Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone getting seated to dine. Naksh goes to sit beside Tara. The relative calls him to sit with him. Dada ji looks at Tara. Akshara asks what is the matter. Aditya says Dada ji feeds food to Tara first and then he eats. Bau ji and Akshara ask him to not take their permission, and do his house traditions. Dada ji thanks them and feeds food to Tara. Msihti makes sweets fall and apologizes, saying she was just helping. Dada ji says its fine, I see Tara in you. Vikas calls Naira and says I showed your photos to client, he is pleased, he said he will make you’re his brand model. She agrees. He smiles in evil way.

Naira says I will do modeling. Naitik asks what modeling. She lies saying clay model. He asks her to help Akshara. Rajshri shows pics to everyone.

They smile seeing Naksh and Tara. Nannu says he wants to meet her. Rajshri says we will call Tara home and talk to her. Rajshri sees the guests and says they look many guests. Varsha says maybe they are big family. Rajshri says don’t know how they managed food arrangements for so many people.

Naksh catches Tara. She says anyone will see. He says their roka has happened and reminds the old time. She is sad to fight with him. They apologize to each other. He asks her to punish. She says I have forgiven you, or choose his punishment himself. He asks are you sure and gets close to her. She says Mishti and runs. He smiles.

Dada ji tells his relatives that he will do Tara’s marriage grand, once Tara and Naksh’s education completes. The guests leave. Bhabhimaa gives shagun to Tara. Dada ji asks Tara to take it as elders’ blessings. Dada ji asks about Tara wishing to go Jaipur to play hockey, we all are against it, but she liked hockey, you tell me what shall I do. Akshara says we don’t have right to tell you, but we have no objection, you can let her play hockey, but lying to family is wrong, she apologized to you, don’t stop her if she wants to play honestly, she plays well and you should encourage her. Naitik says yes, we encourage our kids like this, Naira dances and Naksh plays football. Dada ji says fine, if you all don’t have objection, I will not stop her, Tara you can go hockey. Tara gets glad.

Akshara talks to ajshri and apologizes for not inviting her. She says Bhabhimaa and Devyaani helped her. Rajshri asks how is Tara. Akshara says she is good, but her family is strange, I don’t know what will happen. Rajshri says everything will be fine. Naira asks Devyaani for haldi uptan. Devyaani asks whats the matter. Naira requests her and says her face got tanned. Devyaani says fine, I will make it. Naira gets glad and says she will glow and her pics will come well, I will become cover girl.

Naksh talks to Yash and says he will talk to Sir that he is going Jaipur and come back to submit project. Akshara hears him and thinks he is going after Tara. She confronts him and says you are not going anywhere. Naksh says you are mistaken. She asks him to study, final exams are close, understand his responsibility. She goes. He thinks I m going Jaipur to youth festival, how to tell mum.

Yash calls Naksh and asks shall I pick you in morning. Naksh says I m not coming. Yash asks did he fight with Tara, you are not going for Tara. He says thank God you understood me, mumma stopped me from Jaipur, she thinks I m going to meet Tara, its not her fault, I spoiled my image, all the best. He ends call. Akshara comes and asks him to go Jaipur. She says I felt bad, but do your project. He says I m not going, don’t feel guilty, thanks for explaining me, you always explain me, she says I m your Maa and not leave explaining. She hugs him.

She tells Naitik about Naksh and laughs. Naitik is finding anything. She asks what is he finding. He says good you noticed, I told you 2 days before about cold weather and getting sweaters out. She says sorry, I forgot. He says we talk only when its about kids, I m not there in your life, you always think about Naksh. She says you felt so. He says yes, its limit now, I m missing my wife, your love and care, just think, did you forget our relation in children’s care. He leaves for Krishna.

Rajshri comes to meet Bhabhimaa and gives her Prasad. Akshara does Mishti’s project. Rajshri asks Bhabhimaa about Tara’s family. Bhabhimaa says Akshara managed well, I will keep these items and come. Rajshri talks to Akshara and asks why is she upset. Akshara tells about Naitik’s annoyance. Naitik feels I m not giving him time, I m always in kids. Rajshri says he maybe right, every couple go through this phase, some moments are just for husband and wife, we don’t become bad parents. Akshara says yes, but kids are also important. Rajshri says yes, but you should give time to Naitik, I agree you have tried well, just try again, you should not neglect husband, its wrong. She says every relation is tied by your and Naitik’s relation, so it should be most strong. Akshara smiles.

Devyaani tells Akshara about knowing half things and deciding, its bad. Tara agrees with Devyaani. Akshara looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mishty u r so sweet!!!! I love u a lotttt….. 🙂

  2. I think Naksh is too young to get married….. he just reads in college! I think it’s better to keep it up to engagement. And Dada ji is too much conservative! I also don’t understand what does Dada ji wants to prove by this.. I mean bringing more people.. beating Naksh badly,blaming his family and then bringing proposal the next day! Awkward!

    1. Agree with you. Such things should not be encouraged. Rather They should Emphasise on importance of education and career and aimbitious young generation chasing their dreams.

  3. hi YouTube I’m soofia and Tara is not even the daughter in low in akshara house and she is taken akshara space already and she is even taking everyone of akshara this is not right for Tara to do this at all akshara is the first daughter in low in that house only alright

    From soofia

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