Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik and Naira romancing. He sings Chori Chori chupke se…. and dances with her. They get close. They see someone coming and stand as statues. The man takes some dresses and goes. Naira calls Kartik mad. She says romance later, come now. Kartik greets Kirti. He goes to Naksh and says thanks, I heard what you said to designer. Naksh says any sensible man would have said so, I did not do anything great. Kartik says someone who does not praise his goodness looks more good. Naira says we will leave. Kartik says we will have lunch together. Naksh says I have to go for meeting. Naira says we will come along, Kirti will see Krishna, your work can be done. They all get shocked seeing Aditya. Kirti holds Naksh’s hand and gets tensed. Kartik and Naira come in front.

Aditya says congrats, I heard you are shopping for marriage, I m glad Kirti you moved on so soon, seriously, I know you both are cursing me in heart, but I have forgotten everything, trust me, I just want her to be happy. He goes.

Kirti cries and says he will do something, I know him. Kartik says we are with you. Gayu says maybe he changed after divorce. Kirti says we will not tell anyone at home, they will get worried. Naira says fine. They leave. Kirti’s hand collides with a stand. Her bracelet breaks. Kirti says I feel scared of your shadow now Aditya. Naitik sees Akshara’s pic. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani get jewelry. Naksh and Gayu come home. Naksh recalls Kirti’s words. Bhabhimaa asks him to see Akshara’s jewelry and tell his choice, they have to send jewelry to Kirti. He asks them to select. They insist. Naksh chooses one. Mishti says this is broken. Devyaani says now we can’t send this. Bhabhimaa says this was Akshara’s special necklace. Bau ji says it can hurt Kirti. Naitik says yes, she is our daughter now, we should not hurt her sentiments. Naksh asks Akshara to bless him that nothing goes wrong.

Dadi says I will not bear anything wrong, just men and I will go on tilak, women will do puja at home. Naira, Kartik and Kirti come home. Suwarna says Naira will do in tilak, I mean she has just one brother and loves him a lot. Dadi asks them to come along and do abshagun. She scolds Suwarna. Naira looks on. Dadi says I will not bear any abshagun. Dadi asks Kirti did she like anything. Kirti nods. Dadi asks them to rest. She stops Naira and says I have to talk. She sends Suwarna and Surekha. She says I do everything for my family’s good, my intentions are always good, so tomorrow…. She gets Guru ji’s call and says I will talk to you later. Naira says I won’t let anything wrong happen.

Everyone gets busy in arrangements. Naitik asks Naksh why is he looking upset, you used to do Naagin dance in Naira’s marriage, we will dance for you now. They all do Naagin dance around him. Naksh also dances and smiles.

Kirti says leave me Aditya, don’t spoil my future by past memories. She thinks of his words. Kartik comes and asks what are you thinking. She says Aditya will hurt me, my heart got scared. Kartik asks shall I tell you some way to end fear, Naira told me once, just break this bracelet’s broken piece, maybe it will become any new design, trust me, do it. Kirti breaks it and sees the kada. He says good, you will have courage and go ahead, we will just have celebrations and happiness. He hugs her and says rasams will start from tomorrow.

Naksh says I will do work. Naitik stops him. Rajshri and Sunaina come. Everyone gets glad. Rajshri asks Naksh not to work. Naksh greets them. Gayu says we won’t let Naksh work, Naira will scold us. Bhabhimaa says girls don’t come in tilak rasam according to her inlaws. Naksh calls Naira. Rajshri stops him. Naksh says let anything happen, if she does not come, this tilak won’t happen. Naira answers his call and asks about arrangements. He asks are you coming in tilak, Bhabhimaa said ladies won’t come in tilak. She says don’t know, Dadi did not say, no she said. He says you have to come. She says I have to go in Naksh’s tilak. She runs downstairs to Dadi. She hears Dadi talking to Suwarna and Surekha. Kartik gets puja items. Dadi asks Kartik will Naira and he manage everything. Kartik asks her not to worry. Dadi goes. Naksh asks are you listening. Naira says yes, Dadi said she is coming home, it means she decided to do tilak like us, ladies and gents will come. He says thank God. She says I will come tomorrow and enjoy. Naksh tells everyone that Naira is coming. Naira thanks Dadi for changing her rasam for her.

Naitik welcomes Goenkas. Dadi gets shocked seeing Naira in Singhania house. Kartik smiles seeing Naira.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today’s episode was ok

  2. Fenil

    Hello Everybody !!

    Fabulous Episode.

    So happy to see Rajshreeji and Sunainaji.:):):):):)wow thanks a lot CV’s.

    After a long time Naksh has smile on his face….those Goenkas have steals his smile Naagin dance after a long time.

    Loved it.

    1. Soofia Bhatti

      Hey Fenil I’m soofia it’s really good that naira went to her brother house for her brother tilk rasem and I loved naira new outfit so much I loved naira kartik dance so much I’m sure yeh ristha kya kehlata hai will be finishing soon after gayu gets married

      Kind regards soofia bhatti

  3. nyc episode…really soo happy to c naksh smiling after sooooo many days…kaira dance there romance was asusual amazing…bt how can dadi nt allow naira to her own bhai’s tilak…n dadi will again create a scene coz dadi didnt said anythng to naira nt to cm for tilak…n naira understood wrong wen dadi was speaking to swarna n surekha abt clothes…..
    in precap naira was looking sooo cute in skyblue saree wowww really she is beautiful…hope dadi wont spoil there mood now…

  4. Really I need to appreciate today’s episode!!! Atleast Maheshwari family is back!!! Atleast they r managing to show!! overall episode was ok…

  5. Hello everyone
    Keesh pic got 34k likes in everyone like their jodi.

    Happy to c naagin dance and singanias happiness.
    Why daadi is always bla bla

    So happy to see maheshwris .want varsha viswa and daadi also. heard shourya doesn’t want to continue.not sure . anyway they all like naksh very much.very understanding people.

  6. Hlw everyone. …..
    The episode was ok…kirti is thinking about aditiya little much..she should avoid all these and enjoy the wedding..

  7. Maheshwaris came after a long time
    kaira dance was nice…

  8. can dadi just be killed off please? or be kidnapped and shut in a room?

  9. good to see mehashwaris family but where is Varsha and rest of the members and where is ananya and baddi dadi??? without them there is no meaning of any shadi..bring them back and songs like dil se bandhi ek dor..always love yrkkh

  10. Kaina1

    after decades i am seeing naksh happy and it feels pleasent

  11. Ponkuri

    Hi to everyone… Am glad to see some of Maheshwari family☺?back…can I ask? Why Dadi dun allow girls to attend tilak ceremony? This is a wedding which involves 2 both families members should be involve… I am sorry if I am wrong??… as this is once in a lifetime thing family members shuld be included☺ yes???

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