Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Naira returns to Goenka house

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik standing on the road. He says family has sent me, but I m not able to convince heart. Naira is on the way and says I m not getting courage to go there. Dadi and Naksh talk on call. Dadi says Kartik has left long time ago. Naksh says he didn’t come, Naira has gone. Naksh prays Naksh doesn’t get punished for his mistake. Naira is asked to take car by other way. She sees Kartik and smiles. She calls him out. Yahan wahan…..plays………. They see each other and walk towards. She opens arms for him. He smiles and holds her. Palkon ke sirhaane…..plays…….

He hears two kids talking. They recall their argument. Kartik gets back. She asks him to please listen. He says I m not able to stop myself, its not our first

fight, but I got broken up, that my Naira cheated me. She says I can try to rectify my mistake, matter will solve when we talk. He says I m not annoyed that you supported Naksh, but because you have lied to me, you know how much I love you. She says I also love you a lot, so I m in this state. They cry. Kaisa suluk…….plays…….. He goes.

Manish says I will call Kartik. Kartik comes alone. They all look on. Guards shut the gate. Dadi stops Kartik. They all see Naira coming in. Dadi unites their hands. She asks Suwarna to get aarti plate, Laxmi has come. Suwarna does aarti. Naira doesn’t let Kartik take his hand off. Dadi wards off their bad sight. They enter the house together. Naira thinks its darkness here in diwali, I won’t let this happen, this relation will not break, it will become more strong, its my promise. Kartik goes. Dadi asks where are you going, there are 20mins for puja. Naira goes. Aryan says I didn’t know rich people also fight. Surekha says Kartik and Naira didn’t come together, it means their fight didn’t end. Naksh and Kirti try calling Naira and Kartik. Dadi calls Naksh. Dadi says Kartik and Naira are here. Bhabhimaa asks did they annoyance get less. Dadi says don’t worry, they will get together.

Kartik sees Naira. She says I know what you are thinking, why I came back, its my house and family, I don’t want to see them sad, we are fighting for their happiness and also sacrificing their happiness by being stubborn. She goes. Baisa asks Bhabhimaa to make Kirti do rasam. They go. Kirti sits thinking. Naksh comes and sees her. He sits there and signs her. She makes Om. She says you would be thinking I don’t know anything. He says don’t say anything about my wife, she can learn anything. She smiles. Lav asks why did Kartik not come. Naira says he will come.

She tells everyone that Kartik will come. Manish blesses her. Dadi gives specially crafted bangles to her bahus. Surekha says just Goenkas have this design. Aryan looks on. Manish asks him to behave himself. Aryan says I have seen same bangle in my mum’s hand in my childhood pic. Dadi scolds him. Akhilesh says maybe some copied the design, media covered a function and such pic was taken. Dadi asks where is Kartik. Kartik comes and does aarti along with Naira. O maiyya ji….plays…. Naksh and Kirti also do aarti. Naira and Kirti do the rituals. Kartik takes aarti and goes. Naira sings Tum ho to……. and dances with the family. They light lanterns. Kartik holds her. She cries. He wipes her tears. She imagines the moment. Kartik sees Naira’s dupatta catching fire and holds it. She takes her dupatta. He goes.

Kartik says I don’t want to talk about it. Dadi says Naira is sensible to come back. Dadi falls down. Kartik shouts Dadi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sejsmiles

    f**k u CVs. It was keertis 1st Diwali. U could have shown her bonding wt her family but u show us this ugly naira. Am done wt this serial. Wake me up when naira disappears.

    1. Aku

      That is next to impossible cuz CVs are over obsessed with this insecure lead .. the only way now left is to start bashing them on India forums.. cuz then only they will understand that people are interested in watching keesh and that ugly ducking naira

      1. Sejsmiles

        Kaira has a huge online gang who bashes keesh supporters on Twitter. Wonder how anyone can like them. My nephew calls naira a lizard.

    2. Aku

      Let them go to hell.. most of the people on Insta and for that matter India forums are against kaira

  2. Faltu kartik-naira….keesh wedding ke baad happy track hona chahiye tha lekin nahin, kartik-naira ki rondu shakal dekho, bakwaas lead, kitne insecure hain ye dono, har jagah footage khani hai

  3. Stupid Kaira!! fed up now,
    That small Keesh scene was magical, I saw Naithik in Naksh when he said that you have no right to say bad about my wife, like papa, like beta, sweet…..
    Please CV’s give keesh a bit more space, please please please………

  4. Told u Kaina….. The keesh scenes will going to broken into 2 seconds a day just to hold us in watching the show and increase their trps…. The way they direct the scene also shows that they r in a hurry to wind up the keesh scene before people start liking keesh… Before we try to get a proper glance the scene gets over…. Very disturbing…..

