Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Dadi tells the truth to Kartik

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik, Akhilesh and Surekha seeing kids with crackers and asking who got it. Kids name Aryan. Kartik scolds Aryan and says I don’t trust you, you are impressing kids when you failed to impress elders, what if they got hurt. Aryan says I didn’t get it. Kartik talks rude. Aryan goes out and says everyone shouts on me, I m a human, not a football, Kartik becomes angry young man on seeing me, once I get angry, everything will change. Kirti gives prasad to Naksh. Devyaani stops Naksh and asks Kirti to know which sweets she is doing, Naksh is diabetic. Kirti gets sad.

Surekha says Kartik is still annoyed, Naira should apologize and convince him. Suwarna says they would be sad, they have to solve it. Surekha says ask Naira to say sorry and end this. Suwarna

says Naira will make everything fine. Surekha says sometimes, distance grows when lovers have a fight, they don’t have experience like us. Kartik comes to room and sees lights. He asks what’s all this, do you think you will convince me by this stupid thing, I won’t get convinced. Kids come and lie down under the lighting. They thank her and say we love you. She smiles. They ask is there any joke. Kartik says breaking someone’s trust is a joke. Naira says its joke not to hear someone else. They argue. He says I don’t want to talk and goes. Naira says but I have to talk.

Bau ji says Naksh should know which sweets he should have. Naksh says I knew those sweets are not for me, but Kirti gave it by love, I couldn’t refuse. Devyaani says its his mistake, sorry Kirti. Dadi stops Kartik. He says I know what you want to say, its Naira and my matter, we will solve it. She says you got much smart, what are you doing. He asks her not to worry. She stops him. She says Naira is sensible to come back. He says please, I m doing what I can. She argues. She says Naira won’t do anything that hurts family. He says loss happened, Kirti married someone who doesn’t love me, Naira knew this and locked me in room. She says I locked you, not Naira.

He gets shocked and asks you locked me. She says yes, and recalls hearing Naira and Kartik’s argument. She says Naira is brave to tell you and do everything, but I was scared and locked you by hiding, I don’t regret doing this, I got Kirti’s happiness, Naira told truth, Naksh was in pressure before, now he likes Kirti, this happens in arranged marriage. She gives examples of other jodis. She says when two persons marry and stay together, they fall in love, Naira tried to give a chance to this relation, you did wrong by not listening to her, you say she broke trust, what are you doing, you are hurting relation and heart. She slips off stairs. He shouts Dadi and holds her. Naira and everyone come. Manish calls doctor.

Kirti apologizes to Naksh. He says its fine, I didn’t tell you. She says I understand you have hidden this, I know a good doctor. He says he would be giving organic medicine. She says yes. He says he would be in NY. She says yes and laughs. He gets Bhabhimaa’s call. She asks him to come and see the bulb in her room. He says you could have called me out. He goes. Doctor checks Dadi. Manish and Akhilesh ask Kartik what happened, how did Dadi fall. Kartik says nothing, I m here, don’t worry. Naira says I will stay. Elders go out and discuss. Manish worries for Dadi. Suwarna pacifies him. Surekha says I wish Kartik and Naira patchup and give the good news to Dadi in morning, Dadi is in tension. Suwarna says yes, I wish the morning gets happiness.

Kartik recalls Dadi’s words. He sees Naira and recalls that moment. They take care of Dadi. Naira feels sleepy. He asks her to sleep. She says I m fine, I will sleep later. He says you always do what you want. She asks him to do what he wants. He says sorry to blame you for locking me in room, I got to know you didn’t do this, Dadi and I were talking of it, my stand on Naksh and Kirti’s matter is still same. Naira says I know. Dadi hears them and worries. Its morning, everyone come to see Dadi. They smile seeing Kartik and Naira holding hands and sleeping. Dadi silently gets up and smiles. Dadi wishes they get together. She says maybe they just slept, we will go out. They all leave. Kartik hugs Naira. They fight for blanket and fall down. They wake up and see each other. She says its Dadi’s room. He asks did Dadi fall with us. They look for Dadi. She says maybe she went. He looks at her.

