Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaurya taklking to Naitik. Naitik says I m feeling guilty to lie more, its about Kuhu. Shaurya says I don’t have courage to tell everyone, I thought to put her in boarding school, truth will not come out and my responsibility will be done. Naitik says Kuhu came for her dad and you are saying this. Akshara hears Shaurya and gets shocked. Shaurya says I can’t hurt anyone now, Kuhu will go to boarding school now. She hides and cries. Shaurya leaves. She says what did you do Shaurya, Kuhu is your and Sneha’s daughter, I can’t imagine you are running away from your responsibility, Naitik is not her father and doing so much. I misunderstood Naitik, he is quiet to save my family, Naitik is really good. Naksh comes and she wipes her tears. He asks what happened.

She says nothing. He sees her crying….

Everyone come for holika dahan. Naira asks Naksh about Tara. He says he did not come, she is unwell. Akshara smiles seeing Naitik and recalls his words. Kuhu asks Naitik whats this. Naitik lifts her and tells about holika. He coughs and asks Shaurya to take Kuhu. Shairya tells that truth wins over lie, lies and bad things burn in this fire. Kuhu says mumma said lying is bad. Akshara looks at them. Everyone do puja together. Aisi rasmo kasmo pe……. Plays…. They light the holika and take rounds.

Kuhu stops Shaurya and puts sand on some coal. They all smile. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai….plays……….. Akshara thinks all bad things burn in holika, why is Shaurya’s lie not coming out, I can’t let him send Kuhu to boarding school and do bad with her, I have to tell the truth to everyone, sorry Varsha, you will be hurt the most. Naira hugs Naitik. Naksh hugs elders. Naitik and Akshara have a sweet moment and do each other tilak. Uth rahi hai koi hulchul…..plays….. Naira teases them and laughs.

Varsha asks Shaurya why does he look worried. He says no, I m fine. Shaurya sees Kuhu and worries. Kuhu stands alone. Shaurya goes to her and does tilak to her. Akshara sees them. He wishes her happy holi. She does tilak to him and says happy holi. He sees people around and does not hug her. He goes.

Ranveer says we should leave now. Ananya says yes, everyone would be waiting for dinner at home. They leave. Kaki asks the kids to come and have dinner. They all leave. Naitik stops Naksh and says we did not apply tika to each other. Naksh starts leaving. Naitik asks him whats this way, whats the problem to ignore. Naksh says you… Akshara and Shaurya look on. Naksh says you are problem for me and mumma, tell me whats your relation with Kuhu, why are you silent, I want answer, that too truth. You teach me to be good person, are the rules different for you. Akshara asks what are you saying. Naksh says I m just saying what he is hiding. He says I know Naitik will have list of lies to convince mumma, but I won’t believe, Akshara is asking since long and Naitik is not saying, there is no one to bring as Kuhu’s Papa. Shaurya asks Naksh to calm down. Naksh says no, you don’t know Naitik is fooling us, I have to know who is Kuhu’s Papa, are you not angry Mama ji, Naitik cheated your sister, why should we bear mistake, mumma see Papa is not saying anything, he just loves Kuhu, it would be better if I was orphan than having such Papa. Shaurya gets angry and slaps Naksh.

Shaurya tells Naksh that I m sorry, its not Naitik’s mistake, its my mistake, Kuhu is my daughter. Naksh seems shocked. Shaurya says I have sent Naitik to Hong kong when I got news that Sneha died, I wanted to be with Ananya, she was broken after her relation broke, she needed my support, I told Naitik I will come and take Kuhu, I had no courage to accept truth, Naitik risked all happiness for me, you all doubted him, I m saying truth, Akshara I m really saying truth. Akshara says we know everything, Naksh and I already knew this, Naksh said all that to make you accept truth, Naitik did not tell us anything even when we asked us, but truth does not hide, I heard you both talking when you said you can’t take Kuhu’s responsibility, then I told Naksh, did you not think of Varsha and Ananya, Naitik and I always shared things, he broke promise to save your family, he was ruining his family, what did you do Shaurya, you did not think of your family, how can you be so selfish, you thought about yourself, Naitik was being questioned and you always stayed quiet.

Akshara says I was seeing Naitik worried, he cared for Kuhu more than his own children, he did not break his promise, what did you do, whats Kuhu’s mistake, she is innocent little girl, you did not pity her, how…. Sneha died and you can’t give her love, she is staying in our house, where everyone was asking when will her dad come, why is she bearing punishment, if you had courage to keep relation with Sneha, why don’t you have courage to accept Kuhu. Shaurya says I can accept her, but how to tell Varsha and Ananya, they will be hurt. She says they will be hurt, even I m hurt knowing this. She cries. Naitik says when Shaurya shared this truth with me, I told you this truth will come out. Akshara says Varsha will break down, she loves you a lot, she trusts you. Naksh looks at someone. Akshara sees Naksh turning and she turns to see someone behind….

Shaurya tells family that Kuhu is Sneha and his daughter. They all get shocked. Vishwamber angrily slaps him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. WoWwW!!!! What an episode! Simply mind blowing!!! YRKKH always rocksSs!!!!!!!! ✌?????

  2. Superr se upar..
    U deserve a tight slap…shaurya

  3. This serial is the only ever best true family related serial…..

  4. Nic ep superb.finally truth came out Naksh akshara rockzzz YRKKH the best serial ever

  5. Wow akshara acting was min blowing. Akshara my woman

  6. keeping varsha in mind they should have should shaurya also in good character. May be they can still change the story, showing shaurya and naitik helped kuhu and her mother to get out of some big problem, while solving mother died and even though kuhu not daughter of shaurya and the father a bad man trying to kill kuhu and her mom, but both get helped from shaurya and naitik and later kuhu got saved but her mom dies and later showing kuhu is taken care by both the family. this will keep Naitik and Shaurya character fine….
    Hope my part of story if director and story writer likes it….
    a big fan of yrkk

    1. Yes, they can save Shaurya’s character. Like Sneha was raped and when she was about to commit suicide, Shaurya promised her to be the unborn child’s father.

      But in that case, Kuhu will not belong to that family anymore.Best is Ranveer’s relative is involved or Ranveer’s father himself is Kuhu’s father.

      Felt bad for Shaurya.

  7. Samir I dont like ur story. It is kind of boring. No offense but I get that Shaurya should not be shown bad but he can realize his mitake and varsha and Shaurya can accpet Kuku

    1. no wife will accept husband having affair with another lady and no women may accept child like that, and if shaurya had committed such act, than his character is bad, so any ways shaurya had been in and out of serial, may be this may be end of his character than.

      1. You are right but Shaurya is a good man

  8. This ep was nice but something twist should come for kuhu shuraya must not be her dad.

  9. Please don’t do this to Shaurya or Natik. I have been watching this serial from day one and a huge fan of it. Please change the track some. Both of the families are respectable families in the community as it shown in the serial ever since its started and the families do show a lot of respect for each character and setting up role models in the society so please don’t ruin that image. Please Director change this track somehow.

  10. Nice episode!!!

  11. Very tensed precap….

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