    1. Kaina1

      aapki baate sach hui now i am waiting for monday naksh is diabetic waala scene aajaye shayad i mean yaar keesh ke scene ko toh ye log aise guzarte hai jaise hawa ki speed se aaye aur toofan ki speed se gaye ab toh mujhe lagta hai ki cvs are trying hard so that ppl dont like keesh but their track always back-fires i mean kaira sepration track was suppose to gain sympathy for naira and kaira ki dono apne behen bhai ki khusi ke liye ladd liye aur yahan pe audience me puri sympathy naksh ko mil rahi hai every1 is crusing karthik for naksh this is true back-fire man and yes keesh ki proper glimpesbhi nahi aayi isse accha news me dekh lo
      magar yaar yrkkh dekhne se mujhe ye pata chala ki mere andar paitence kuch jyada hai i mean i still belive that monday ke episoe me keesh scene fullfledge honge
      am i crazy or what ?

  5. Will be broken*

  6. Hi everyone,
    Disturbed and sad…. Planning to quit watching the show.

    1. Kaina1

      planning ?? abhi tak quit nahi kya ???

  7. They are dragging fight so it is better to read instead of watching

  8. Kaina1

    hello guys i hope that every1 isgoing grt
    CVS thodi bahut sharam karo yaar aisa kyu kar rahe ho pure insta twitter pertumhegali pad rahi fir bhi akal nahi aa rahi isse accha hai ki keesh scene news segment me dekh lo usme cum se cum 5 min toh dikhate hai anyways episode KEESH SCENE WERE FANTABALOUS FULL TO SHITI-MAAR AWW OUR NAKSH KNOWS EVERYTHING AM SO PROUD TO SUPPORT U “KEERTIJI MERI PATNI KE BAARE ME AISA MAT BOLIYE” hayeeeeeeeeeeee me sadke jaoun kisiki nazar na lage thu thu you know what guys keesh scene are 100 sunahr ki ek luhar ki and yes keerti look so beautiful simple yet elegant hmm am impressed and dear cvs have u lost ur brain i mean keerti dosent know anything there is so much that you can show nakshhelping keerti baisa revolting as she wanted naksh dhulan to be like akshara keerti learning things magar nahi tumhe toh sahe hue maare hua rote hua kaira se fursat mile tab na
    anyways ek baat or koimujhe explain karega ki “tum ho to sab kuch naya hai”song kaira ki situation ya fir diwali ke occassion par kaise fit bath raha hai ?? and yes that song belong to naksh uski bday party me baja tha uski har cheez iss sadhe hue syco karthik ko dedo ANYWAYS GUYS DID U NOTICE KAIRA ARE INDEED INSIPIRE BY KIDS DEKHO UN DO BACCHO KO LADTA DEKH KHUDBHI LAD LIYE yaarinse acchi toh meri 5 saal ki behen hai atleats usse pata hai bhara ladna nahi hota and yes in dono ki aarti kyu utar rahe the aur nazar bhi utar kyu koi jang fateh ki hai in dono ?? cvs in ke saade hue chera ikha sakte ho magar keesh ke scene dikhane me tumhari jaan jayegi and ISS EPISODE ME ARYAN KEHTA HAI KI USNE BANGLE DEKHE USKI MAA KE HAATH ME AUR USNE APNI MAA KA CHEHRA NAHI DEKHA matalb bangle kidesign dekhi or maa ka chehra nahi bhai kabhi toh galtise dimag use kar liya karo kuch bhi matalab kuch bhi aurhaan rajshri bada keh rahi thi naira dard chuparahi kaheka chup rahi pure khandaan ko pata hai ki inki ladaai hui hai matalab hadd hai tareef bhi jhooti anyways guys is there any compettition going on b/w goenkas lady ki ears me earing ko chod kar kon eiffle tower pehenga i mean surekha is literally wearing bells in her ear suwarna inke baare me kya kahu aur naira ye toh hai chalta firta jewellary ka makan

  9. Fed up.. CVS don’t you gave any sense… If you want to rush up and show only kaira why the hell you gave keesh in your serial and rest others .. there s no role to play gmfir Keesh as well as other relations.. please rishi and mohena do quit the show it would be better for your career. You both have gud fan clubs do some other projects defenitely you gonna win hearts and reach places.. and CVS please change your serial name to KAIRA.. it’s no more yrkkh.. and no more our yrkkh.. it’s jus KAIRA .. that 2 min Keesh scene made my day but still felt bad y did I watch the show

  10. Aku

    My suggestion to all of you guys.. CVs Ko yeh baat smj Ni a Rahi hai.. it’s better to start showing your love for our very dear CVs and start bashing on India forums cz I heard they read India forums

  11. Aku

    Guys the only way to make CVs understand that we hate kaira is go on India forums and comment they do read that..

