Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Varsha saying I told Savita that Ananya has better guy than Ranveer. They all smile. Varsha apologizes to all of them as she argued with everyone, she disrespected elders. Rajshri says you have much happiness to us now and hugs Varsha. Shaurya says it was my mistake too, Varsha rectified her mistake, I don’t know will I be able to rectify my mistake or not. Varsha says no, you made me realize my mistake, I got angry and told a lot to you.

Varsha asks Akshara shall I say thanks or sorry, what shall I do, how to convince you, tell me. Akshara asks shall I tell you and hugs Varsha. They cry. Akshara says I will beat you. Varsha asks why did you not beat me. Akshara says I thought, but you are my Bhabhi. They all smile. Akshara and Varsha argue. Rajshri

says I will not come between you two. Ananya smiles. Nannu plays song. They all dance happily.

Devyaani tells everyone that Ananya is very happy that marriage broke, everyone is happy. Baisa asks whats this, marriage broke and they are happy. Bhabhimaa says few time sorrow is good to prevent lifetime sorrow. Baisa says we got Karishma as bahu and see the result, Naman and Karishma are staying away. Devyaani says Karishma is nice girl. Baisa says yes, Tara is also good, I m bad, I give advice when none asks me, I care for you all that’s why I say all this, do what you all find right.

Bau ji asks why are you saying this, you are our elder. Baisa says you all don’t need elders now. Rajshri tells Dadi that Ananya’s face has peace now. Dadi says yes, if result is good, person can do anything, else small thing looks a mountain. Rajshri says yes, if Ananya married Ranveer, her self-identity would have ended. Jasmeet says we have also shaken her self-confidence till now, I know looks are imp, but thinking does not depend on looks, we know Ananya very well.

Naira, Naksh and Yash put mattresses. Mishti asks them to make her swing in the sheets. Varsha says I feel light heart. Everyone smile. Guard hears some sound and goes to see. Someone makes guard unconscious. Naitik sees Naira and asks Akshara did you talk to Naira. Akshara says yes, she also felt it was her imagination. Akshara says I feel did Tarun really come here, I think this can’t happen. He asks her to be alert and take care of Naira. The goons wearing masks come there and enter home. Naksh and Yash see a cockroach and get scared. They ask each other to take that mattress. Nannu comes and throws plastic cockroach. He laughs on them. Naksh says I was not scared, and they go. The goons come there.

Naira tells Naitik that she is going to brush, she has eaten snacks and has some tooth pain. Naitik says I will come along, even I have tooth pain. She says you are so cute. The goons see Naira’s pic. Shaurya applies some cream to Ananya’s hand. She hugs him and says I missed you a lot. He says sorry, I missed you too, I won’t go till things get fine. She says I feel protected when you are here. He says I will not leave anyone if they do anything. She smiles.

Akshara tells Tara that everything is fine, inform Dada ji. Tara says its fine as Ananya is happy. Akshara says yes, its imp to be happy as its lifelong relation. Tara asks about girls changing after marriage. Akshara says some adjustments have to be made, its not called change. She ends call. Tara asks Preeti what did aunty mean, will I change completely. She holds her medal and asks does this happen with everyone. Preeti says yes, my mum says this. Tara is confused. Preeti says what can we say, Ranveer was looking something and now we saw a new side. Tara says marriage is just blind game.

Dada ji asks Tara did she talk to Naksh. Tara says no, I spoke to Akshara, she said everything is fine. Dada ji says she is courageous, I m proud of her, I misunderstood her initially, very few people say truth on face, Akshara said on the face what she felt is right, if we got such people like Ananya’s inlaws, what would have happened, its good we got to know truth soon, Akshara took the right decision. Its bad to stay in wrong relation and bear things, Ananya’s life got saved. Tara says I m glad to know you think this way. Dada ji says I m thinking such now, we understand few things when it happens, I m happy I m giving you to such mature woman, you also try to become like Akshara. He asks Preeti how is she. She says fine. Dada ji goes. Tara says I don’t know am I thinking right or what Dada ji is saying, he is also right.

Naira goes to change clothes. Naitik gets Keshav’s call and gets busy. The goons see Naira going and say this is her father, go and beat him. Naitik hears some sound and ends call. He asks Naira is everything fine. Naira says yes. Naitik says I thought.. Naira says I m not getting my night suit, I got it now. He says fine and hears some sound again. The goon enters the place. Naitik goes out and sees some pebbles fallen. Naira opens the door and gets shocked seeing the goons. They make her smell chloroform and hide her. Naitik says what was that sound, was that Tarun. He goes to check Naira. The goons hide with Naira. Naitik asks Naira is she in washroom. Goons prepare to attack Naitik. Naitik turns.

Omi says we got police to find Naira. Naitik says but we have police in room. Inspector says we just came with your Bau ji. Akshara asks then who are they in her room. She rushes to Naira’s room.

Update Credit to: Amena

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