Kartik argues with Naira and tells about Naksh’s cheat. He gets shocked seeing Kirti.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Fenil

    Hello everyone.
    Good episode..
    Hey Bhagwan CVs ne Baal Gopal Lav Kush se bhi jhooth bulwa liya….Karthik pls stop your tongue how u lashes out on Aryan without knowing whole truth again pls…kahin aisa na ho baad mein face na kar pao.
    Aryan pls u go to ur Mama..and ur anger was justified.See how both brothers are fighting before truth came out what will happened when truth will came out.?????
    Innocent Keerti gave prasad sweet to Naksh and Naksh pyar mein latoo khao jo wife de woh khao lol…Devyaani good job Keerti should be strong…thank god cvs know that Naksh is diabetic.???
    Hey bhagwan Cvs Surekha ko buckets bhar bhar ke dialogues dete hain na ki Suwarna ko de.
    Kaira room wow what a cute sleep over decoration for Lav Kush…Karthik again misunderstood…hahahahha sweet Nokjhok between Kaira.?????
    Awwwww Keesh moments Naksh cover ups so sweetly and Keerti’s face glows so magical moment.??????????❤❤❤❤
    Heated Conversation between Karthik and Dadi wow good job Karthik for shouting on Dadi…Finally truth came out but Dadi will be saved from everyone….Afsoos nahi hain.Hell with CVS hell with Dadi….see how cruelly dadi was smiling. Good punishment dadi needs more dangerous punishment.
    Wow Keesh moments again so funny Organic medicine hahahah wah Naksh Wah so cute and dim light Keerti understood later and Keesh share good round of a laughter.???? so sweet gesture of Bhabhimaa didn’t disturbed.???????❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Dramebaaz dadi mar kyun nahi gayi agar mere haath mein hota toh ek sidi gira ke maar dalta budhiya ko.Karthik now shout on Dadi on marriage day how badly u r shouting on Naira. Hell with CVs.Karthik said SORRY and in middle Dadi dramebaaz.khud raita failati hain aur khud bhagwan se pray karti ho so papi.
    Cute Kaira scenes in end.
    Precap:- as expected Keerti support Naksh.

    1. Aabi uska muhruat nhi aya bhai….. Phle dafi se puch lo subh muhrat kb h sidi girnae k lie… Kya pta wo us se b bch gai to

    2. Ponkuri

      Hi Bro Fenil ur comment ???? I got nothing to add except tat Manish is the same as Karthik ? how can he slaps Naksh wat I mean he also expects Naksh to love Kirti in such a short time? Both Father n son same same?? n the rest u wrote in Hindi so sorry I dun understand ?? hope ur doing well??

    3. Agreed to you

  2. this is too much now everyone will go against naksh I saw manish is going to scold naksh what the hell is this and kartik wowww what a gift you are giving ur sister on bhaidhoj seriously salute to u my foot #Go to hell
    and dadi goenka ohhh soo lovely ur praising naira in the whole episode congratulation u got ur mahurat that u suddenly tagged ur bahu intelligent and mature to hell with ur naira already ur irritating me now don’t start nairapuran…
    and can plz someone explain me what is the need for keesh scenes???
    the speed with which they shift their scene I keep wondering did I saw keesh???suwarna and manish scenes are long than them wahh kya bat hai go and die somewhere CVS…
    jitna keesh scenes ke lye mar rahe hain ye log utna hi kam karrahe hain…
    they r giving attention to to those who r not even needed…

  3. hello guys kaina,fenu,Aku, ponkuri, Missy,mitra,Zak,shrilatha,and everyone else
    what’s ur reviews???

    1. Aku

      All I would say is that naira is a bandariya jisko nah dance ata hai nah acting ati hai.. just a blo*dy fake and attention seeker.. and the actor shivangi b kisi se Kam thodi hai.. ek no. Ki nautanki hai.. attention pane ke liye kisi b hadh tak gir Sakti hai.. nah akal hai nah surat bs bandariya ki tarah idhar se udhar uchalti Rehti hai.. bacho jese th awaz hai uski.. uska chehra dekhkr hi irritation hone lagti hai.. humesha chudail lagti hai.. vh Akshara Hina ke juti ke Barabar b Ni.. aye bade usse compete krne..

    2. Ponkuri

      HI Sis Ayesha ??? Thank you for remembering me… Ur comment??I got nothing to add except so disappointed wit Karthik ?

    3. Shrilatha

      Thanks Ayesha for remembering me.well I didn’t watch it yet I just read updates now I can see that there r atleast two keesh scenes so I will watch and then comment

  4. Khud ka rishta sambhalta nahin kartik naira se,keesh ka pyaara sa rishta Jo abhi-abhi shuru hua tha, usko bhi kharab kar diya, shittyy insecure leads……..

    1. Aku

      Please go and bash them on IF cz yahan bolne se kuch Ni hoga..

  5. Sachu

    Hi dears
    Hope all of u r doing well….
    I used to read most of the comments these days but did not feel like commenting .
    Today got to read some Keesh moments so mind got relaxed. They r so cute together really reminding me of Naitik n Akshara…. Awww Naksh ur so sweet. U’d have eaten that prasad to make Keerthi happy. Glad to see Singhanias getting some screenspace today. N after a long time loved a Kaira scene today when they were wondering if Dadi was inside the blanket.

