Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik telling Bau ji and Naman about queen sending the diamond to them. Bau ji asks him to talk in low tone, as walls also have ears. He asks Naitik to be careful. Naitik says we deal with diamonds but this one is special. The ladies come and they hide the matter. Naman asks why did he not say. Bau ji says its business talk and no need to tell them, else they will lose sleep to take care of it. Naksh hears them and says he will tell everyone. They try to stop him. Naksh says he has to tell big secret and smiles. Akshara asks him to say.

Naksh says Papa has pink rock and he was telling them, and hidden from you. She asks him to study and its wrong to pass on such info by hearing anyone. The ladies think what did he say and its some secret. Muskaan says

I think Naksh heard something wrong. Naman says no one understand that pink rock is diamond. They get glad and leave. Rukmani says she will call on office and talks to her husband Virender by changing voice, to show she is someone else. Virander scolds her and says he is married. She gets glad and Mohit and Nandini hear her.

Mohit asks her to stay with dad if she doubts on him. She says she got doubt as times are not good. Mohit says dad can’t do this, you should not have doubt in your heart. Muskaan and ladies guess about sarees and what suits to wear in marriage. Bhabhimaa says we will ask Alok to give his family what gifts we should give them. The plan for shopping. Akshara says I need to buy holi items too. The men from queen’s palace comes with a box. Naitik welcomes them

The ladies get puzzled. Naitik takes the diamond and letter. The man asks him to be careful as its very costly. Naitik says yes don’t worry. The ladies think who are they. Naman says lets go to room and see. Akshara asks Naitik what is it. Naitik says office supply and lies to her. They go to room and open the box. They see the pink diamond and smile. Bau ji says if they like the work, we will get all the marriage work.

The hide it seeing Karishma and Muskaan come. Naman throws the box and the diamond falls outside. The girls give them tea and try to find out. They leave. Naman picks the box and does not see the diamond. He asks Naitik to keep it safe. Naitik keeps it inside the safe. He says I will make designs and show them, and have more security. The ladies doubt on them and Akshara tries to find out what are they hiding. Bhabhimaa makes the men busy.

Akshara goes to cupboard. She gets the box and sees its empty. She does not see the diamond fallen there and keeps the empty box back. The ladies wait for Akshara to return. Akshara looks in drawer and tables. Naitik makes the list and asks Bhabhimaa to say anything else. Akshara comes and signs no. They see each other. Bhabhimaa says now you guys do your work.

Maheshwaris talk about Muskaan’s marriage and Akshara will have problem as she has two kids.Varsha sees Jasmeet tensed and asks her. Jasmeet says nothing. Kaki asks her to say. Jasmeet says my parents fought and it happens often, I was not there to manage. They say they will solve it themselves. Jasmeet says she is tensed. Rajshri says she has an idea, call your mum here, give me phone, I will invite her, when Pammi stays here, we will find way to convince Sethi.

Dadi says this is Jasmeet’s house and Pammi can come. Jasmeet smiles. Akshara says we wll go to market and come. Bhabhimaa asks them to come soon before Naira gets up. Naitik tells Naman that he did not tell Akshara and they are leaving for office. Bhabhimaa asks them to do marriage arrangements too. Naksh says he will come with Akshara. She asks him to stay with Naira. Naitik gets the box and it falls. The box opens and they are shocked seeing it empty. Naman says its empty and panics. Bau ji asks where did it go.

Naitik rushes to safe and they try to find it in the room. Naksh sees them finding something in the room. Akshara talks on phone and is parking her car. She says so much time passed, I have to go home before Naira comes. Other cars get parked around her and she gets packed. She plays horn for help. Naksh asks Naitik what is he finding. Naitik asks him to go. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa come and see the men messing the room. Bhabhimaa asks Naitik whats the matter. She asks Bau ji to say whats going on. Akshara says is this way to park cars, how will I get out. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa are shocked knowing about the diamond gone missing, while Akshara is stuck in parking lot.

Muskaan tells Naitik that Akshara dropped them and went to park her car, and she is nowhere. He asks how can this be possible, find her there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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