Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik falling in Manish’s feet. Suwarna and Manish get tearful eyes. Dadi asks Kartik is he fine. Kartik gets away. Manish says Kartik gave this happiness to me unknowingly, I bless Kartik gets all the world’s happiness, sorrow’s shadow does not touch him. Suwarna cries. Naira comes for haldi ceremony. Naitik blesses her. She sees Akshara’s bangle. Kartik says I will get haldi applied, promise me I won’t look yellow. Dadi says we won’t do that foolishness. Surekha says its little haldi, and real gold and silver powder with imported cream. Kartik says I have to look super duper handsome. Dadi asks him to get haldi applied first and then they have to send it to Naira.

Kirti says Aditya, you made geyser thing an issue, when they are taking care

of us. He says you worry for them, see what I do now. He leaves. Kartik likes the decorations. Dadi says will they do such decorations or not. Surekha says everyone has their own taste, I did lavish decorations. Dadi asks Kartik to wait for some time. Naira sees Aditya and Kirti. Kirti asks Aditya to wait. He says shut up, you are giving me much Gyaan by coming here. She says I can bear if anything happens in Kartik’s marriage. He asks her to become part of it, when Naira blamed me, you did not do anything, you stood at corner and saw everything. Kartik sees Kirti.

Kirti holds Aditya. He asks were you pushing me. She says no, I saved you, I don’t want anything to happen in my brother’s marriage. He asks is he imp than me and raises hand. She says you know the answer, I just have fear in my heart, there is no respect, if any girls gets beaten up and is tortured, how will she love her husband. He says you are wife and stay as wife, you have two work, to keep me happy and keep mouth shut. She says if you are husband, it does not mean you do this. He scolds her and asks her not to say anyone, else I will ruin your family name. She says please don’t get my family in between, let Kartik’s marriage happen, then do what you want. He says if you fall down from here, I will see how you dance in Kartik’s marriage with broken leg, I will see how much Kartik loves you, will he cancel marriage or not, get lost. He pushes her and goes. Naira comes and holds Kirti’s hand.

Kirti and Naira cry and hug. Naira asks how can you bear this and why, I had doubt on Aditya, I did not think the matter will reach this point, how can he do this, why did you not answer him, anger and annoyance is understood, what was this, and why, you gave him right to cheat you, are you not human, don’t you have any respect or emotions, you may have patience, but I don’t have, I can’t see this, come we have to tell his truth to everyone. Kirti says no Naira. Naira says we have to tell them what you are bearing, I will tell them if you don’t. Kirti says no.

Bhabhimaa asks where did Naira go. Gayu says she went to make dupatta fine. Mishti says Naira will come. Naksh hears them. Kartik asks did anyone see Kirti. Aditya says she is inside, she wants to fulfill all her wishes. Kartik says strange, why do I feel I saw her at garden side, why will she be there. Kirti says when I met you for the first time, I told you are strong, I m not like that. Naira says you are strong, so you are bearing this, don’t be scared of anyone, I m with you, Kartik is with you, you trust me and Kartik. Kirti says nothing will happen, everyone should trust me, you don’t know Aditya, he will get free and trouble us.

Naira says we have to change this. Kirti says its not that I did not try to say, but Dadi said its your matter, you manage, you know Kartik. Naira says this matter can’t be hidden. Kirti says I don’t want any more issues in the marriage, I won’t tell anyone, Kartik’s happiness is everything, please Naira. Naira cries and explains. Kirti says please help me. Naira refuses. Kirti says let this marriage happen, I promise I will tell everyone, else I can’t forgive myself. They turn and see Naksh. Naksh asks what happened, all well. Kirti says yes, all well, we got senti recalling our moms. Naksh says I know, Naira come, Bhabhimaa is calling. Kirti says I will also go, everyone is waiting for haldi. Naira goes.

Kirti comes to Kartik. He asks what were you doing at garden side. Dadi says leave it, she has come now. She asks Surekha to get haldi uptan. Everyone apply haldi to Kartik. Aditya applies haldi to Kirti and holds her. Kirti cries and says enough. Everyone tease Kartik. Manish says my heart got happiness, now its your turn. Suwarna goes and applies haldi to Kartik, from behind. Kartik with closed eyes, senses her and opens eyes to see. Suwarna moves back. Kartik laughs with everyone. Manish says the day is special today.