  6. Hii Ayesha and all…
    Well as expected was force to watch Kaira ka drama again and again.. Finally Dadi broke her silents.. Which really good.. for the first time I agree with Dadi what ever she said was right.. more than that she explained it well sad that idiot still not ready to accept it.. He just want to destroy his sister’s happiness. can’t he understand Dadi so there is nothing left to talk to that idiot. Dadi explain all yet he is not ready to look at it.. I wonder did he really love keerti or it’s all about his eog that Naira didn’t tell him first… This is what we call Karma.. last Diwali he did this Naksh’s Sister Gayu too.. much bad than this..!!
    Talking about Keesh <3 <3 so finally Keerti got to know Naksh having diabetics she was guilt for feeding him sweets and worried for him too.. Naksh couldn't say as she feed him with so much love <3 ..
    Organic Medicin from New yourk and Naksh had head time controlling his laughter…very nice scene.. CV are very tricky they are using Keesh 30 to 60 seconds in-between all that shit drama so some how ppl will stay stick to the show.. who ever reading this post and if ur a fan of keesh ples stop watching the show we need to answer them their way by BARC only…
    Monday Keerti getting to know the truth.. hope non come between husband and wife and let them deal with their issue..
    an it's not confirmed with Dadi's words KAIRA DIDN'T UNITE KEESH KAIRA SEPARATED KEESH …. HOPE ppl stop givng crrdite to thous two spoil kids…!!

    1. Aku

      Yeah we all agree with you.. people are watching only for keesh.. no one is interested in those insecure selfish kids Shivangi mohsin naira Karthik.. and the best way is to write of star plus all of us can together and start bashing them on IF and if needed include actors as well not just characters.. and let’s Bhavna say whatever she want too.

  7. forgot to mention that thank god CV remember Naksh suffering from diabetics …!!

  8. Sachu

    Hi dears
    Hope all of u r doing well….
    I used to read most of the comments these days but did not feel like commenting .
    Today got to read some Keesh moments so mind got relaxed. They r so cute together really reminding me of Naitik n Akshara…. Awww Naksh ur so sweet. U’d have eaten that prasad to make Keerthi happy. Glad to see Singhanias getting some screenspace today. N after a long time loved a Kaira scene today when they were wondering if Dadi was inside the blanket while falling down. And guys now Dadi goenka also accepted Naira as Mahaira so only surekha is left. Hope CVs keeps us happy by more Keesh moments in the upcoming episodes. And where is Naitik ? Did he vanish into thin air ? Was his presence missed by the family only at the time of marriage ? Oh God each actors just vanish from this serial n they dont even find it necessary to give a reason like in the case of Gayu. Y do u take us for granted.
    @Kaina : Hi dear I dont agree with any of ur ways of killing the CVs. I’d prefer to edit n join all Kaira scenes together ( I wont do this personally because I still want to live) n then shut the CVs in a room n make them watch it whole time.
    Byee for now guys….. Stay happy n enjoy the weekend……

    1. Hi sachu
      Do write when ever you feel good

  9. Hi everyone….
    I feel everyone is correct in their own ways, be it Daadi,Manish (confronting Naksh in the upcoming episode) or Karthik. The problem I felt with Karthik was only that he didn’t give the other person (Naksh or Naira) to explain their side. In Dadi’s case when she got an idea that this might b the issue between kaira she is coming forward to tell the truth solving the misunderstanding ….
    Ayesha… keesh scenes r getting shorter and shorter becoz of their increasing popularity. No one else is a threat to the so called lead.
    I feel that keerti must be heart broken by the revelation of Naksh’s truth and she should move away from Naksh…. The CVS can build up a beautiful story showing how Naksh falls for keerti and wins her back. But I am sure Cvs will make Kaira the saviours and keesh just the puppets in their hands who will finally fall in love because of the brain and planning of Kaira.

    1. Aku

      Did you just mention brain? Like seriously brain and kaira that’s something which is almost next to impossible

  10. Hi everyone….
    I feel everyone is correct in their own ways, be it Daadi,Manish (confronting Naksh in the upcoming episode) or Karthik. The problem I felt with Karthik was only that he didn’t give the other person (Naksh or Naira) to explain their side. In Dadi’s case when she got an idea that this might b the issue between kaira she is coming forward to tell the truth solving the misunderstanding ….
    Ayesha… keesh scenes r getting shorter and shorter becoz of their increasing popularity. No one else is a threat to the so called lead.
    I feel that keerti must be heart broken by the revelation of Naksh’s truth and she should move away from Naksh…. The CVS can build up a beautiful story showing how Naksh falls for keerti and wins her back. But I am sure Cvs will make Kaira the saviours and keesh just the puppets in their hands who will finally fall in love because of the brain and planning of Kaira.

