Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone welcoming Martha. She greets Bau ji by hugging him. Devyaani gets angry. Vishwamber stops Martha and greets her from away. Devyaani scolds Bau ji. Martha thanks Akshara for supporting Rose and compliments her. Akshara says my daughter Naira convinced everyone. Kartik says I will get Rose, afterall she is my sister too. Yash talks to Martha. Rose comes wearing Indian traditional dress, and hugs her mom. Her mum gets angry seeing this and asks Rose about it. Rose asks her to let it be. Rukmani asks what happened.

Yash asks Rose is there any problem. Rose says nothing, we will start engagement. Martha says I refused for Indian theme on call, even then… Akshara says we were told that you want Indian theme. Martha says no, Rukmani said this engagement

will be in English style. Akshara and Kartik apologize. Akshara says we will do other functions your way. Rose says no need to be sorry. Martha says no, this is cheating, I prepared your and my dress, this was my dream, as I could not get married, everything should be in our style, else nothing.

Martha asks her to go and change. Nandini apologizes to Martha. Akshara and Nandini ask her to cooperate, guests have come, it won’t look good. Martha asks what about my likes and dislikes, my emotions are not valued. Rose says please don’t spoil my day, we will start engagement. Martha cries. Nandini asks someone to explain her, why is she creating a drama. Akshara asks her to change. Martha says I will wear what I have, or will I have to sit inside room. Akshara asks her to wear anything she likes, and sends her with Ananya.

Kartik gets some call and goes. Naira and Gayu come there. Akshara gets sad seeing Naira not wearing the lahenga she gave her. Akshara smiles seeing Gayu wearing her lahenga. Everyone compliment Naira and Gayu. Akshara compliments Gayu and kisses on her forehead. Rajshri compliments Naira. Naksh sees Akshara upset and holds her. Gayu looks for Kartik. He comes to her. She smiles. Music plays……………

He says a beautiful flower for a beautiful girl, I m thinking to breakup with Mishti and make you my GF, there is match in every way, perfect couple, made for each other. She asks if Mishti’s heart breaks. He says its not my mistake, you should have thought this, you did magic on me. Her imagination ends. Kartik says statue over, who did this, Kuhu or Mishti. She says both. He laughs and goes.

Rukmani says I have learnt english too. Martha comes wearing a short dress, and everyone get shocked. The ladies comment on her, and laugh. Naksh stops Yash and compliments Martha. Varsha says you and Rose look sisters. Rukmani says you look beautiful. Martha also compliments her. Rukmani says everyone call me Yash’s Dadi.

Martha hears bad comments on her. Akshara requests the ladies not to spoil the atmosphere by saying bad, if they can’t say anything good. She hugs Martha and asks her to forget all their foolish words. Martha says thanks for your kind words, I loved a guy, he promised to marry me, and did not come back even when Rose was born, Rose did not see her dad. Akshara says no one will judge you in our house, Rose will get love as we all get. Martha says I can’t trust anyone so easily, I did not wish the same to happen with Rose, that’s why I m here. Akshara says don’t worry, everything will be perfectly fine. Naira and Pungi hear them.

Rajshri asks Rukmani about Anmol. Rukmani says his exams are happening. Devyaani says he could have come. Mohit says Rukmani spoiled him. Kartik looks for Naira. Mishti comes and says my clip fell. He says no problem, I m here. Kuhu and Pungi blow the bubbles. Naira plays with the bubbles. Kartik compliments Naira indirectly while talking to Mishti. Mishti says you are very cute and hugs him. Gayu smiles seeing Kartik. Naira asks him to stop sugary talks, I don’t want my sister to have diabetes. He says no, she can’t have diabetes, as she stays with neem factory. He feeds her laddoo and says have some sweets, such bitterness is not good.

Martha apologizes to Rose and hugs her. Naksh says mothers forgive children as their happiness matters most. Rukmani tells about some big surprise. Everyone smile.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I just hate gayu. She is snatching every single thing from naira.

