Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh waiting for Tara. Aditya quietly makes Tara hide, while Sangram comes there. Sangram asks whats happening. Aditya says nothing. Sangram leaves. Ananya asks Naksh to dance. Ananya and Yash dance on the song Ranjhana hua mai tera……….. Everyone play dandiya. Naksh also dances with them. Naitik and Akshara are on the way. Tara is trying to go out with Aditya and her friend’s help. Dada ji comes there and Aditya gets tensed. Dada ji does not see Tara. Naitik gets the car repaired and they leave for the dandiya function.

Ananya says I don’t think she will come. Yash says I told you she won’t come. Ananya says we will leave now, come Naksh. Aditya lies to Dada ji. Naksh gets sad and hits the car. Tara walks by behind him. Naksh hears anklet’s

sound and smiles. He says she has come, I told you she will come. He goes to Tara and stops her. Music plays……………. They smile seeing each other. He compliments her. He thanks her for coming for him. She says she came for her friends, she lied to her Dada ji.

He says very good, you have come for me, I know. Ananya smiles seeing Tara. Naksh introduces Ananya. Naksh and Tara play dandiya on the song dhol baje re…………….. The anklet falls and Naksh makes Tara wear it. Naitik and Akshara come there. Akshara looks for Naksh. She sees Yash and Ananya, and thinks with whom is Naksh dancing. Ananya tells Yash that she thinks she has seen Naitik and Akshara. Yash sees them and they turn to other side. They wonder what to answer them about Naksh.

Naitik and Akshara play dandiya. Naitik asks what is she thinking. She says nothing, and looks around. Naksh plays dandiya with Tara and smiles. They both come behind Akshara and were getting face to face. Akshara catches a glimpse and power goes. Akshara tells Naitik that she has seen Naksh with some girl. She says Naksh took 4 passes of this event. Naitik asks what.

Tara says she has to go. Naksh says listen. She asks him to call Preeti. He sees the gift and thinks to stop her. Naitik asks Akshara not to waste time after him, he is happy that she lied to him about love and came here to spy on their son. She apologizes to him and asks him not to get annoyed. She says I admit I came here to see Naksh, I wanted to know for whom is that fourth pass, is my worry wrong. He says this way is wrong, you ask Naksh. She says I asked him, he lied to me. He says when Naksh knows this, what will he think, how will his friends think.

Tara waits for his friends. Naksh practices to ask her will she be his GF. He gets nervous and she does not understand. Akshara says I m mum, I m worried for my son. Naitik says its his age to get attracted to a girl. She says I have problem that he is lying. Naitik says maybe he is not comfortable to share things with me. She says maybe he won’t share. He asks her not to trouble him.

Ananya calls Naksh and asks where is he. Yash says Naitik and Akshara are here, just leave before they come. Naksh says this would be mum’s idea, I have to leave. Tara’s friends come and Tara says she will go with them. Naksh stops her and says he will drop them. Her friend agrees to take lift and they sit in the car. Akshara says If Naksh chooses a wrong girl. Naitik says give him time, don’t worry, come. Tara sits in backseat. Naitik and Akshara are after Naksh’s car. Naksh gets down the car to pay parking charges. Another car comes in between. Naitik and Akshara do not see Naksh. Naksh leaves with the girls.

Dada ji looks for Tara and calls her name. Aditya stops him and asks whats the matter. Aditya asks her not to disturb Tara, he asked her to memorize the lecture. Dada ji says fine, I will just see her. Aditya says I m awake for her, if she takes more time, when will I sleep. Dada ji says let me see once. He hears Tara memorizing lecture and smiles. Aditya gets relieved. He asks Dada ji not to disturb her now. Dada ji says fine, and scolds him for going to play dandiya, now he has to massage his legs, this is his punishment. Aditya says fine, and thinks its good tape recorder played on right time.

The elders talk about Naitik and Akshara going to play dandiya. They come home and Akshara asks about Naksh. She goes to see him. Naitik tells them about Akshara’s fear that Naksh is finding bahu for her. She says Akshara is not in his house. Naitik says I will call Naksh.

Naksh drops Tara home. He hides under the bed and hears Dada ji scolding some man arrogantly. Tara looks on from her room.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Fantastic episode!!! I love Naksh’s dandya dancing~

  2. Tara’s escape was very funny! Terrific precap!! Um eagerly waiting for next episode. I hope Naksh will be f9..

  3. Akshara is worrying too much. Pls give some space to Naksh. He is not da little boy anymore.

  4. Naksh is very awesome!!! He dances very well today. 🙂

  5. Akshara was lukn vRy vRy hOt 2day___

  6. Akshara seems irritating sometimes…come on.. give your kids some space..always spying them.. questioning them like .. where , what, why…

    1. True.. Pia and Raunak. She becomes too much sometimes.. She wants to know everything about her college going son. But she can hide important things from her family members.

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