    1. Kaina1

      And ur predictions are never wrong so keesh will act as a puppet to Kaira I know even if naksh makes up with keerti then I am sure naira will be praised they won’t show a heart broken naksh. Instead they will show angry Karthik upset naira praying to God ki Meri Bhai behen ki Zindagi khusi dedo and blah blah Mar jye cvs or Kaira mujhe ab bas baisa see ummed Hai but I know they will show naksh as criminal Kaira mahan goenkas pure ppl and shinghaniyas as spineless

  11. Yes guys we have to boycott the show aired in the t.v.. the episode is uploaded in YouTube at 6.30 p. m. HD clarity wont be there but we can just skip the scenes and find out if keesh scenes r there and then watch it if we feel like at 9.30 p. m or in hotstar the next day.

  12. hahhaha sidi gira ke mar dalta budhiya ko fenu calm down ur not leaving opportunity to lash at her very good bro…happy to see ur comment

  13. Anybody here who is watching this only and only for Keerti and Naksh,means exclusively for them? pls reply ,just wish to see how many ardent keesh fans are there,well ,I am a Keesh fan.

    1. Aku

      We all are here watching only for naksh.. none of us is interested in ugly duckling overacting ki Dukan make up ka Makhan kaira naira

  14. Aku

    Anyways guys goodbye I ll see you all from 15th Nov onwards till then you guys continue bashing the CVS characters and actors and also do pray for me that my exams go well and I clear the exams ???

    1. Ponkuri

      Hi Sis Aku wishing u all the best of luck in ur exams ?????see u soon ??

      1. Aku

        Thankyou so much.. ?

    2. Hi aku all the best with your well

      1. Aku

        Thankyou so much.. ? CA exams hai kuch keh Ni sakte.. but please pray for me ?

  15. kaina where r u?

  16. Kaina1

    Hello guys I hope that every1 is going grt
    Allright guys I hope that every1 is going grt
    So guys episode start with luv kush trying to hiding bomb karthik noticing and they blaming Aryan though he was not responsible but syco karthik insulting him (luv kush do me a favour ye bomb apne karthik bhahiya ke mooh me phodna shayad tab chup ho jaye ) anyways Aryan goes out in anger and blames karthik ( haan Aryan tumhari villan-giri me iss karthik ko kheech ke 2-3 chhate lagana I promise tumhare liye pooja rakh wayenge hum sab) finally scene shift to shinghaniya sadan (such a reliefe to my eyes) and bhabhimaa informs that shuhasni ji told ki wahan par pooja hogayi (ye bhi koi batane waali baat thi yaar inka sentence bhi goenkas se shuru hota hai aur wahan ho karthik naira pure time keesh ke picche pade rehte hain itna pyaar hai do parivaro me toh ek saath kyu nahi rehte ) FINALLY MIL GAYA NAKSH KI DIABETES WAALA SCEN so while they talk kirti gives sweet to naksh who take it with a thought and from nowhere devyani come and take sweet out of naksh mouth (bechara mithai mooh me aane ke baad chali gayi )and scolds keerti to be careful she says that naksh is diabetic he doesn’t eat those sweets (keertis reaction awwwwwwwww koi baat nahi keerti ab dhan rakhna ) and tells naksh to be carefull (I like the fact that along with keerti she scolded naksh ) and she goes to make kadha ( koi buddhi dene waala kadaha banao aur kaira ko dedo dimag se bimar hai dono )

  17. Kaina1

    (and then again scene shifts to goenkas (kyu bhagwan my eyes bleed seeing so loud decoration and eiffle tower earrings ) anyways goenka ladies talk abt kaira (koi aur kaam nahi hai inn be-rojgaro ke pass isse accha Donald trump ke bare me baat kar lete me sunti toh sahi ab mute karna pada mujhe ) but guys relationship pe advice suwarna de rahi (apne bête ko garibi me chodne ke baad) aur surekha (but I agree to her she called kaira kids (itne bure din aa gaye surekha ki baat sahi lag rahi hai )) anyways next scene wahi kaira ki bakwas they fight taunt (luv kush mooh me bomb phod do plz bheek mang rahi hoon) anyways karthik scold naira for decorating tent thinking she did to impress him ( apne aapko ye syco itni importance kyu deta hai ?? waise karthik ye kaam naira phele kart thi toh tum I love u naira bolte the aur hum audience aise hi suffer karte hai jaise tum kar rahe ho frustration se )

