘😘

  28. Tejas

    Rinki neglect this people marathi bashet mahantalna tar bhatukali cha khel khelat ahe sagale do u get that chill

  29. Tejas

    Rinki neglect this people marathi bashet mahantalna tar bhatukali cha khel khelat ahe sagale do u get that chill marathi samajati ho na

  30. Soumya

    What the hell is happening here we r not saying or stopping anyone to comment but U can’t say bad things about anyn of our group(family) members….at first u said about aniket bhaiya so he replied to ur stupid comment about him…Pls do not comment about any of us….aniket bhaiya we r with u

  31. Twana

    Oh hello Rinki or whoever who keeps commenting from different names as if we don’t know that it is the same u… keep ur hatred within ur self as it isn’t needed here n we don’t care anyway…btw we all love Aniket n he don’t need ur hatred… we r his friends n we stand beside him in anything…aur haaa u keep commenting itz ur precious r8 na?? Keep commenting it might increase the TRP anyway..
    But don’t u dare to speak against any of our family members…
    And u try to understand whatever hina n karan did for the show went in vain when they themselves left the show… ya they did a great work in those 8 yrs… but no one told them to leave na? they left by their own will…..may be they wanted to move on in life but YRKKH should continue na?
    If u can’t watch YRKKH without ur precious actors, then don’t…. but although we love the actors, we mostly love the story n not the actors in it!!!

  32. Aniket

    Hehe u yellow coloured dp named as- Rinki/ Vishakha/ Baby, Let me clear ur bullshit mind that- Mujhe aisa nhi lagta ki tu humse iske aage daregi! Coz tu to already itni badi DARPOK hai ki khud ki identity bhi nhi deti, Identity chupa k fake naam se comment karti hai! Jo itni badi DARPOK hai, wo aur jada kya daregi!! Hehe!!

  33. Aniket

    Thank u Sachu Di for taking a stand for me! And Chillax Sachu Di, Such Transgenders are jobless and are grown up with no values from their parents or elders! They dont even match our status! So hereafter even if that YELLOW DP girl comments in positive way, in negative way, or including any of our names, but we arent going to reply her! All of u Remember the YELLOW DP, bcoz she keep on changing her name. Just ignore her!

  34. Trishi

    Hii my YRKKH family!!! I hope everyone is fine…
    What the HELL is going on here???
    Why does this person comment from different names n always keeps blaming YRKKH,NEW ACTORS N EVEN OUR FAMILY???
    Such a headache…
    Don’t worry Aniket bhaiyaaa we r all with u…. we all love our Aniket bhai n he doesn’t need those stupid haters….
    Any how u keep commenting but anything against our family members is not tolerated… understand that…
    If u feel YRKKH z incomplete without ur sooo special Hina n Karan, then don’t watch it!!
    There r many ppl who love the new actors!!
    N even the serial not the actors!!
    Anyway, coming to the ep,
    It was good that Karthik got to know the real face of dadi….
    Naira shld know that Suwarna z not Karthik’s real mom… So waiting for Karthik to tell that…
    Some how have a great day my YRKKH family members love u all!!

  35. Aniket

    TYSM Chanya Soumya Twana Trishi for being with me and standing beside me! Yes, I am soo busy that I dont have time to mind the words of such jobless girl! TYSM once again! !!..LOVE U ALL..!! And she is consoling herself bcoz she has no one to console her! Anyways just IGNORE YELLOW DP COMMENTS hereafter!!

    • Sophie

      Aniket just ignore her like you have been doing…she is not worth it….
      Sorry I didn’t take stand before…actually I wasn’t going to comment today…but had to because of the moreon….we love you Aniket…we are with you..

  36. Pat

    Hi Aniket
    Just ignore whoever this person is – they are not worth it
    It is very easy to sit behind a computer desk & throw insults – such cowardice behaviour.
    I am happy we are shutting down negativity on this page.
    Hina herself told a fan who got upset when Karen left that they don’t have to watch the show – same here
    The show is good & I look forward to more storyline. There are other actors in the show besides those three & they deserve our support and respect.
    As for me I am looking forward to tonight’s episode. Enjoy your evening all

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