Naira smiles and talks to Rajshri. Kartik sees Naira coming. Yeh rishta kya….plays……Naira applies haldi to him. He says you become beautiful, I will be left as monkey. She says you are frog, how will you become monkey. He says anything can happen in this world, if we both can love each other. She says yes, and applies haldi to him by touching her cheeks. She says now our haldi got completed. Yeh rishta….plays….She smiles and leaves. Akhilesh asks Kartik where is he lost. Kartik’s imagination ends. Dadi asks Surekha and Suwarna to come, and see what to give to Naira. Dadi says Kartik can’t go to Naira’s haldi, its abshagun if you both see each other before varmala. Kartik says this is not fair, you guys go there, you will have fun, their functions are very cool.

Dadi gets shocked seeing Naksh dancing with chunri on his head. Mansi cries and says I will get punished for Akshara’s murder, I killed her. Kartik gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hello everybody,
    This is Snowflake. I am a silent reader. Can I join this HUGE ‘Yeh Rishta…….’ family??

    1. R yu seriously new member ?? How come yu hav info abt all ?

      1. I think you are misunderstanding me. There are two Snowflakes here, one with small s and I, with a capital S.

  2. Hello guys I,m sania from Pakistan Lahore and,I,m big fan of yrkkh so can I join u all

    1. Hi Sania welcome.. even I joined recently to d family…

    2. Rahul96

      You are welcome. Sania if you don’t mind can you please introduce yourself ???

      1. Rahul bahai here,s my intro
        Name —- sania zahra
        Dob——7 august 2000
        Age-_— 16years old
        Country —- Pakistan
        City— Lahore
        Education—- intermediate— f.a
        Fav serial—– yrkkh….jndsd
        Fav actor amir khan
        Fav actress …mawra Hussain madhuri
        Hobbies,,,,, making friends and rest all the day
        Fav food nehari and biryani
        And I love chocolate s a lot

  3. Hello Everyone !!

    Super se bhi Uper wala episode.

    Dear Sonal , Here is my intro.

    Fenil S Soni ( Marwadi Family )
    From :Aburoad, Rajsthan
    lives at : Bardoli, Gujarat
    Studies at : Ahmedabad, Gujarat
    DOB: 07.05.1996
    Studying : CA and going on , complete.
    Hobbies : Cooking ( firat priority ), Badminton,Carrom.
    Favourite Show : Yrkkh,Edkv,Tumhi ho bandhu Sakha tumhi,Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali,Tumhari Pankhi,KZK,Ymggk….
    Actor : Shah Rukh Khan , Amithabh Bachhan , Shahid Kapoor and Akkii.
    Actress : Madhuri Dixit Nene , Zinaat Amaan,Priyanka Kapoor,Shradha Kapoor.

    1. Hi Fenil di,
      Can i become you friend??

      1. Fenil

        Yes u are my frd from now on

  4. hi everybody Sophie di,rahul,vrushy di,twana,fenil,lakhan,sonal,soumya,hasan…
    coming to the episode
    it was awesome at least now naira truly knows about that coward aditya and tooo much happy for kirti as naira is surely going to help kirti and just hope naksh and kirti soonnnnnn come together please bring them closer fast and just remove this coward aditya otherwise its awesome don’t spoil it…!!!

  5. awesome episode…iam eagey waiting for kaira ki shaadi……episode was full of emotions..loved the scenes wen karthik fell on his fathers feet, swarna applying haldi…swarna xpressed her feelings very well….naira was damn cute….aditya is soooo rude towards keerthi soo sad for her….hope aditya does create any prob. in d mrge……n precap was soo funny.naksh was dancing as girl haha…n yaa i thnk mrge will definetly karthik shd say the truth to naira tht mansi did aksharas accident…..