  18. Kaina1

    anyways scene shift to shinghaniya sadan my eyes are happy) in which rajbana scold naksh saying he is a married man and not a kid ( bhai yaar ye phele se hi itna serious hai ab kya sanaysi bano ge naksh ko ) anyways naksh replies “isliye mana nahi kar paya …….unhone itne pyaar se diya tha” hayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee naksh me sadke jaoun (he is totally like naitik remember how naitik never use to eat beet-root but when akhsara put it in her first rasoi he ate it for akshara leaving gaytri wondering y ) naksh yaar tumhare reply pe me blush kar rahi hoon keerti toh red rose ban gayi hogi awwwwwwww mere naksh tumhe kissi ki nazar na lage thu thu koi naksh ki balayen uter lo meri taraf se naksh he know how to make person weak in their knees aww naksh you are a true dreamboy BHAGWAN ISS DIWALI KE PAWAN UTSAV PAR BHAGWAM HUMARE KEESH KO BURI SHAKTIYON SE BACCHAYE (read it as cvs and kaira )anyways he says he didn’t told keerti and then devyani says “galti iss buddhu ki data uss bechari ko padi sorry kirti meitna khabra gayi thi (koi heart attck nahi aaya bas ek piece mithai thi)”anyways I really like her scolding itne maheeno ke baad naksh ki kissi ne parwa ki hai so I love it magar baad me sorry kyu bola ek toh pheli baar daadi saas type behave kiya aur koi thappad toh nahi mara nahi bas data tha na koi baat nahi but I personally feel that some1 has to be possessive abt naksh and strict with keerti tabhi ye kirit shinghaniyas ki back-bone ban paayegi an responsibility directly falls on baisa (meri aakhiri ummed) and then bhabhimaa tells naksh he should be beaten infront of keerti (bechara mithai nahi kha paya aur biwi ke saamne data padi so aalag iski pehli diwali ye kabhi nahi bhulega believe me guys mere ghar me hua hota na toh ek insaan pure time naksh ki taang kheechta )anyways itne maheeno baad naksh ke bare me shinghaniyas ne socha hai so agar ye keerti ko data bhi dete toh I would have not complain yaar just imagin condition of naksh apni shadi ke baad pehli diwali pe kadva kadha pe raha hai (awww bechara koi baat nahi goenka house me tantarums throw karna )

  19. Kaina1

    anyways scene again move to goekas house (koi iss ghar me aag laga do make sure kaira aur cvs andar ho aur bhar ke darwaze band ho ) karthik comes dadi talks to him but he says “ye mera aur naira ka aapas ka mamla hai hum sort kar lenge” ( pure khandan ko pata hai from goenkas to shinghaniyas sab ko aur aapas ka mamla hai yaar ye kis duniya me rehta hai ( my guess mental asylum)??) anyways dadi says “bahut samajh daar ho gaye ho” karthik replies voh bat nahi hai (matalab ye khud bhi manta hai ki ye samjhdar nahi hai) magar mujhe pata hai ki iss ghar me kiske dimag me kya chal raha hai (haan kyu nahi tum toh aantar yami ho ) anyways dadikarthik ki chot karti hai aur bolti hai ki samajhdari waali baat taana thi jo karthik nahi samjha ( dimag hoga toh samjhega na #blo*dybrainless) anyways I was happy ki dadi karthik ko data rahi hai magar phir dadi kehti hai ki “samajhdaar naira hai”(read it as donkey is the smartest animal) (hey bhagwan ye kya sun li mene matalab dadi goenka aakho me chasma lag gaya hai kya naira aur samajhdaar kis angle se ) anyways karthik join his hand when dadi says that naira samajhdar thing (mera bhi ye reaction dadi me haath jod rahi hoon naira ko samajhdaar mat bolo) anyways karthik says he is doing what he can (misbehave misbehave and misbehave aur kuch nahi aata isse ) anyways dadi again scold him and says to karthik agar tum kuch kar rahe ho toh hume kuch kyu nahi dekhi raha (kyuki aap buddhi ho chuki hai aakhe kharab hai ab naira ko samajdar bola hai toh aakhe kharab hogi pakka) anyways dadi further says ki “naira ke chehre par samajhdari aur koshis dikh rahi hai” (usse 10 kilo ke make-up waale aur 20 kilo jewellarly waale chehre me inhe ye sab kaise dikh raha dadi konsi dawai peti ho??) ya phir naira ka chehra kharab ho gaya hai ?? kyuki hum audience ko dur dur tak samajhdari ka s bhi nahi dikhta kaira me aur haan kya samajhdari black footprints banaye ya phir naksh ki barbadi kayeki samajadari hai is naira anyways dadi know that naira wont hurt any1 but karthik dosent and he claims to love her (bhagwan kare aisa pyaar koi kisi se na kare )anyways he blame naira for locking him in room and dadi says she locked him in room (cheers to dadi know no one can say that keesh happen becoz of kaira or naira magar iska matalab ye nahi hai ki me ye bhul gayi hoonn ki dadi ne naksh ko chata mara tha ya phir shinghaniyas ki beizzati ki thii I haven’t and I wont ) aur karthik ab chilau apni dadi pe uss din baisa pe chila rahe thiki vih tumhari behen ke saath gaalt na kare aur phir naira naksh pe chila rahe the ki unhone tumhe tumhari behen ko dhoka diya keerti ki zindegi barbaad kardi toh ab chilao dadi goenka pe karu unke saah baatamezi bole unhe ki unhone keerti ki zindegi barbaad kar di karo na ab chup kyu tumne baisa naksh naira kissi ki baat nahi suni naksh ne itni koshish ki magar nahi suni toh ab dadi ki baat kyu sun rahe ho unse bhi bolo mujhe kuch nahi sunna karo unke saath batameezi karo na chup kyu ho #blo*dyhypocrite yaar isse baada idiot mene nahi dekha matlab har voh insaan jisne koi gaalti nahi ki ho uss pe chilao aur j vah kayi galat ho uske per pado when baisa did that suddhikaran puja naksh did punish though he later call her back but he made sure that baisa realize that she did mistake yahan toh dadi ko koyi bhi mistake realize nahi karayega koi unse nahi bolega ki aapne galat kiya hadbadi karke #ididntlikegoenkas #hategoenkas anyways guys just a question that did any1 saw dadi goenka leaving or coming back she was there all the time toh ye sab kese hua chodo

