Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh asking why did Akshara not tell him. Baisa says you knew this. Naitik says yes, we thought we should not say. Akshara says marriage is such thing that girl gets scared, it’s a way to handle things. Naitik says maybe Tara got scared and took this step, listen to her once. Akshara asks Naksh to think, Tara did not tell you, did she ask you to sign, maybe she changed her decision. Naitik says she loves and trusts you, so she did not make you sign papers. Akshara says forget these papers, maybe Tara has thrown this. Naksh says but why did she think this.

Akshara says person gets scared, girls’ lives changes after marriage, I went through this, its fear before marriage. Naitik says you did not see Tara has conquered her fear and trusted you. Naksh

says I m sorry, you have to see this day because of you, they are explaining me because of you, this is not first time that Tara has blamed Akshara, how can they forget Tara’s big drama on holi, you all always forgiven her, if we can trust Tara, why can’t she trust me, did we keep conditions that she will respect us or not, why did she think this.

He says she wrote that we will not snatch her freedom, what should we do to make Tara trust. Mishti cries and says I have seen that fights happen and then marriage does not happen. Dadi cries and says did I have to think this at this time. Kaki and Omi console Dadi. Tara says I did not make the papers, and clears things about Baisa. She says I tried hard and I hate myself that I have thought that way, I was pressurized a lot, when I realized things, I apologized to Baisa, Naksh just remembers my mistake, not my apology, I could not change myself so soon, I m Tara, I m different, I don’t know I can become Akshara a lot. Akshara says who is asking you to become akshara, no need to become Akshara, I like you the way you are. Tara says I wish everyone liked me, I don’t know why I m not liked, maybe because I wear short clothes, play hockey, does not know household work, maybe Baisa is right, I m wrong choice for Naksh. She cries.

Dada ji says you did not tell us your pain, you did not share anything, I know there is no woman to understand your pain, but you should have tried once. Pandit says mahurat is passing by, whats happening. Tau ji says we all had food, do we have to stay or go now. Pandit says if mahurat passes, marriage can’t happen till long. Preeti worries.

Tara worries and says everyone asks me to support right, but no one told this to Baisa, my Guru is like my dad, Baisa doubted on me, Naksh did not take a stand for me, no one told anything. Naksh says Baisa apologized. Tara says everyone has seen her apology, she pointed my character and then everyone forgot that, I got hurt, tell Baisa not to taunt me. Akshara says enough Tara, you did not tell us, we did not try to know about Tara’s state. She cries and says I went through all this and could not understand, forgive me. Naksh asks Akshara to stop it, how more will you bend, why are you supporting her. Akshara says its between me and Tara.

Naitik asks Naksh to end this matter and come for marriage. Naksh says marriage will happen when Tara’s doubt gets cleared, till she has doubt, how will marriage happen, maybe I will divorce papers without discussion. Naitik scolds Naksh and asks him to stop nonsense. He asks him to come. Shaurya says everyone is explaining you Naksh. Varsha asks Tara to end the matter here. Naksh asks them to explain Tara, she started all this, she just loves her hockey, and my family loves Tara more than me, I have hurt Baisa a lot by taking Tara’s side. They argue.

Akshara asks them to just stop it, we gave you chance to talk to sort this matter, now come to mandap silently. Naitik asks Naksh and Tara to come. Akshara asks can’t they hear it. Baisa says I did not see such stubborn girl in my life. Sangram says Naksh is also stubborn. Baisa and Sangram start arguing. Sangram takes Tara’s side and blames Baisa for all this. Sangram tells how Dada ji saved Naira from getting arrested. They all get shocked.

Dada ji asks Sangram to stop it. Sangram says I have to tell them, they made me helpless, you did not say as its family matter, they always insult us. Naitik asks what are you saying about. Dada ji says nothing, he is saying in anger. Sangram says I m saying in anger, but right, police did raid in the wine shop where Naira was present, Vikram told me. Naitik gets angry on Sangram and asks how dare you blame Naira for false thing. They all look on worried.