  6. hi dear rahul bhaiyya u are hving Affair with vrushy dii woww amazing u hve start dating hr cngrtultions bhaiyya

    is it vrushy di or some of ur cllege friend vrushy???

    wish u bhaiyya get married soonn

    love you soo much nd have at least 5 kids OK hahaha be happy wth vrushy always may u have a lavish wediing nd u will be happy wth hr forever love u vrushy di nd rahul bhaiyya nd cngrtltions

  7. nd fenil bhaiyya m sorry I msundrsood u a girl rahul bhaiyya told me in privt tht ur a boy so I will
    call u bhaiyya only

    1. Fenil

      No worry

  8. nd fenil bhaiyya m sorry I misundrstood u a girl rahul bhaiyya told me in privt tht ur a boy so I will
    call u bhaiyya only.

  9. nd sania zahra ur truly most
    welcome in yrkkh family
    wr all best friends rahul bhaiyya, vrushy, Sophie,twana ,chanya,Tahira,naina,hasan wr all family
    nd ur also welcme here love u der keep cmnying

  10. keep commenting**

    1. Saniacin zahra

      Thank u dear thank u so much

    2. Sorry my name is sania zahra notsaniacin Zahra

  11. Hi hello and Namaste to all YRKKH family
    Hru all ??hru Rahul and Twana .. long time msging in d grp..

    @Rahul Sindhu and sindhuts both are me.oly … Sorry fa confusion… I registered in telly updates Sindhu was already used so I hav logged in as Sindhuts …

    Long back yu asked me a question why I don’t comment on my own jus I reply to d question… The thing is without seeing the episode I can’t comment blindly.. the show starts at 10 pm in d US… I go to bed by 10.. I generally watch it later in catch-up whenever I get free time…by d time I watch n reply new episode written updates wl b already der.. dats d reason I can’t reply on my own

    I’m very happy now as d show started at 9 30 in US too.. I can watch d show and sleep

    1. Rahul96

      Hii Sindhu dii
      So glad to see your comments from such a long time !! So dii your full name is Sindhuts dii??? I am right naa???
      And now glad to know that now you will watch YRKKH before sleeping !!!
      Dii I watch the YRKKH on hotstar.
      And in premium services of hotstar it is broadcasted on 6 pm on the same day !!
      So basically I watches the dii on 6pm on same day , since I have subscribed the premium services of hotstar!!!

      1. yeah .. Sindhu is my name and ts is my initials its abt family name…Hotstar is blocked in US :-(… i can watch oly on TV … i dont prefer to watch online through some websites because of Viruses.. i prefer to watch on TV than watching online….

    2. Rahul96

      And dii I am good !! And u ,??

      1. IM GOOD….

  12. OMG why is dis show still on, it should have ended when the heart of the show died our Akshara or wen Karan aka Natik left. End this bakwas

    superb episode with no dragging….
    eagerly waiting for todays episode to see reaction of 2 people
    1) How will dadi react when she will see Naksh’s NAGIN DANCE…

    2)how will Kartik react after he will get to know that it was mansi who killed akshara
    And to see whether Kartik will tell abt this to Naira
    Now family…
    A big hii to yrkkh family ie.
    Pat dii. Rahul. Su. Aniket. Tawana. Fenil……
    and all others
    sorry for not writing all names but hiii to all
    how are u all?
    Aniket I forgot to ask u that did u enjoyed your birthday dude?
    Pat dii how are u?
    Rahul don’t u have any exams now?
    Well I have started working in Gurugram (gurgoun) now….
    after such a long time i get time to write a comment …
    But when will Kaira marrige take place

    1. Rahul96

      Hii Ishika
      Glad to see your comments !!
      No my exams are on June – July !!! So you have started your job !!! Right ??? But you are only 20 year old !!!!
      And Ishika I asked you something regarding your intro as Ishika Goenka !!! Can you please explain ??!

  14. Coming to d show it was ok… Aditya is so cheap how can he push Keerthi..Good Naira saved her… Donno when the Adithya track will end.. Keerthi pls push aditya frm d cliff after d marriage…

    Precap is so scary… Wat will.happen to d marriage now… Already dey hav dragged so much fa d marriage…

    Highlights in d show

    1. Karthik taking blessing frm Manish
    2. Suwarna applying mehandi
    3. Karthik dream sequence
    4. Naira Jewellery and Surekha saree

    Hope karthik and Manish love bonding becomes strong..