  20. Kaina1

    again dadi start naira sahi hai (in me aaj rahshri ki aatma aa gayei hai ) anyways she praises naira (sahi me rajshri ki aatma aagayi hai ) anyways after this scene dadi ne ya toh bournvita pe liya ya phir dabaur chawanprash kha liya kyuki acchanak se inke dimag ki shakti baddh gayi so she explain karthik about arrange marriage (gadhe ko padhna likhna sikha rahi hai ye )anyways she falls and every1 rushes to here (inke dimag me gehri chot aaye aur ye naksh se uss chat ke liye maafi maange aur beizzati ke liye bhi bechara 3 mahine se confuse aur dukhi tha inki wajah se agar inhone haddbaddi nahi ki hoti toh shayad khus hota ) anywasy naira in her irriating voice shouts dadi (dude why she modulates her voice ) evry1 worrys (bhad me jaye sab)anyways scene shift to shinghaniya sadan so keerti in her guilt says sorry to naksh and tell him abt a doctor to which he replies “doctor organic dawai deta hoga aur new York me rehta hoga” and finally keerti understand that he is pulling her leg and they both laugh and then naksh says he is sorry it was his duty to inform her to wjich keerti replies “JAN-PUCHKAR CHUPANE ME AUR GALTI SE CHUPANE ME BAHUT DIFFRENCE HAI AUR ME YEH SAMAJHTI HOON” mark my words guys keerti wont believe naksh and then kaira will play cupid this dialog was proof she will think that naksh ne jaan-puchkar hide kiya believe me guys rite know we are happy that kaira have no role in keesh but cvs humari khusi me paani daal ke rahenge they will make kaira cupid b/w keesh just wait and watch and if this dosent happen and keerti believe naksh then ppl say keesh are better they trust and cvs wont let that happen for them kaira are grt so they wont let keesh happen all by itself they will make kaira as cupid I promise u that guys anyways karthik says sorry for room thing but he still is adamant ki keerti khus nahi rahegi (maar kyu nahi jaate tum)
    Precap:- kidde ki maut maro karthik mil gaya chen mil gayi khusi dekho tumhari behen kitne khus hai ro rahi yaar y don’t they all die ab sab naksh pe barsenge bhai ya toh koi gaytri ke bhoot ko bulao ya phir akshara ki aatma ko kuch bhi karo mujhe naksh ko sad nahi dekhna kisi bhi haal me aur ho sake karthik ka murder karwado bail me karwa dungi yaar hadd hai ab toh

