Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh saying they will celebrate. Bhabhimaa says our family is big. Preeti calls Naksh and says that puncture mechanic has come back. Naksh says really, I will come. He sees Akshara and asks Naitik to go home, I will just come, I have some imp work. Naitik asks him to say something. Naksh asks Ananya to come and they leave. Tara looks on and says where did Naksh go in hurry.

Akshara comes to her room and smiles by the flowers essence. She asks Naitik did he get all the garden. He says I wanted to bring more and hugs her. They laugh. She asks what was the need to do this. He says my wife won race for me. She says Sangram made me win. He says I will send him some gift. She says life is strange, our thoughts change by one event, I was so scared seeing him

as my driver. He says I was also worried for you. She says when I asked him to take left turn, he did not take the turn and I was worried. He says we did not know this will result good, thank God you won and Sangram changed. She says its good for Tara and Naksh’s relation.

Naksh shows Akshara’s pic to the mechanic. The man says I remember, did she reach home safe. Naksh asks why are you saying this, I wanted to know what happened that day, she met with an accident. The man says I went to village and came yesterday. Naksh says please help me, I will not let you get trapped in any matter. Akshara says Naitik we should tell this to Naksh, as Sangram changed. He says no need to tell him. She says we will not hide this. He says everything is fine. She says this truth will come out some day, what will happen then, we don’t know how will he handle, I will assure him that it was just an accident, Sangram did not push me.

Naksh asks what, is this true. The man says yes, that man was standing there when your mother fell. Naitik says yes, I m praising Sangram, he changed. Akshara says when Sangram has beaten Naksh, Naksh has forgiven him, I hope Naksh forgives him this time too. Naksh says who can it be Ananya Di. Sangram calls him. The man sees Sangram’s pic flashing on Naksh’s phone and says he is that man. Naksh gets shocked. He recalls how Naitik saved Akshara by difficulties, and how she lost her eyesight. He fumes and leaves from there.

Devyaani asks Akshara to win next competition too. Akshara says if I don’t sing well then, there will be good singers. Bhabhimaa says you are best for us. Devyaani says you will win. Akshara says winning and losing do not matter, its big thing I m doing this. Bhabhimaa asks Naitik what will he gift Akshara if she wins. Naitik says organizers will gift her, I did not tell you all before, if Akshara wins, she will have to go Mumbai for one week and record a song. Naman and Karishma hear them. Akshara asks Naitik why did you not say this before. Naitik says that’s why I did not say as you all will refuse. Bhabhimaa says Akshara can’t go there. Akshara says yes, it will be problem. Naitik asks Devyaani or Rajshri to go with Akshara. Akshara asks why not you. They smile and tease Akshara that she wants Naitik to go. Naitik says its rules that female will go with female. Maya says I will go, don’t worry. Naman says if Akshara wins and goes, Naitik will be free and come office, I want time to mislead Naitik.

Tara thanks Sangram for helping Akshara. Sangram apologizes to her. Tara says no, you did not do any crime in Akshara’s eyes, it does not matter if I forgive you or not. He says it matters, if you forgive me, Naksh will do too. She says my reaction depends on Naksh’s reaction, maybe his heart is also big like Naitik and Akshara, and he also forgives you. Dada ji says see I m sure, Naksh will forgive Sangram, there won’t be any problem in your relation.

Naksh is on the way and recalls Akshara’s state. Ananya asks Naksh not to do anything wrong. He says don’t stop me, no need to tell someone. She says Bua has hidden this, she may have thought something. He says I know, that’s why I feel guilty, I can’t believe she is in this state because of me, she could have died, her accident and blindness is because of my and Tara’s relation, I m sure Naitik knows this, so he was worried today for the race as he knew Sangram is with Akshara, he did not tell me. Everyone wonder where is Naksh. Akshara says he did not tell Tara too before leaving. Dada ji is glad and talks to Sangram.

Naksh and Ananya come there. Naksh holds Sangram’s collar and says you thought I will not know truth, I know it now. He says Dada ji I m angry on you too, you said Sangram is innocent, Sangram tried to kill Akshara and made her fall in water, see what I do. He raises hand to beat Sangram. Tara holds Naksh’s hand.

Bhabhimaa says our Naksh has grown up, and can take up responsibility, now think about his marriage. Bau ji says yes, why not. Devyaani also agrees. Naitik and Akshara get thinking. Tara says don’t do this Naksh. Naksh says do you know Sangram tried to kill my mumma, I have proof today, he is the man, my mum is in this state, I will not leave him. Tara stops Naksh and says please leave him. Naksh says I don’t know him, you know I was finding that man desperately, and today you don’t believe me, ask your Dada ji.

Tara cries and says I don’t want to ask anyone. Naksh looks on stunned and says it means you knew the truth, tell me. Tara says yes Naksh. Ananya and Naksh get shocked.

Tara says I got to know some time back. He says you did not feel right to tell me. She says no, I wanted to say but… He asks did Dada ji or Sangram stop you, I did not know my love is not important in your life, I m more hurt as you have hidden this, you cheated me Tara. She says no, I did not cheat you, but Akshara… He says she would have stopped you saying Naksh will break relation, now I know it and I should ideally do what you were afraid of, so I break my relation with you right away. They all get shocked. Naksh says its all over.

Naksh tells Akshara that Sangram tried to kill you, I have punished you. Akshara says I knew you will do this. Naksh says I have broken all relations with Tara. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. u did right thing..i dont like tara.. she looks so stupid she doesnt match naksh at 1 percent also.. director remover umanj jain and bring anew girl in naksh life..pls director sahab..she doesnt match naksh at all.pls pls pls…even request director,producer sirs plss…i want reply backk whether u r going to change naksh life patner.. plssss change her..plsssssssssssssssssss

  2. Fida….director wil not giv u a reply bac

    nd nakshatra will get sorted out soon as LUV IS NOT DEPENDENT ON BEAUTY

    akshra wil nake evrything fin bac lol

  3. Vanshika Pathak

    No..naksh don’t do this to Tara she is very NYC ..and I think they look perfect match acc to me akshara plz do something

  4. Ravi Kinderkhedia

    This serial are now so boaring and so bad… now plz try some new episodes.. something new required in the serial. Akshara is like looking so intellegent in serial where she is already blind then how she is so sharp??. Plz try something new otherwise finish serial..

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