Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh annoyed with everyone. He says no one values me. Akshara says we value you the most. You helped us a lot. Naksh asks what did he do. Naitik says you helped me a lot, you proved your smartness. Naksh says then serve me with good food. Akshara says pizza? You can have it today, as you like. Naksh gets happy and hugs her. Rajshri saus I think we should go to Akshara’s house and know what happened, as Anshu is not saying anything. Kaki says yes, lets go now and ask. Everyone get ready. Anshu comes and stops them asking them not to go, as he will say what happened there. He says nothing happened there between us and them.

Kaki asks then why did you not tell me, if Jasmeet can tell her mum. Jasmeet says I did not tell my mum. Kaki says I heard you talking

to your mum. Anshu says she can’t do this. Jasmeeyt says I was talking about my cousin and her rain leakage problem, you can confirm with my mum. Vishwamber asks what happened there. Akshara asks Naitik to forget everything. Naitik says I m trying, its good you managed, there are many girls in office, we have mutual trust, but will the new girls trust me knowing all this.

He gets sad and says no one will trust me like before, and I will also be careful before talking to any woman. She asks him not to live with any fear and we can’t punish everyone because of her, I know your trust is broken, but we can’t be sad for that. She makes it have pizza. He laughs. Rajshri says you did not tell us such a big thing. Anshu says Akshara stopped us. Jasmeet says we knew all this is lie. Anshu says Akshara called and told everything is fine now and we can tell you all.

Kaki apologizes to them thinking it was their mistake. Anshu says its ok. Jasmeet says don’ you trust me, Akshara is my elder sister, how can I do anything wrong with her. Kaki says sorry. Jasmeet says please clear it if anything such comes in your mind. Rajshri asks Shaurya and Anshu to be careful at work place. Dadi asks them not to scare them, but just alertness is required. Rajshri says we should call akshara. Vishwamber says no, we must go and meet them.

Devyaani says Naitik is lucky to have a wife like you, and praises her. Akshara says I trust him. Devyaani says yes, I can understand your trust, but you have to know people around him. Naksh says he is busy and asks why did Akshara and Naitik came to his room. Naksh says NAman lives her and our secret can leak. Naksh says he is making his gift for Riya. They laugh. Its morning, Akshara tells Naitik she will come office. Bhabhimaa asks Akshara to make bangles for Riya, Naksh insists and they laugh. Akshara gets a parcel for Devyaani. Devyaani tells her dad that it came.

Devyaani says she got the gift and took Rukmani with her to buy this saree. Akshara sees its worth Rs. saree. Akshara sees its worth Rs. 40000 and says it does not look rate worthy. Bhabhimaa says yes, these days they take much money. Akshara asks her to return it, as they will get another one. Devyaani says no, if Rukmani knows this, she will scold me. Akshara says why did you not take me. Devyaani says I thought you won’t have time. At Akshara’s mum’s house, the ladies does tilak to their husbands. Rajshri praises Jasmeet for reminding of Akshara’s 10th anniversary.

Varsha gets sad as no one praises her and gave all responsibility to Jasmeet. Akshara comes to Naman and asks does he want help. He says no, thanks. She says try to end the work within deadlines. Naman says ok. He gets Karishma’s call and starts talking. Akshara sees him not concentrating on work. Devyaani tells Bhabhimaa that Muskaan is busy. Bhabhimaa says about Akshara’s anniversary and asks her to prepare for it. The manager talks to Naitik and Akshara and says he is glad that they got the matter solved. Akshara tells him to check some files as Naman is not doing work on time. The manager likes it. Naitik says I will call Naman. She says let him do his project work first.

She says we took this project only for him. Muskaan and Bhabhimaa see Naksh upset sitting in his tent. Everyone try to talk to Naksh and asks him to come out. Bhabhimaa calls akshara and asks her to come home, as Naksh is very upset coming from school. Akshara asks is he fine, does he gave fever. Bhabhimaa says no, he is fine. Akshara says we have meeting. Bhabhimaa says is meeting important, come home first. Akshara says lets go home, Bhabhimaa is very worried. Jasmeet is unable to make laddoos. Rajshri says we make it by experience. Jasmeet says lets keep theme party for Akshara’s anniversary. Varsha says we will keep light party. I know her very well. Jasmeet says try once, talk to her, else I will ask her what she likes.

Akshara and Naitik come home and ask did he say anything, what happened. Devyaani says its something serious. Akshara says fine, I will talk. Everyone go out. Naitik says get ready for new demand, Akshara says lets see and asks him to come out. Naksh cries. He comes out and hugs her. They get worried seeing him cry.

Akshara tells Naitik how can no one remember out anniversary, maybe they forgot because of Naksh’s matter.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ughh. .i saw in sass bahu aur batteyian…for akshara and natik anniversary. .they r gonna re act how they met and there journey to marriagee.uggh boring

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