  2. I also just hate gayu she is snatching everything for naira hope naira and karthik love story forever and ever please CVS naira and karthik love story are awesome they nok_jhoks they fighting they cute moments are awesome Naira and karthik both are perfect for each other don’t come in between them gayu I hate you

  3. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia I absolutely agree with u Kartik loves naira coz naira loves Kartik so much I really what gayu to get kidnapped coz the kidnapped scan tape gag gayu then they can make her smell chlorofrom

  4. Gayu is an arphon and she also deserve to love someone! She doesn’t know that karthik is in love with naira else she won’t do that ! To b very honest , gayu is more cultured than that fighter jet plane- naira!!

    1. just shut up…… stop saying bad about nairaaa….

      1. Who the hell r u to tell me shut up! Go and get some brain !! This page is for everyone to have their say ! You get lost from here if you don’t have any good manners! Learn spelling of naira! It’s not NairAA?

    2. I agree wit u kitties gayu also needs love
      All r saying as if gayu knows about karthik feelings for naira .
      She is unware abt it otherwise she won’t do it because she thinks abt others before herself. I just hope she get a perfect match like loving and caring partner

    3. Why are you fighting kitten

  5. oh god!!!i know gayu is sweet but indirectly shes becoming akshara felt bad that naira didnt wear her lahenga i hope she comes to know that she helped gayu coz gayu was feeling sad like all the time.

  6. I love karthik n naira sences

  7. She is not snatching…she is also single in life she lost his parents…she will give her love ‘kartik’ to naira

  8. That’s mean it’s naIra who gives things to her and it’s not her fault she fell in love with karthik I think love is in the air is love naira and karthik jodi but I like gayu even more because she is awesome and my SISTER

    1. I agree with you,i lIke gayu ,she is good and beAutiful.

    2. REALLY! Is she ur sister!?

  9. Guys please I request you to not to badmouth or criticize anyone because Gayu is good and an honest girl . So I think you should not have tell this all thing about her and I know she’s unknowingly becomming irritating but this is not her fault right ? So please do not badmouth anyone in anything . Actually I wanted to ask a thing why did Gayu felt sad when she saw Naira in the blue lehenga ?

    1. becoz kartik’s fav colour is blue so shes getting jealous that naira is also wearing blue lahenga but naira wore it just like that she didnt wear it to impress anyone but gayu’s insecurities r increasing day bu day now.

  10. Who is anmol ?

    1. Anmol is biological son of Nandini and Mohit.

  11. Guys could anyone tell me the bgm plays on naira n karthick scene, is that any movie song? Do any have any idea. It’s even more clear in yesterday’s scene of naira n karthick. Is that a movie song the guitar bgm.

  12. Apart from Martha’s part, today’s episode was quite boring, but I guess you do need a boring episode every now and then. No precap? That’s weird lol.

  13. Loved the way kartik was complimenting on naira.
    I had seen many times that whenever naira and laddo are in front of kartik,he picks one and puts in naira’s mouth without her permission
    First in rishikesh than on basketball ground and now in yash and rose engagement

  14. Naira should die.

    1. r u kidding??why ll she die?what wrong she has done??now where u guys so called morality went during badmouthing naira when shes not even at fault.jealous ppl go from here n dnt watch the show if u cant tolerate a positive character.didgusting.

  15. I like both the sis naira gayu.plz find someone for naksh.earlier naksh used to do very smart acting now a days naksh show his love for mom n sis

  16. kitties I agree with u….

  17. You always clear all doubts..

  18. Gayu doesn’t know that akshra has given that lehnga otherwise she won’t wear that lehnga…she won’t break akshra’s heart..she loves and cares akshra more than naira…

  19. yrkkh leap episode…the everybody praises gayu and called naira stuburn…

  20. Yeah she is my SISTER Kitties

    1. Hmmm u r so lucky to have a beautiful sister like Gayu -I don’t know her real name?

  21. Gayu is more better than naira.naira is uncultural,stubborn.but gayu is not spoiled like naira

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