  12. Dadi goenka, thank you so much, you are very cute, sweet, beautiful, loving, caring because you are bringing kartik naira together always. So thats why I love you dadi goenka. I know that kartiks anger for his sister kirti on naksh and naira is also right, but naksh and naira is also not wrong, naksh and naira did not do this intentionally to hide the truth. And kartik should understand this and say sorry to both naksh and naira. So please please bring kartik naira together always because kartik naira is the main lead couples and always be. And also please please don’t separate both the couples keersh and kaira. Please please bring kartik naira together always and also don’t separate naksh kirti also. Please please.

  13. Totally words to explain.just pathetic.

    I ve seen Manish s questioning naksh.they spoil Manish naksh a servant for them.

    All of a sudden others become victim when in actual situation naksh is the victim

  14. exactly keesh its no more our yrkkh its just kaira..anyways I didn’t watch today’s epi I just watched how naksh helped keerti sooo nice,lively,magical,Amazing and what not….and believe me am so so hurt that we just get 10 sec of keesh and other 21 min just kaira it hurts me because I love keesh I want to see their journey…they didn’t show us how they are taking their relation ahead…even before marriage they showed kaira romance so much and after marriage to hadd hai and keesh romantic scene even if naksh holds keerti’s hand thanks to CVS for at least showing us this(my foot)I wonder such a great actors like rishi and naksh are still in yrkkh nooo they deserve much better both are extremely talented and have an excellent chemistry and they are sidelined that’s what hurting me…am not gonna watch this on TV at all…till we get free from kaira overdose…!!!

  15. hi geetika can u plz explain me even nakshara was the main lead couple why did they finished their story?
    even gayu was the main lead why did she left the show??
    even naksh and keerti are the leads and naksh is also nakshara’s son he is also the lead why is he being sidelined???
    plz give some of ur time and answer my questions???

  16. hi dear kaina,fenu,aku,mitra,Missy,keesh and everyone else how u guys r doing?

  17. omg.. just went through all the paragraphs once and saw only Naira, Kartik, Naira Kartik… ENOUGH is ENOUGH now…

  18. Wow!!! Nice episode??
    Belated happy bday Mohsin Khan!!!.
    Love you so muchh??????

  19. As predicted Naksh is making a fantastic husband, the short keesh scene was lovely…. I am so willing for Naksh to speak to keerti before the Goenkas arrive and wreck the whole situation. Karthik & Naira have already made it obvious to every man & his dog that they have had an argument (very mature handling of relationships I must say) … so it’s not going to be long before everyone finds out the cause of the argument & everything is going to come to light & Naksh is going too be made into a villain, before there’s any chance of that happening I hope he speaks to keerthi & tells her the truth.
    I don’t read the spoilers so don’t know what’s about to come.

  20. Shrilatha

    I am so lucky today When I switched on tv I saw kirti coming with rangoli and after that magical keesh scene..and then I know these CVS na ki they will just give one scene so I flipped channel and done with show for today ..I didn’t have to watch that stupid duckling for long.

    Yup one thing I have come across this many times ki kaira is the lead couple for ur one is a lead couple for shows like yrrkh or IB or such shows with full family background…yes once it was Sahara and nautilus but later both I mean both naksh and Naira r leads .both should be given.equal imp.and guys what is wrong with Naira ka jewellery jab full on orienting hai to chudail dikhti hai and when she is not wearing any makeup or like previous two episodes she looks like the people who.sells spinner gadgets on traffic signal..ff.please makeup department develop yourselves

    1. Aku

      When she is a ugly duckling then what can the make up artist do? And she herself loves to look like a bandariya none can help in it..

