Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira saying she ordered her family pizza. Akshara says we four are different and still together. Naira says yes, then we should not eat this. Naitik asks her to eat it fast. Akshara says they have to prepare for Teej. Naira says its first time for us. Naitik says its after 10 years for us. Akshara says we celebrated well with family here, its fun to celebrate festival with family. Naira and Naksh smile and fight for pizza to cheer them up. Naitik asks Akshara to see them. Naksh says our work is over Naira. He says we fought intentionally. Akshara says we will share it and eat. She says we have to try to make family happy. Naitik says yes, I will think something.

Bhabhimaa asks Girja to get items from storeroom. Devyaani asks Maharaj to make some sweets.

Karishma says they will arrange clothes and jewelry. She says if sardar issue did not happen, our work would be done. Devyaani says yes, its good it ended before Teej. Bhabhimaa says I m scared even now. Naira joins them and asks Akshara to choose saree. She says shop comes home here and is glad. Akshara gives the sraees to Kamla and the ladies. Kamla thanks her. They all choose the dresses. Rashmi gets sad.

Mishti chooses red color for Bhabhimaa. Bhabhimaa says she will look good better than others in this color, so she will wear any light color, she will also celebrate for her husband’s happiness. Gayu asks Rashmi to choose any dress. Rashm says I m busy in office and won’t be able to come tomorrow. Rashmi gets a call and ends it. Akshara looks at her.

Naksh talks to Sanju and Ananya, and says about making Teej more happening as he wants to make the family happy. Yash joins them and apologizes for coming late. They all discuss any fun plan. Rashmi talks on phone and tells Sameer not to call her again, her decision is still the same, they decided they will be friends, she has to think about Gayu, not her life. Akshara hears all this and gets thinking.

Naitik comes home and finds the Teej clothes. He says this color will suit you. She asks what does he mean, not all colors suit her. He kisses her and she beats him. He apologizes for kissing her, and flirts with her. They laugh. He thanks her for coming in his life, she is perfect, and he feels sad for those who does not have such life partner. She tells about Rashmi, she is very lonely, she wants Rashmi to have someone in her life to share her happiness and sorrows. He says yes, we should think about it.
She says she heard about Sameer and want to talk about him. He says if he can get Bau ji remarried, why not Rashmi, as Nikhil has married and no hope that he will come back, Rashmi should also move on, you talk to her. Naira comes and asks them to come, Naksh is announcing something imp.

The elders ask Naksh whats special. Naksh asks them to wait, and asks for everyone to come. Mishti rings the bell Naksh invites Maheshwaris for Teej festival, as they are celebrating after a long time, and gents will arrange food. Shaurya says whats new in this, we always do this. Sanju says she will see this for first time. Rashmi gets a call. Naitik and Akshara look on. Rashmi asks Sameer not to ruin his life. Akshara comes to her. Rashmi ends call and Akshara asks her to say her problem, maybe she can help. She asks about Sameer.

Rashmi says he was my colleague in Mumbai, he called for some work. Akshara says its strange, our life revolves around the child after becoming a mum. She explains her about Gayu going far for studies, you will be alone. She says you proved a woman is not dependent on anyone, you should think, Gayu is growing up, Gayu will need you less, you will need her more, what will you do then, think about yourself. Rashmi says she does not want anything, she wants Gayu’s happiness. Akshara asks her about her happiness, whats stopping her, is she happy like this. Rashmi says I don’t feel like it, I took the decision and I m happy, thanks. She leaves.

Its morning, the Teej arrangements are done at Singhania house. Yash talks to Sanju and she goes. He stops her and asks her to listen. He asks why is she not talking. She says I m confused that are we compatible or not, we are different, you don’t take a stand for yourself, its not about chance, this won’t work. He requests her and says its Teej tomorrow, we can start again, we can keep fast for each other, I m sure our relation will get strong. She says I appreciate you want to keep fast, but I won’t, I don’t believe love needs fasting, it needs understandings, you don’t need to keep fast. She goes.

All the elders come in the hall. They have a talk. Devyaani says its all fine this time. Omi says we will go and play carom. Shaurya says we will provide snacks and soft drinks. The men sit to play. Naksh says ladies, I m RJ Naksh, and we will celebrate Teej, the time to have fun starts now. They all clap. Naksh says about a fun competition, and divides them in teams. He asks them to fill balloons by some unique way. Rajshri and Devyaani get an idea and leave. Naksh smiles.

Naksh thanks everyone and says he can do anything for his family’s happiness. A girl comes there and asks Naksh what about their happiness, will he tell them about their relation or should she say them?

Update Credit to: Amena

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