Dada ji removes his Pagdi and says things went much ahead. Naitik says we will take Naksh and Tara to mandap. Baisa asks will you get related to this family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I don’t understand what’s cooking in the mind of directors

    1. exactly!!!!!!!

  2. What’s happened? Will they get married or not?

  3. is it a serial or puzzle?

  4. can anyone saywhat the hell is happening in the show…………what about marriage??? will it happen or not………

  5. I want marriage to happen , please director help .

    Let marriage happen and then do all other drama happening .We want marriage to happen ,

    We all are waiting for this .Please help.

    Do not make this drama any boring .

    We all are waiting for marriage . Please let that happen.

  6. For all the confused people, this marriage will not happen. Tara was never meant to be nakshs partner. She will run away from the marriage leaving everyone in shock and depression. It’s expected that another girl will enter nakshs life v soon

  7. Marriage will not happen for sure. Tara will leave house

  8. I will not be surprised if they don’t get married cos they are not compactable. Tara is too temperamental for a woman and Naksh is very emotional.

  9. It happens for the best.

  10. R the writers of this show r taking exams of our patience..shhhh….come on wats going on….still how many years….don’t the writres and the directors have any new concepts……???

  11. It is going….

  12. Nice screenplay….. The prenup problem is not big thing in naksh n Tara’s marriage and it take all the issues throughout their love track.. The makers show this very practically…. But pls don’t much dragging….

  13. Marriage will not happen as Hina Khan has refused to play onscreen mother in law role. Thats why story has been moulded this way.

  14. dnt make dis serial over drama or creating unpractical scenarios , dnt make it like ekta serials.if there is no story line end it in good note.

  15. Plz lets marriage happens stop this drama anymore plz plz plz

  16. In the upcoming episodes, according to the
    latest spoiler, the issue will go out of
    control with both families fighting with
    each other! Tara, who was initially ready to
    sort out things, feels she is done with it, as
    she was insulted by both the families. She
    breaks-up with Naksh and runs away.

  17. Guys yrkkh didn’t get any award in Spa 2016… This stupid star plus Ceo Should go to hell… Why is this channel so biased? Please protest guys. YRKKH IS THE FIRST SHOW ON STAR PLUS TO HAVE COMPLETED 2000 EPISODES. AND NOT YHM. So why did yrkkh team won no awards. That’s disgusting!!

    1. I agree with u, yhm in way deserves any award right now, so impractical serial, dabh n yrkkh r always the best family..

    2. U r right

    3. excuse me ishita is best actress there us no child actor on star plus who can beat rihaanika ishra is best if yrkkh want to get award they should work hard they r not giving award on this condition who is the most long running show they r giving to of who deserve it sorry if I hurt anyone

  18. akshra have to stop bua dadi why she is creating trouble?

  19. yes tanvi u are ti8

  20. Divyanka tripathi is a part of star plus since 2013 but Hina khan is a part of star plus since 2009, I don’t have problem with Divyanka getting awards but why didn’t Hina get a single award! I hope star plus suffers for this

    1. Sarayu(honey)

      Exactly tanvi, yhm got 10 awards, this is disgusting.

      1. Divyanka is overacting and YHM is a hyper show without meaning.

        I prefer to watch Yeh Rishta and I avoid YHM.

    2. people! dont panic! Star plus do not choose the winners. its actually us people who voted for our favorites. as for akshara she was nominated many times along side ishita but what to do if people voted more for ishita than her? so relax,these are people votes,your votes that made ishita win all those awards besides if we all love akshara so much then we should have taken time out of our schedule to actually vote for her than start blaming the channel here. with all due respect though.

    3. Yes Maya I agree with u n ishita is the best that lady can even cry without glycerin n akshara is associated with the channel for a long time but they r not giving award in this basis

  21. Why there is no update for 28th april 2016?

  22. Where is 28th update. …updated soon

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