Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik saying Akshara that you took care of me when I was in coma. She says you were on bed, don’t make me one weakness too big. He asks her to come in Naira’s PTM. She asks him to go, she will be at home, its imp for Naira. He says its imp for both of us, get ready. She says no, how can I? He asks why, you are not ill, you told me to let you live a normal life, you have stick too. She asks are you taunting me. He says no, we have to go for Naira, I will make you ready, sorry I forgot, you will get ready yourself. He cries and leaves.

Rajshri tells Vishwamber that Akshara is working. He asks what, why did Naitik not stop her, doctor asked her to rest. She says we know her, she will be adamant to do work. He says yes, but Naitik can also get adamant

to stop her. She says we should not worry till Naitik is there.

Bhabhimaa and Devyaani ask Akshara to get ready and go. Akshara refuses. Bhabhimaa asks why, don’t you trust Naitik. Akshara says no, I trust him. Naitik asks Bau ji to trust him, he is annoyed, but he will take care of Akshara. I m trying to increase her self confidence. Bau ji asks don’t you think you are in hurry. Naitik says she did hurry to use stick and not give me chance to take care of her. Akshara comes and says no, I told you. He says leave it, I don’t want any moment to pass like this.

They reach the place. He says we have to go on 5th floor by lift. She collides with people and says sorry. He asks what happened. She asks him to hold her hand, this place is new for her. He says I m with you, and holds her hand. He compliments her and takes her. Lift comes and his papers fall. He bends to pick it, and she gets inside the lift alone. The lift goes. She says thanks Naitik, Devyaani and Bhabhimaa made me ready, you gave me courage. He says come Akshara and sees she is gone. She realizes he is not with her. They call out each other. He says display is also not working, how to know on which floor she is. She panics. He takes another lift which is under repair. His lift gets stuck and he shouts for help.

Akshara gets out as the lift stops. She calls for help. Naitik tries calling and there is no network. He says I did big mistake, I should have not left Akshara’s hand, will she be fine. He worries and cries. Vishwamber asks Rajshri why did Naitik take Akshara out. He asks her not to worry, as Naitik is with Akshara. He says Akshara can’t see now. Rajshri says she can’t see, but there is no other weakness in her life, if we think she is helpless, what will we expect from world, she is brave. He says fine, but we will call once and see. She signs no and jokes to give her worry crown to him. he smiles.

Akshara goes on terrace and asks is anyone there. She calls Naitik and does not connect. She asks Naitik where are you and stays strong. There are construction instruments kept on terrace and she moves towards that. Naitik calls out for help and says my wife will need help. Akshara walks by using stick and hits stick to know whats around her. He worries in the lift.

He sits and cries, feeling sorry. The lift starts working. He gets glad and says Akshara I m coming, don’t worry. Akshara checks things by hitting stick and changes way. Naitik looks for her and comes on terrace. He sees her and calls her out. She stops and he runs to her. He hugs her. She asks where did he go. He says I m here and smiles. He asks is she fine. She says I m fine, this stick showed me way. He says I m sorry, I did not take care of you. She says its okay, it was accident, it can happen anytime, come with me, Naira’s program will start. He takes her.

Naira tells teacher that her parents won’t come. The teacher asks is she sure, Akshara does not miss any event. Naira says sorry. She tells her friends that she did not inform her parents about the function. She sees Naitik and Akshara there and hugs her. She asks why did Akshara come, who told them. Naira apologizes. Naitik says Akshara would be hurt if she knew that she missed the function. Naira says sorry, thanks for coming.

The people see Akshara and comment on her vision loss, she became burden in this state. Naitik and Naira get angry. Naira tells them that Akshara met with an accident, she did not lose courage, she is trying to fight, she does not need sympathy, as sympathy makes us weak, don’t talk like this, my mum is not dependent, she cares for us like before, I m really proud of my mumma. Naitik and Akshara happily cry. Naira hugs Akshara.

Sangram talks to someone and turns. He sees Naksh and do you want anything. Naksh asks him did he push Akshara in lake.

Update Credit to: Amena

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