Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tara stopping Naksh before her house. She goes. Naksh sees the gift and thinks he could not gift her and tell his feelings. Akshara says Naksh was with some girl, he did not come home till now. Bhabhimaa says Naksh is responsible. Naitik says maybe Naksh went with Yash and Ananya. Tara sees the door locked and says Aditya told me that he will keep door open, maybe someone else locked it. She calls Aditya, while he is massaging Dada ji’s legs. Tara says I m gone. Naksh comes to her and says sorry. She says you scared me. He says he will manage her problem, if he gets caught, he will say he is thief, its fine if he gets beaten up, but he won’t let anything happen to her, as she came to play dandiya on his saying.

He goes inside the house by window to

open the door. He opens the door. She smiles. She says thanks, now you go. He says he always keeps his promise. She asks him to go safely. Sangram comes there and says what went in my eyes. Tara gets tensed and hides Naksh. Sangram sees the main door open. He locks the door and asks Vikram to come in his room, the men are bringing that boy infront of Dada ji. Tara says Sangram took the keys, how will you go now. Naksh says I won’t go, I m feeling good here. He smiles seeing her.

Naksh says he will go by window. Vikram comes there. Tara asks Naksh to come back and hides him, He sees another window and says filmi line. She says no, stop, don’t go from here. Ananya tells Akshara that Naksh went to drop his college friends, Yash is with him. Yash tells Naitik that Naksh went to drop Ananya. Akshara says they answered different, there is something.

Bhabhimaa says this is not reason to doubt on him. Tara asks Naksh to hide. Naksh hides under the bed. The guy is brought to Dada ji. Sangram slaps the guy. Dada ji comes and sits on the bed. Naksh thinks who is coming, I can’t even see him. Dada ji asks Sangram whats the matter. Sangram tells about this guy, who was running with a girl. Dada ji asks how dare you see our society girl. The guy apologizes and says I want to marry her, I love her. Dada ji says there is nothing like love, you run away with innocent girls, you will never marry, and asks Sangram to get him arrested, ask inspector to beat him that he forgets his name. Naksh thinks is he future the same, did he get this house’s girl? Dada ji’s lighter falls and he bends. Tara stops him and picks it. Naksh thanks her.

Dada ji says he came to see her, and Aditya stopped him. Ananya and Yash worry as they gave different answers, now Naksh’s lie will be caught. Yash says its all because of Tara, I told him not to get into this. Ananya asks him to call Naksh. Aditya comes and says I told Tara about her preparations of speech. She says yes, I m done. Dada ji asks her to say, he will hear it. She gets tensed.

Tara says I m tired, I worked hard. Dada ji says fine, you have food and sleep. He says I was waiting for you, we all will have dinner. Tara stops them from sitting down and says she will get her speech first. She runs and falls. They all run to see her. She signs Naksh to run. Naksh comes out and says what a family in today’s times, she is so stupid, she has hurt herself to save me. He says I got very late, what will I tell mum. He leaves from there.

Akshara says its going to be 12, Naksh did not come till now, he does not care, he leaves early and comes late, her heart is saying it’s a girl in his life. Naitik says you are right, even I m getting angry now. Naksh comes from his bedroom and they get shocked. He asks what happened, is everything fine, why are you all awake, all well? Akshara asks when did he come, she has checked his room. Naksh says I was sleeping in tv room, I was watching super match, I woke up feeling thirsty, my phone was on silent, why did you all get worried. Bhabhimaa says we were worried for you. Naksh says I m fine, don’t worry and feels sorry. He goes to his room and says he saved by difficulty today. He says I wish I could call Tara and ask her, and checks her number in phone. He says its late. Tara says its late, else I would have got his number. She gets his call. She gets glad and asks why did he call on landline, who gave her number, call on mobile. He asks for number. She asks him to write. She says the number and ends call hearing someone coming. He counts its 9 digits and thinks how to get complete number.

A man delivers bouquet for Tara. Dada ji asks who has sent these flowers for you Tara….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. any one noticed that naira is not on serial from last two days

    1. yes true… and where those Rashmi, gayu and Sameer..and his sisters…gone

  2. hahaha…loving it…Total filmy style…can’t wait to see ‘Naksh and Tara’ Love Story in the presence of Akshara and Dada Ji… 🙂

  3. Rashmi got married so her family (sameer, gayu, sameer’s sisters) are not shown.

  4. i just feel to see all the families again together again ya, now a days maheswari family is also not seen often, miss dadi ji her character was so positive. show them often rashmi nandini mohit no one is appearing on the show.
    let the love story be a part of it but show these people s too
    by seeing the old family we were d fan of the show.
    tara and naksh are too cool.
    RIP MAM 🙁

  5. Where is Muskaan? And i don’t like the present track. It was fun when Naksh was doing his studies.

  6. Nice episode!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Where is Muskaan and Alok. Not even a phone call

  8. Nice episode!!!

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