Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara and everyone shocked seeing Varsha. Akshara asks Varsha to listen and Varsha leaves. Rajshri asks Jasmeet to take food on terrace, as Akshara and others are not coming. Varsha comes there and runs to her room. Akshara goes after her. Rajshri asks did they fight again. Shaurya comes and Rajshri asks him what happened… Akshara asks Varsha to listen. Varsha says I know you will take Shaurya’s side. Akshara says no, don’t you know me, will leaving find some solution, why are you running when you are in this situation, when I was in this situation, you asked me to ask Naitik. Varsha says I can’t, you had just doubt, and I know the truth, my situation is different. She packs her bags and leaves from room. Shaurya cries. Omi asks Naitik to say what happened.

They all see Varsha bringing her bag. Rajshri asks her where is she going. Kaki says we won’t let you go till you tell us the matter. Rajshri asks anyone to say the matter. Akshara says it would be good if Shaurya answers. Rajshri asks Shaurya did you fight with Varsha. Shaurya says no, I did big mistake. Dadi asks why are you so tensed, husband and wife have many arguments, apologize to her, Varsha forgive him. Shaurya says no Dadi, my mistake can’t be forgiven.

Omi asks what did you do. Shaurya says Kuhu is my and Sneha’s daughter. The family gets shocked. Vishwamber angrily slaps Shaurya. He scolds Shaurya and asks how did you cheat Varsha. Shaurya apologizes. Rajshri scolds Shaurya and says you did a sin, you cheated your wife, you kept every relation with you. You ruined your wife’s happiness and hurt her emotions for a stranger girl. They all cry. She says we can’t forgive you, and asks Varsha not to forgive Shaurya, the man who gave your share of love to any other woman.

Shaurya says no, I have no relation with Sneha, I met her once, I did not know about Kuhu, when Sneha died, I got to know Kuhu is my daughter. He asks Varsha to forgive him. He asks Dadi to tell Varsha to forgive him. He asks anyone to understand. Akshara says we don’t have such big heart to forgive you for this mistake. Vishwamber gets angry and says you have hurt your wife, and even Akshara and Naitik. We have asked Naitik and he did not say a word to hurt anyone, you used his goodness. Shaurya apologizes. Varsha asks Rajshri to allow her to go. Rajshri stops her and says Shaurya will leave the house, not you.

Varsha says I can’t stay here. Dadi says you won’t go, this is your house. Varsha goes to her room. Shaurya cries and leaves from the house. Naitik says I will see Shaurya, he is in such state and don’t know what will he do. Vishwamber says no one will stop Shaurya. Kuhu comes and calls Naitik as Papa. Akshara signs Naitik. Naitik goes after Shaurya. Naksh says we will go home, Papa went to Krishna. Naira asks will mumma not come. Akshara says I have some work, you all go with Naksh. Naira, Mishti, Kuhu leave with Naksh.

Rajshri apologizes to Varsha and says its my mistake too, my son has did this with you. Kaki says we can understand your pain, say something Varsha. Dadi asks Varsha to punish Shaurya, they are with her. Shaurya calls Varsha and she disconnects. Ananya calls Varsha. Akshara attends call and says Varsha is in kitchen. Ananya says I reached home, I will talk later. Akshara says I will inform Varsha. She asks Rajshri to come, Varsha needs some time. She asks Varsha to take some rest and cries.

Naitik and Shaurya are on the way. Shaurya asks Naitik to stop car. Naitik asks him what is he doing to do. Shaurya says I m running from myself and family, I don’t have courage to face them, I accepted my mistake and apologized, they are not forgiving me, explain them, ask Akshara to tell them I m not that bad as they think. Naitik says I m sorry, I can’t help now, you said Ananya’s marriage should not get any hurdle, I assured it, now its matter of your family, if you regret, you apologize to Varsha till she forgives you, without any hope and condition. Shaurya calls Varsha… and cries.

Rajshri says I can’t believe my son has done this mistake, he did not care for Varsha and Ananya, is husband and wife relation so weak. Kaki says we have to manage Varsha. Rajshri asks what shall I tell her, her husband cheated her. Vishwamber says son is father’s pride, Naitik did so much being our son in law and Shaurya….. Akshara says Naitik called and said Shaurya is crying a lot, I will stay here with Varsha tonight. Rajshri and Dadi ask her to go.

Naksh apologizes to Naitik and cries. Akshara looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Precap is good… After Naksh hurting Naitik a lot, will apologize…

  2. Shaurya,i believe u,u dont do any fault,strong reason behind u,so only u said kuhu’s dad is me

  3. Honey (Sarayu)

    Poor varsha

  4. Wht would b the real reason behind ths…very curious to know..

  5. Shaurya himself also said I am not in fault, I wrote earlier that kuhu is not shaurya’s daughter, may be he is kind of helping sneha to bring up the child, they may show that kuhus real father is a bad guy who killed sneha and shaurya and naitik are trying to help kuhu out of it.

  6. oh god what message you are giving me… this show becomes balika vadhu shaurya as jaghya and varsha has ananadi and rajashri as sumitra… too much karti hi… stop this nonscenes … you will not touch balika vadhu…plese end the show

  7. I think may be he donated his sperm, and that is why he is the father of kuhu.

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