  21. Shrilatha

    Typo error it’s akshara and naitik

  22. Belated happy birthday Mohsin Khan ………

  23. Aku

    Yaar someone tell me on etching what the hell mahan or great naira has done that everyone is so naira naira naira humhari naira and all bullshit.. usne ab tak except being selfish and self centred hone ke ilava kuch kiya hai? It has always been naksh who has joined relations maintained relations.. and naksh is the elder child of nakshara and he should be given more importance.. naira doesn’t even deserve 0.0000000001% of attention or importance

    1. Shrilatha

      Who r u saying this to aku .these CVS won’t even give a damn to our opinion even if u do dharna.these people have become slaves to such insecure actors ..I don’t know if u agree or not same thing happened in Swaragini show .one person getting all the blo*dy importance even if they don’t deserve it.I really don’t understand why people keep on poking nose in others affairs to prove that they r mahan..I am seriously fed-up of these mahan aatmas.and these insecure people …

      1. Kaina1

        but guys give it a try i think we should all revolt in indian forums shayad tab sun le

  24. Aku

    Did you guys saw Shivangi in mohsin’s birthday bash.. wahan be Fevicol ki tarah attention seek kr Rahi thi.. and bilkul bandariya lag Rahi thi usmei b

    1. Aku

      I meant Fevicol ki tarah Mohsin se chipki huyi thi attention pane ke liye

      1. haha hain maine dekha tha owh post on india forum. I used to like them before but now a days i hate them billions time

  25. Hi, Aku and Shrilatha
    I am not sure but due to the financial stuffs they are centered to one actor may be… I also think the same, Naksh, duggu, lalla, chiku has more importance than that stupid Naira. From the childhood till opening Krishna, supporting family solving problems, bonding with each and every members was wonderful. he was the center of attraction. And now Rishi dev is perfect for taking the show forward. I tried to mail Rishi Dev on facebook too. I wrote addressing Rajan Sahi about the show too. But, i don’t know what kind of contract they have done with Moshin and Shivangi?? mujhe koi batasakte ho?

    1. Kaina1

      dont mail to rishi dev he wont do anything as he is mere actor get rajan shahi attention he is the producer maybe woh sunle contract jo bhi they suck and that what is not working

  26. You are right I think it is all to do with their contracts & probably how much they get paid per episode etc. Because if you notice rajshri mam is getting more importance than the others in lots of scenes, I think maybe they are trying to hold on to her & make sure she doesn’t leave the show aswell … I do like rajshri but in terms of the show it’s strange that anyone would go & live at their deceased daughters Inlaws house for so long ?

  27. Sejsmiles

    Every time naira dances she looks so horrible.

  28. Hi guys, I have commented my frustration in yrkkh frustration thread in India forums.. kindly you people comment it there and address it to Rajan Sahi.. I have commented under name keesh1234

    1. link plez??

  29. Laveena

    Good Epi…

  30. i use to message feedback on his shows since bidaai time .. recently i message Rajan Shahi about current track and about 24×7 kaira he remvoed me from friend list on fb ??
    i wonder who came up with thw idea of shifting akshara naitik to kaira they need medical help..i can’t see a 0.001% reason of making her lead !! they should have shift it ti Naksh.
    talking about Kaira fans on twitter around 20 ppl are active it doenst make thay show is running from them..! check in facebook n insta ppl r equaly liking 2 pairs.. and now a days fans of Keesh is growing i know coz i hands fc’s in both (fb n Insta) ppl take times to message on fb n infrom that they r liking naksh keerti’s stroy.. n they want more of them.. this is what the progerss this couple has got from the glimps of scene which is reaching viewers..
    if we suggest from our comment or post it has been taken as bushing writter and CV..
    i always believe thay if they can’t givs more screen space for keesh itz fine .. but don’t show your editing talent on Keesh scene they even cutting off their parts man.. i so angry with the CV for smashing Keesh entier wedding.. post Bidaai there was a beautiful scebe in care that was also cut off.. !! someone really need tintake ou this kaira bhoot out of CV.. BARC ratings are the best way to reply CV…!!

  31. Hey guys,
    I’m new here and this is my first comment on yrkkh. I’ve bene a silent reader of the comments and I come to this update only to read them so that I’m satisfied that there are a lot of people who think like me.

    I have preached success a level in yrkkh that it’s humanely impossible for me to not cringe at kaira. Naira has just one expression, that of crying or disappointing. Kartik is always angry. They go from being kids to being ugly spoilt little brats. There’s nothing cute about them anymore.

    Call me selfish or whatever, but when I saw the promo of kaira separating, I was so happy that I won’t have to bear their silly romance all the time. But no, the writers love to show this annoying couple in all shades of their relationship, which is now only violent fights or dumb romances. I just hate it. Can’t they just kill them both? I mean they killed akshara, so these two people who have a lot of hate from audience can be killed as well ?

  32. Zac’s comment has taken away the last straw of hope I had. If Rajan Shani has removed you from the fb friends list then that makes it very clear that he has no intention to listen or consider the request of a part of his audience. By the way that was very rude of him to do so too. As u said I too believe that only BARC ratings will teach them a lesson. They will now bring in Keesh judai which will fetch them trp but the credit with go to kaira’s Milan.

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