  21. Kaina1

    guys i dont know about you magar i know one thing that whatever happen with akshara evrything same is happening with naira i mean remember guys nandini-mohit ka affair and how akshara was helping them meet when it came out naitik was furius he didnt heard akshara apolozies no one did then akshara went to maheswari niwas and came back wihout calling and the later naitik did say sorry but was angry that akshara lied now to same to same is happening with naira naksh ka video naira with naksh karthik furious karthik also didnt heard naira naira came to shinghaniya sadan and went again to goenka villa without karthik asking karthik sorry for door thing but angry that naira hided BUT CVS U FORGET NAKSHARA HAD ARRANGE MARRIAGE SO ALL MISUNDERSTANDING WERE BEARABLE AND RELATABLE TO AN EXTEND WHERE KAIRA HAVE LOVE MARRIAGE THAT EVERY1 PRAISES SO ALL THIS SEEMS HYPOTHETICAL TO PROOV KAIRA GRT anyways guys remember how rashmi after her marriage came to shinghaniya sadan leaving nikhil and then how was rashmi shown immature and then akshara played cupid and then akshara was hailed now to same will happen kirti wont understand naksh then naira will play cupid and the naira hailed i am telling u guys

    1. Akshara tho sirf ek baat iss tarah mahrshvarie house gayi thi…but I guess after marrige naira and kartik fought three times and each time she goes to singhaniyas

    2. Aku

      Yes I remember I saw it some time back.. but the basic difference here is love and an arranged marriage.. and as far as Naitik and Akshara are concerned they were both mature and understanding mana ki uss waqt Naitik was angry but later on holiday he did listen to her.. and after that he always supported her whatsoever the situation maybe.. but Kartik and naira these are two brainless creatures jinhe footage khane ke ilava aur kuch Ni ata.. and yes it’s cz of kaira than keesh are going to be separated cz of nakshara no one got separated and Nandini and Mohit got separated for sometime cz they left cz of them nakshara are fighting.. but this time.. and yes please go and kill this make up Makhan overacting ki Dukan insecure Shivangi.. ek th jb dekho bahenji aunty Bankar ajati and uper se apni chidiya jaise irritating voice mei chillati Rehti hai… And agar meri marriage mei like keesh ki marriage mei kaira itni footage and importance kha rehte the.. waise agar mera koi cousin kha Raha hoga th mei th Suna dungi usko.. keesh are just so sweet ki vh in dono ke sare nakhre utha lete hai.. unki jagah koi aur hota nah th do thapad lagta dono Ko aur unki aukat Bata dete.. blo*dy hypocrites and attention seeker. And kaina I agreed to you that I won’t bash the actor but now after my exams I’m not going to leave Shivangi uske chamchi Bhavna Ko jh bakwas krni hai kre.. and yes guys do stop watching the serial.. and as far keesh scenes are concerned vh tumhe edit huye huye Insta pr mil jayenge.. but this show really needs to get out of top 10 TRP chart.. waise hi 1st se 5th pr th agya hai..

    3. Yes kaina,I also remember those scenes of akshara.

      But at that time there was a justification.moreover akshara’s acting skills are good.she did emotional scenes well.those background music never suits kaira.but it always suits keesh and nakshara.

      I really want others to support naksh but no everyone is going to get angry on him so bad

  22. Ponkuri

    Hi Bro Fenil Rahul. Sis Kaina Anjana Anjali Missy Meena TVfan1 Sachu Ayesha Aku Payal Mitra Zak how r u guys doing??? hope everyone has a great weekend and those taking exam wishing u guys All the Best ??? in ur exams ??

    1. Thank you ponkuri.happy weekend to you too.nice views

  23. Qayanat

    Everyone is correct here. I also want to see Keesh, only Keesh, no bakwas Kaira. But I know CVs are not going to listen to us. So I just wanted to know if anyone knows here how to crop videos from directly hotstar itself ? B’coz I don’t want to waste my valuable data packs just for 19-20 mins of Kaira and 1min of Keesh, it’s better I should just crop Keesh scenes and keep them and rest 19-20 mins I will delete and clean my storage space. Please help me some one.

    1. Aku

      See on Insta.. wahan there are many keesh FC which upload keesh scenes look at those

    2. sss mother brother me

      download videodar app and you can download hotstar videos except premium english movies.

  24. Shrilatha

    Hai everyone.OH MY GOD Janice style wala where did the sun came from today two scenes of keesh that too one among them is private bedroom main..sorry but inni kam scenes milte keesh ke ki we r trying to find happiness in those small moments ….

    Actually when Kirti and naksh got married all I expected was a hesitant relation ship u know like naksh accidently touching Kirti or small understandings Kirti trying to fit in this house and all kind of lovely things that make u fall in love in ur so called arrange marriage ..but this kids ka drama company should close first for those magical moments.I mean adi had fallen from one step and Naira runs like a superwoman and shouting dadi…oh god I felt like just putting cotton in my ears..Aisa laga jiase someone was running an iron plate on the tar road.I guess dadi fainted because of that voice only????? .and karthik we also know u said sorry for that door wala incident if ur sensible enough to say sorry for that video incident u should say sorry to our NAKSH not that Chipkali.uff waise I don’t expect better behaviour from u guys.

