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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajshri and Devyaani bringing the balloons by filling water. They all smile. Naksh says superb, they are the winners of this fame. Naksh says now its our second friendly competition, and asks them to make a drawing by legs. They all get thinking and agree. They all step ahead and try making drawings in the sand. They all smile and enjoy. Naksh sees the lotus and says Bhabhimaa and Dadi are the winners. They all clap for them. Bhabhimaa says they are grown up by playing in sand. Dadi says they are balanced in this age too and laighs. Naksh tells about mirror image dancing. Ananya explains. Naira plays the music. They all start dancing.

Naksh sees Akshara and Varsha dancing perfectly, and declares them the winners. They all clap. Devyaani and Rajshri says

we are celebrating like kids. Akshara thanks Naksh to making this Teej memorable. Naksh thanks them for giving a chance to make them smile, they can do anything for their happiness. A girl comes and asks what about her happiness. She asks Naksh to say. The elders get puzzled and come there. Akshara asks who is she. The girl asks Naksh to say whats their relation.

Naksh says I told you not to come here. She says how long will she wait for him. Akshara asks whats going on. Naitik asks Naksh why did he not tell him. Naksh says I will talk to Neha outside. Neha says she will tell them, that he loves her, she is keeping Teej fast for him tomorrow. They all get shocked. Naksh says come out and gets angry. Akshara says stop, tell me what is the matter. Neha says she will say, Naksh and she love each other since 2 years, when he came to India from Cape town, he said he is going to sort out family matter, but he did not come back and contact me, I took his number from a friend and came here, I don’t know whats my fault, why is he behaving so.

Akshara and Naitik scold Naksh. Naksh says sorry, I was going to say, but I did not say as…….. how could I see your expressions. He laughs. They all get surprised and Akshara pulls his ears. She says we will get him married. Sanju says Naksh would have told us, I was wondering who is Neha whom I did not know. Naksh says sorry. Neha says I used to come with him in tuition, we met in mall and he asked me for help, sorry. Naitik says its okay, its not your mistake. Naksh says this was twist in celebration. Akshara says she will twist his ear now and beats him. He runs. Neha says she will leave now. Naksh says he fooled everyone. Naitik says I knew he is acting, I m not Akshara. Naksh says yes, even Nannu can fool mum, she is innocent. Akshara says she will not become fool again. Devyaani asks what to do now.

Mohit says they have done much fun on pre Teej. Shaurya asks Naksh what did he plan for tomorrow. They all ask Naksh and laugh. Naitik comes to Akshara and hugs him. She says you and Naksh always make fun of me. Naitik says we think so much to make you smile. She says I m tensed for Naksh, if he really any girl and say he wants to marry then…. Naitik says then… and they imagine Naksh as the groom. Akshara says no, this can’t happen. He says it can happen, our house did not have any recent marriage. She says its much time for Naksh’s marriage, we should think about Rashmi’s marriage and asks him to convince her. He says I think we should find about the guy. They get idea to make Rama aunty talk to Rashmi.

Rashmi asks Gayu why did she lose in elocution, what was the topic. Gayu says my father, my hero and gets sad. Naitik and Akshara come there. Rashmi says she was helping Gayu in homework. Akshara asks her to help herself. Naitik asks her to think about her future. She gets Rama’s call. Naitik says put call on speaker, we will also talk. Rashmi goes to see Gayu. Akshara says we talk to want about Rashmi’s second marriage. Rama says even I want this to happen, Rashmi knows our relative and likes her too.

Bhabhimaa makes sweets for Teej and asks Devyaani to taste. Mishti looks on. Devyaani says sugar is less. Girja says sugar got over, shop is closed, I have to go market. Bhabhimaa says how will I make sugar syrup then. Mishti brings some syrup and puts laddoos, saying she is helping them. She asks them to taste it and see, then scold her. Devyaani eats it and gives Bhabhimaa. They both like the gulkand taste and smile.

Akshara tells Naitik that she is grinding the leaves as its shagun. She asks him to go and sleep. He helps her. He hugs her and she runs. Piya bawari………….rang dala……plays………… they romance. Its wee hours, Bhabhimaa asks Naitik and Askahar to eat fruits. Naksh comes and joins them. He says he was studying and came to see them. He says he was thinking to keep a fast, maybe he will get a good GF. They smile. Devyaani says she will give him food. Karishma says we did not celebrate Teej like this since years. Naitik says maybe Rashmi won’t come, I will talk to her, eat now. They see Rashmi coming and smile. Maheshwari women also eat the fruits for fasting. They think to invite Akshara. Dadi and Varsha say maybe Devyaani and Bhabhimaa will ask Akshara to celebrate with them. Rashmi says she is hungry. Akshara says I think our words have affected you. Rashmi says yes, but I kept fast for myself and my happiness, this festival is for women’s victory. Akshara says you have second chance to life and won’t regret. Rajshri calls on landline and asks Naitik to make her talk to Bhabhimaa. She says she wants Akshara to celebrate Teej with her Maayka and invites all of them too. Bhabhimaa gets thinking.

Naitik tells Bau ji that Naksh and he are going Jaipur for meeting and will come till evening. Some goons catch Naksh and Naitik on the way.

Update Credit to: Amena

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