Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara telling Varsha about Tina. Negi greets them and talks about donation. He asks Pungi to take kids to have food. He asks them to give donation to Tina, she does much work for ashram. Varsha says call her. Negi looks for her and says she went back to ashram, I will send her. Gayu calls Akshara and asks is your puja done. Akshara says yes. Gayu says Naitik sat in puja here. Akshara smiles. Gayu says this time Naira will come back, I have good news, my designs got selected. Akshara says you are talented. Gayu says I want to become like you, when are you coming. Akshara says I will try to come soon. Gayu says bye Maa and ends call. She says I told Maa by mistake, I want to see your reaction when you hear this word from me for the first time, its good you did not

hear this.

Kartik sees Naira crying. He goes to her. She says I did not make your phone fall intentionally, why did you come. He asks her what happened, maybe your BF has run away, or any fight with friend, did you fail in exam, sometimes you should study, tell me what is it, I m getting late. She shouts and asks him to just leave, why is he irritating her and showing as if he is doing a favor. He goes and says that aunty is crying there and here she is crying, don’t know whats happening. He makes a wish to just fulfill Akshara and Naira’s wishes, so that they learn to smile again. He throws a coin in Ganga river.

Everyone smile seeing Mishti dress like a fairy. Mishti thanks Gayu for making her ready. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani give credit to Gayu. Karishma says its purely Mishti’s hardwork. Devyaani says yes, but her Guru is also good. Mishti thanks and hugs Gayu.

Akshara signs the cheque for donation. He thanks her and says these innocent kids will give you prayers. She says they are lovely kids, we want to meet them, where is Tina, can I meet her. He says yes, she came and went, I m also finding her, I will send her. She says I want to meet her, its imp. He asks why, did she do anything, she is good at heart, she is hesitant to meet anyone who comes from Udaipur. Naitik calls Akshara and asks are you fine, did puja go well. She says yes. He says I have flight in evening, I will reach there and call you. She ends call and says there is so much to tell you Naitik, I feel Naira is here around me, I want to meet Tina.

Karishma asks Mishti to have medicines, Akshara is not here. Mishti refuses. Karishma scolds her. Mishti says I will also run away like Naira. Devyaani scolds Karishma and asks her to understand Mishti. Karishma says its not my mistake, I m her mother, every daughter is not Naira, Mishti will not go. Naksh asks her what is she saying. Karishma says Naira got scared of police and run away. Devyaani asks her not to say this. Bhabhimaa says Naitik and Akshara would have got hurt hearing this. Naksh says Naira went and that secret will come out when she returns, don’t say anything to Mishti, else you will regret. Naman says Karishma, don’t say all this, if they know we knew about Naira leaving, then… Karishma asks are we getting punished for our mistake. He asks her not to say this.

Kartik tells Akshara that he got the job, he prayed in their puja, I m leaving tomorrow, it was pleasure meeting you, I have to book ticket and do packing. He goes. Akshara says Varsha, will Tina come, I won’t go without meeting her…. Naira looks on. Naitik calls Akshara. Naira hears her and says Papa, even I want to hear your voice, no one called me princess, I want to hug you Papa. She cries. Naira sees Akshara’s phone there. Akshara gets busy in packing. Naira takes her phone and sees her pic on the screen. She cries seeing her numerous pics. She recalls Akshara’s words and how she got police there.

She calls Naitik….. Naitik answers the call. Naira cries hearing his sound. Dilon ko bandha tha humne……plays………………

Naitik asks what happened Akshara, why are you silent. Naira angrily ends call. She keeps phone back and hides. Akshata looks for her phone and finds her phone somewhere else. She says how did this phone come here. Naitik calls her and asks are you fine. She says yes, why. He says you called and did not talk. She says I did not call, I will check. She checks log and sees Tina leaving. She calls out Tina and goes after her. Naira hides and thinks why is she finding me, did she identify me, no this can’t happen, we did not meet till now, why is she following me. She sees Naitik’s pic in her locket and cries. She wishes Naitik came instead Akshara, I miss Papa a lot.

Naira says I m gone away and will come back. Akshara looks for her. Some drunk men come there and see Akshara. Naira says they may hurt her, why shall I go, she is no one to me. Naira goes. She thinks of Akshara in problem and runs back saying mumma…….She goes not find Akshara there and worries. She hears the men laughing……

Akshara says my heart said she was my Naira. She runs to meet Naira.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Nice episode akshara realise tina is naira

  3. today episode was bang i like the way that naira always miss her dad nd talk to a naitik i really want to watch naitik nd naira scene . nd iam very excited to watch the upcoming episode that naman knows about naira where naira was leave from these few years . i really want it ki ye baat naitik ko pata chale ki naman ko pata thaa ki naira kaha thi nd naitik give him a tight slap in his face after all naira is naitik princess .

  4. plz vote for naitik akshara in a gold award naitik is a best actor for ever nd akshara is best actress nd also vote for a best jodi for ever

  5. naman is such a creepy guy.kya badla badla chi..
    rest awesome epi..1st time naira-naitik scene n she misses papa a lot.KaIra scene is also nice.mohsin n shivangi r adorable together.want more of them n lastly even if naira is angry with akshara but shes still daughter of her loved it how she is concerned abt akshara.loving yrkkh

  6. Soo cute episode. So nice to see family wounds healing slowly. Naman and Karishma need to simmer the hell down they are idiotic and poor mishti. Loving yrkkh atm keep it up

  7. yaar kuch kam toh naitik ko bhi iss serial main kare do i hope ki naitik ko hi pata chale ki naman ko pata tha ki naira kaha hai naitik to yrkkh ka hero hai

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