Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik asking staff to have lunch, he will have lunch and join them. Naksh goes to dhaba and asks for Chole bhature. The man says we have it, do you want to have it or take parcel. She says no, I have to make it for my husband. Kartik calls home. Maid answers. He asks for Naira. She says she is not at home. Naira kneads Maida. She makes Chole bhature. Kartik says where is she, come soon, I m very hungry. Naira thanks the man. The man says I m glad your work is done. She checks Kartik’s missed calls and calls back. She leaves. Kartik says she did not come till now. Naira reaches office and goes to him. She says so sorry, I got late. He says its fine, sit, we will have food. Manager asks him to come to conference room, clients are not listening. Kartik goes. He gets

busy. Naira sees him and says you stayed hungry, I got late. She holds ears. Kartik smiles and signs her. Peon asks her will she have tea or water. She signs no.

Surekha says Naira got annoyed with me, don’t talk to her, else she will think I complained to you. Dadi gets angry. She asks Suwarna about Naira. Suwarna says she took lunch for Kartik. Dadi says we would have sent lunch for Kartik, why did she go today. Suwarna asks did anything happen. Naira says I could not feed Kartik, now the Bhature would be bad. Kartik comes and asks why did she come late, get out, else I will go. She says sorry and cries. He goes and comes. He holds ears and says sorry, I was joking. She apologises. She says I m bad, I don’t deserve to be your wife, I ruined your life. He says you can get anything for me. She asks did you not have anything in meeting. He asks why did you not have food, I have a solution. Manish says they left from office. Akhilesh says don’t know why they did not come. Surekha says I will call them. Dadi says where did they go. Suwarna says Naira messaged they have gone out, they will come if there is some work. Dadi calls Kartik.

She asks where are you two. Kartik says we are at Naira’s house, Naira got Chole Bhature for me, I had to go for meeting. Dadi asks when are you coming home. He says I will come in some time. He asks Naira to have Chole bhature stall. Naira says its Devyaani’s recipe. Kartik says my fate is good, I got this Chole Bhature. He feeds Naira and holds her hand.

Dadi says its limit. Suwarna says they would have not gone there for lunch. Dadi says don’t take her side, she argues with Surekha and went office, then she took Kartik there, if girl does not leave love for Maayka, her house breaks. Dadi waits for them. Surekha asks Lav and Kush to have milk. They refuse.

Naira and Kartik come home. They give kachoris to kids. Kids eat it. Dadi looks on. Kartik says Naira made great food. Akhilesh says so you have come, good, we will have meeting outside. Kartik asks Naira not to wait for him and sleep. They go.

Surekha asks kids to go and brush teeth before sleeping. Dadi says Naira, when you have to make something different than menu, ask elders, taking Maayka’s help is not good, get ready in morning and wear yellow, its auspicious. The man says Kartik joining office is good, we should not delay for finance. Manish smiles. He says you have to go Delhi for project approval. Kartik asks him to go. Akhilesh says I think you both should go, work will be done soon. Kartik says then Akhilesh will come with me and lead project. Akhilesh says no need. Kartik says you worked a lot and have right to come ahead, you will lead this project, we won’t discuss more. Manish looks on.

Naira gets a yellow dress and says Dadi will be glad. Kartik comes. She gets scared. He says I m scared. He asks her to sit close, its allowed. She asks what happened. He says I don’t want to go for meeting, I don’t want to leave you and go Delhi, I asked Akhilesh to come along, till when will he stay in Manish’s shadow, everyone does mistakes, but person should get second chance.

She says I don’t know all this, but Manish is the face of the company. Kartik says everyone should get chance, get water. She gives him water. She thinks when we are annoyed with someone, we find everything wrong, I will try to make you realize this. He asks did you add anything special in Chole Bhature. She says secret recipe. They romance.

Its morning, Naitik shows the file sent by Kartik, when I sent thanks, he replied I left job, not concern. Naksh says that’s sweet. A man comes to give message for Naira. Naira and Kartik spend some good time. She says I want to ask icecream. They go and order icecreams. He gets a call. He says fine, I will just come. He says there is some emergency in office. She asks him to go, who will understand our responsibility if we don’t understand, I will have your share of icecream. He says fine, this date is incomplete, I will complete it. She says you have it.

She shouts Kartik and says your fav icecream. She gives it to him. They have it together. He leaves. She gets a call from Naitik. She asks what happened…..

Naitik says your dance academy got permission. Dadi says I can’t give you permission, good family’s daughters wear anklets, not ghungroo, who said all dreams are fulfilled, some break too. Naira gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow full of kaira moments loved it so much.. Waited for this so long… Loved them together today…. Akhilesh chachu is so sweet… Surekha and dadi are good at some times and on ths other hand get angry for petty things really unpredictable character but still like them too… Manish showed his longingness for karthik love ad embrace in his eyes… Hope karthik will stand with naira in the dance academy issue.. Waiting for naira’s dancing roop… Loved it on the whole…

  2. I hate this dadi…naira is a girl that doesn’t mean she cant fulfill her dreams disgusting…

  3. Bull shit old pig face mouth

    1. Is that to your self?

  4. hey Sam wow what a description this dadi needs to stop picking on naira, i think she is probably jealous because she wants a man too,kartik was right when he told her let the two of them live separately infact they were when naira told him let they go back to his parents house i do hope it won’t cost her i hate the fact of living in a house with so many people regardless of who they are i need privacy and with so many people always up in your face,please do not get me wrong my parents or his parents are fine but anyone else no no too many problems are being created by others take for example if naira wants to cook something she has to consult this dadi and that is no right i am not that great to take nonsense from persons if i want to cook something for my husband who the hell is this dadi to stop me we just have to wait and watch but in the mean time dadi needs to butt out

  5. Terrible acting by naira. She gives a lot of gyan but behaves immature.

  6. MohammedJunaid

    Love you kartik naira

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