Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th April 2016 Written Episode Update


The episode begins with Sangram saying that dadaji would of had been in jail if dadaji hadn’t saved her that day. Naitik gets angry and holds his collar saying “how dare you say this about my sister?”. Naksh also interferes and asked Sangram not to bring Naira in the conversation because if he starts saying what Tara has done then it would not be good. Tara looks on…

Everyone looks on outside and wonder what would happen. Misti says ” i think they won’t marry like the way, her and heroine don’t get married in movies”. Others ask her not to say. Naira and others get worried.

Dadaji apologizes for his mistakr and Naitik says “lets go to venue for marriage! Enough of this argument”. Baisha interferes and says “after all this, how can u get Naksh married to Tara, blah blah blah…”

Dadaji’s and Akshara’s family start fighting and Tara unable to bear this walks out silently. Akshara notices that Tara is gone. Everyone start looking for her and Sangram blames Naksh for it.

Preeti is about to leave but Ananya and Yash stop her and ask her to tell the truth. Yash says “whatever is happening is because of you!”

Everyone start to look for Tara all around the place, while Naksh goes to marriage vanue and looks on sadly.

Sangram is yelling at Preeti when Tara calls. Sangram picks up the call and ask her where she is so he can pick her up. He gets shocked. Everyone asked him what happen and he tells them that Tara don’t want to marry and she ran away. Everyone gets shocked. Naksh heard this from the back. The screen freezes on Akshara’s tensed face.

Precap: naksh pours the water on the fire. Dadaji screams and falls (he probably got heart attack) while sangram aditya and vikram hold him. Everyone gather around dadaji

Credit to: lonely girl

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  1. Thanks for the late update..!! Amena miss u..!!

  2. good that tara left.she is not at all suitable for naksh and she is very rude.

    1. You seem to forget Naksh and Buadadi faults. Both of them are immature and Naksh was very rude

      1. Ya. Unapologetic buadadi is no less. Wonder y is she now worried when Tara has left the mandap. She tried her best to get rid off Tara and her family.

      2. i think you forgot how she insulted akshara on holi.

      3. i agree with you but she also insulted akshara

  3. This is too much acha khasa story ko bkwas krna kis ko khte h wo is s sikho bey mtlb ka issue ko leke sb badtamiji kia nd tara chli gyi i mean seriously aisa kahin nai hta itna bhs to real lyf b nai hta h kitna acha tara sudhar k sb k sth rhti sadi hta bt nai yhm to bekar kia hi ye bhi plzzz thda nrml dikhao aisa chj mt dikhao jis insan glt hi skhe twist k chakkar m bkwas bnd kre

  4. It is not just one person’s fault. Everybody is to be blamed. Like baisa who does not think twice before opening her big mouth.

  5. I heard its because of akshara, she doesnt want to play mother in law on screen. likin hina madam, saas banneka umar to aapki hogayi hai. chaho yana chaho. Accha kasa story ko barbad karliya.

  6. Please replace Tara. She does not know how to act and is horrible looking.

  7. naksh you never trusted tara! you are too rude!

    1. you’re right rani… even i read that hina often interferes in the script work and sees to it that only her character takes all the praise… even this wedding cancellation track was also because of her tantrums

  8. plz i will humble request to the show writer that show ki usp naitik akishara hai un par story ka focus karo jab naitik akshara par story hota ahi toh trp hamesha no.1 par hoti hai naskh nd tara par story karne par show ki trp down hoti ja rahi hai. nd iss saal saare award yhm ko mila hai vese toh yrkkh best hai tha aur hamesha rehe ga bt plz story ko naitik akshara par focus karo nd show ki trp aachi karo kyuki rajan sahai ka yahi ek show hai aachi trp se chal raha hai. show main koi aacha twist la aao nd show ki trp no. 1 karo taki next year yrkkh ko awards mile. yeh pehala saal ho jab main spa nhi dekugi. because iss main srif yhm ko hi zayada awaard mile hai fav pati ka award naitik deserve karta hai nd fav international jodi our naitik akshara deserve karte hai i hate karan patel. yrkkkh are always best in the whole world

  9. East or west our #YRKKH is the best show in television industry. ✌

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