    I am thankful got one thing today thank u really god for not putting this idea of making kaira sleep on one side and dadi on other thank god u put dadi in the middle.warna kaira ke nashe mein u will do any stupid stuff…I also feel.bad for Aryan.I don’t know why I just find that guy stupid not bad..everytime karthik insults him I feel like Aryan should slap that karthik…and yesterday Naira madam warning aryan not to make karthik angry as if some disaster will happen if this karthik gets angry .for me both karthik and Naira r just a pair of rude arrogant ,undisciplined kids ..

    I am just happy about the support keesh is getting here.

  25. Shrilatha

    Thank u so much guys for accepting me as a part of this family here.

    1. Hi shrilatha
      How are you
      I remember you from ppk.i hope you are excited for the upcoming show of teju.welcom to our family

      1. Shrilatha

        Thank u so much anjana..excited oh man I am dying for 7 Nov.just can’t wait…look at my’s from RHLN….also I am.waiting for ikyawan

  26. hi aku all the best for ur exams!!!
    hi ponkuri happy weekend to u too!!
    hi shrilatha ur welcome!
    kaina dear ur comments are blissful how do u have so much courage to write mind blowing thanx for describing each and every part of the episode!!!!

  27. Hii Aku, Anjali, Anjana, Shrilatha, Ayesha, Mitra, Qayanat and all new members. You all are welcome!!!!

    Sorry if i forget anyone !!!

    And coming to episode. I stopped watching YRKKH . But i think today’s episode must have been awesome.

    Hi Aku best of luck for your exam. But I still think Nikhil should marry ruhi. ???? .

    Hi Fenil , Ponkuri dii, sachu dii, Raf, lasii , Somu and everyone sorry if Forget anyonde . How are you guys????

    Hi kaina how is your health now ???

    Hi preeti , mahima, ishika and everyone how are you guys.

    And today is our most loving dii’s birthday. Happy birthday Sachu dii. Today I thanks Allah , Sunya , God, Shiva for sending such a beautiful , lovely and kind soul on earth.

    Hamar barki didi sachu dii ke, janmdiwas ke bahute bahute subhkamnaye. Bhagwan tohra badi lambi dewe and tu apan jindagi me khub phoole phaale.???

    But that kind soul has also become 29 YEAR OLD . ????. OKK sorry sachu dii. It was just for fun.

    Happy birthday Sachu dii. God bless you dii.

    Ponkuri dii when is your bday??? Everyone please tell your bday date, only if you feel comfortable!!

    And belated Happy chhath puja also to everyone. It was on 26. Sorry for late wishing.

    Chhath puja is one of the regional traditional festival celebrated only in Bihar ( my home state, it is one 29 state of India ) . My family celebrates chhath puja. In chhath puja we worship goddess chhathi and sun god.
    May Goddess chhathi and sun god bless everyone here!!! I am also from bihar , i love chhath puja.
    Aap sabhi bhaiya bahinya lognke chhath puja ke bahut bahut badhai dehl chahi tani.
    Chaath puja ke deri se mubarakbad dewe khatir hum, aap sabhi bhaiya bahinya lognse maafi maanga taani.

    1. Fenil

      Same wishes for u Bro.
      I m fine and birthday i think u know 07.05.1996

  28. Sachu

    Ha ha zombie bro thanks a ton for ur special wishes…. Yeah Iam now 29. So hereafter I ll be more strict n serious. Enough of playing with little kids. Let me go elsewhere where I can find senior people like me to interact. To all others out here…. This zombie is solely responsible for this decision of mine. Gdni8 tc dearss……..

    1. Happy beleted birthday …….

  29. One thing that on this latest Friday in the yeh rishta kya kehlata hai episode when kartik and dadi scene were shown in that I think this time in naksh kirti case, dadi said right to kartik. I am not saying that kartik is wrong, kartik is also right. But which that dadi goenka said to kartik about naksh kirti, and also about naira that this time dadi goenka supporting naira this is right, so that’s why this time dadi goenka is right. And I always want that dadi goenka should support naira. And I also want that kartik should also support naira always. And I also want this also that in today Monday episode of yeh rishta kya kehlata hai, I want that kirti should support naksh in this and then make kartik to understand and also apologize to both naksh and naira for his behavior towards naksh and naira for kirti. And another thing is that i always hate the couples fight in yeh rishta kya kehlata hai. Because i like the couples of yeh rishta kya kehlata hai like akshara naitik nakshara, naksh kirti keersh, but I am the fan of kartik naira kaira. So, please please don’t, do not, never bring separation, or separate naksh kirti and especially kartik naira, make them together always, because i like akshara naitik nakshara, naksh kirti keersh, but I am the fan of kartik naira kaira.

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