    Akshara is missing frm Naira side and Naitik I don’t feel he is much involved.. Manish and Suwarna are fa name sake.. No ritual is done frm der hands…

    I feel Oly Naksh is involveD in marriage preparations and Dadi fa creating misunderstandings

  15. I missed Him a n Karan aka Nakshara they were the golden couple of the show without dem I stopped watching plz bring Akshara or let naira have a baby girl take leap n bring Him a back 2 portray the grown baby of naira. Plz Nina come back the show needs u ur r the heart of the show n I really want u back in it

    1. Rahul96

      Akshara is dead . I think we should move on !!! Actually once the makers thought of brining another actress in place Hina Khan as akshara through plastic surgery plot. But they fear that it might reduce the TRP of the show !!! So like other show they plan the permanent death of Akshara !!! And roped Naira as lead role !!!
      Also when in between akshara was not there , a lot of people get attracted by kaira story .
      So now the story has decided to move with kaira’s story!!

  16. Hey Snowflake…
    Who told U that Rahul bhaiya is having an affair with Vrushy?? U r just faking it..right? Yesss Absolutely right.. u seems new here(commenting first time I think) & sayng that we(along with U) all r frnz…& for ua kind info…Vrushy is in grade 11 & Rahul bhaiya is also a student(Clg 3rd year)…& he is not that kind of boy…I hope now u understand that he is not having an affair..& we are a family here (brothers & Sisters)…& one more thing ‘how can Rahul bhaiya tell u in private message when u r not a registered membr’????I think u r a silent comment reader.

    Hi SINDHU dii…Glad to c ua comment after a long time r U?
    Welcome to our Family-Sania Zahra…
    Hi ISHIKA di..Happy to c ua comment. How r U dii?
    Hey LAKHAN…
    How was ua first exam bro?? Hope it was so good…..All the very best….
    Hi Pat dii & Sachu dii..
    how r u dii? Not commenting from a long time..Hope, U both r fine..
    where r u? Buzy from yestrday??? How r U bro?? I left a comment for u in yestrday. Hope, U read that..& bro convey that message to Lasya if u’ll b free….
    Best of luck for all those who have exams…..

    1. Rahul96

      Thanks Raf !!! Okk I will do it!!

  17. HII RAF. I am fine ..
    WHAT ABT U??
    Sindhu i agree with u Surekhas saree was awsome…..

  18. WHY MY Dp change i wrote my email adress only can anyone tell me

  19. Rahul96

    Now coming to you Mr Snowflake
    I guess that your age is less than 15 !!! I am right ???
    And what make you think like that I and Vrushy are having affair ????
    May be you would have get confused by seeing my method of appreciating Vrushy’s work , am I right dear ???
    Then let me tell you there is nothing between me and Vrushy !!! Okkk !!
    She is in class 11 and I am in 3rd year !!! She is 17 year old and I am 20 !!! She lives in Maharashtra ( I guess ) and I living in Kolkata !!!
    So stop dreaming about lavish marriage , kids and all the things !!! I don’t believe in true love stories !!!

    And when did I tell you that Fenil is a boy in private ?? I mean when did you and me have chatting in private ???? Why are you lying ??? I want your answer in this !!¡!!

    1. Rahul96

      Infact me and Vrushy is like brother and sister !!!!!!!

  20. Rahul96

    And Naina , Lakhan and Everyone those having exams !! Best of luck!!!!

    And Ishika why did you give your intro as Ishika Goenka??? Please explain !!! You initially told us that you are 20 year old !!!

    Then again an intro was given from your DP as 24 year old , then as 27 year old ????

  21. yaar Rahul you may not remember that one day i shared my email id here may be someone has used it i am 21yrs old only ….
    and i dont know why this time my profe pic changed.

  22. sorry rahul bhaiyya actually m moni7 rigestered member from the serial zkm and I fnt know there is some girl name preetila I forgot she is also a registered member nd she msgged Me in prvte that her name is vrushi thakur and she said she and rahul r in same year in cllrge and she said tht u nd she is having affair and ur soon going to marry her and m her friend also so I thought to cngrtlate u

    I dnt knw if its true r not

  23. I think she
    is lying cuz she sometimes say
    tht her name is
    kriti thakur or maria ad she also msg from dffrnt id’s

  24. Nayara Kartik kb shadi karoge yrrrrr……….???????????

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