Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bau ji saying this phase comes in every father’s life. Naitik says I wish Akshara was with me, please come back Akshara. Manish says Kartik came back but is still away. Suwarna cries and says he was away from us and went close to that family, he did not hurt your heart intentionally. Manish says his words strike my heart, there is something that’s why he has anger and annoyance, he did not say anything. Baisa says elders managed the matter, we have to tell Naira to obey elders. Varsha says its wrong, Naira should support truth. Devyaani praises Naira and Kartik. Varsha says whats relation if person can’t say whats in heart. Devyaani says honesty is needed in relations, apart from love.

Naira calls Kartik and says he always does tar tar and now not

answering my call. She gets his long message. He tells her about his dream, they were in snow and she was looking beautiful in punk saree. She says I can do anything to make his dream true. Suwarna asks Dadi did you call me. Dadi says Kartik does not regard you Yashoda, but you regard him Kanha, mother has duties, you have to do many duties and arrangements, how will you know this, your marriage happened without any rituals, but this time I don’t want to make any mistake, I will manage everything, I want to match Kartik and Naira’s kundli, I will not repeat mistake, go and get her kundli tomorrow morning. Suwarna asks shall we wait. Dadi says you did not become good Goenka bahu, atleast become good saas, inform them you are coming. Dadi goes. Suwarna prays and believes Lord will not let anything wrong happen.

Kartik comes to meet Naira and thinks why did Naira call me here. He sees the snowfall. He turns and sees Naira in pink saree. He recalls his dream. They both run to each other and smile. He says then shall we…. for our relation fixing. She asks did you wear this in dream, you said we have worn matching. He removes jacket. She smiles seeing his pink shirt. He gives his hand and dances with her. Sajde me yun hi jhukta hun……Khuda jaane……plays……..They romance and hug. Their dance ends. He says I can’t believe this is happening in reality, I saw this dream many times. He holds her close. They have sweet talk. She says this is chiffon saree and its cold, I m shivering, start dream’s real version soon, else I m going. He says no, you are my film’s heroine. She says your film is flop. He says I don’t know how to start, do you have any idea. She smiles and takes him to the bench. She shows him the chocolate muffins.

Chukar gai teri chuan….. They cut the muffin. They feed each other the cake and talk. She laughs. Yaha wahan……plays….. He holds her and gets close. She says enough, your picture and dream ended. He asks how, picture is still left. She says your game is over. He says its my dream, how can you end this. She says I m heroine and can do anything. She goes. He says she always rules, evem after marriage she will dominate.

Devyaani worries why Suwarna called and informed she is coming. She asks shall we inform Gayu. Naitik says no, Gayu will tell Naira, they will worry. Suwarna comes and greets them. She says sorry we wanted something from you all. Bau ji asks what, tell us. She says Naira’s kundli, don’t you all believe in it. Naitik says sorry, we don’t have kundli. Baisa asks her to take birthdate and time and make kundli. Baisa gives her. Suwarna thanks her and says I can send Kartik’s kundli if you say, you can show pandit. Naitik says no need, we know Kartik well, kundli can’t tell us more about him. Suwarna greets them and leaves. She sees Kartik and Naira coming. Kartik says you here…. Naitik says she came to meet us. Naira takes blessings. Kartik says you would have not come just like that, I know, you don’t try to interfere in my life, don’t try to become my mother. Naira looks on. Suwarna smiles and goes.

Dadi says we had to do puja according to kundli, and what did you say about Kartik’s marriage, your mum in law called and congratulated me. She remarks Kirti’s dressing is bad. Kirti says I just happily told her, sorry. Dadi asks when are you going. Kirti says not so soon. Dadi says I will talk to your husband. Manish says I met him, he did not say when will he come to take you, all well? Is there anything. Kirti says no, its all fine. Manish asks her to call him. Kirti says his call came, I will talk and come. Dadi tells Manish that she asked for Naira’s kundli. Manish asks her to handle things.

Suwarna comes and tells Dadi that Naira’s kundli is not there, they gave me birth date and time, they don’t believe this. Dadi says you would be happy to get such relatives, they are forgetting traditions, leave everything on me, I will ask pandit to make kundli, if there is any dosh, I will manage. Baisa asks are you all annoyed with me. Naitik says no, you did not do wrong. Bau ji says Naitik is right. Baisa says many people believe in that, I thought they will be annoyed if we refuse, I don’t want any more troubles. Naitik says you did right, it will happen what’s in Naira’s fate, Kartik and Naira are made for each other and face all problems. Devyaani says if they change decision by kundli matter. Bau ji asks her to trust Lord. Naitik says Kartik and Naira should not know this. Kartik asks Naira to talk to Naitik and not lose temper, its our mistake, we did not give papers to Naitik on time. Naira asks why do you get angry on your mom, she is so nice, I like talking to her, she got related to us, maybe she just came to discuss this. Kartik says she always interferes in my life. Naira asks what happened, tell me, why did you get silent, you can share with me.

Pandit tells about kundli problem. Kartik comes home bit hurt, Dadi worries for him. She says its because of grah dosh right. Suwarns informs Naitik that Naira and Kartik’s kundlis are not matching.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Tvfan1

    Hello everyone! Don’t worry will match. According to the spoilers.. Anyway today’s episode was sooooooo awesome and romantic I love you kaira.. 10/10 how about u? I was waiting sooooooo long for this episode!

    1. for me it was 8/10

  2. Vrushy

    I hate this kundalii !!
    Why is this track prolonging so much ?!! What about karthik’s brother who would be gayu’s love interest. Also if keerti is married than there is some problem in her married life as she would than pair with naksh. Uffff….. soo much confussiion !!
    As for todays episode only the dream was the best part. Kaira and yaha waha song are a pure bliss together !!
    Kaira should not get married so soon. Want their relationship phase to last a bit longer !!

    1. Same Vrushy…I hate this Kundali drama!!!

  3. What a romantic episode. Sry for not updating regularly and thank U for all yrkkh fan for accepting me as your sister. My name is Ishwarya all are called me as ishu and my age is 15.

    1. Hi Ishu you are welcome

    2. Hi Ishu you are welcome. .

  4. Hi my yrkkh family members
    Love today’s episode……the dream that they make real was just outstanding….love kaira?there r lots of drama and twists waiting for us I think…..I have seen a video of kaira’s engagement..
    Good night everyone

  5. Ohh God…Kaira’s scene was sooooooo romntic…They looked so pretty…nd my “Sinu bby” was jst awsm…kitna hndsm lag rha tha…Aur uska smile!!!tauba tauba…aisE hi slta rha to kisi din main hrt attck se mr jayungi…I lv u sinu bby…
    Bt mujhe karthik k dadi ka sense of humr kuch smjh nehi aya..Singhaniya fmily ko outdated bola jbki unki hi fmily kuch mamlo me outdated hai…keerti ko office na jane dena,hr bat br tokna,yeh mt krna woh mt krna.. Aree yeh konsi nye jmane ka soch hai…Kitni narrw minded hai unki soch…
    ovrall the episode was nyc…

  6. Hi Pat di, Thank u soo much.! It means a lot that u care for me.! Hi all, Todays epi. was okay okay. I think storyline is being dragged unnecessarily. Karthiks Dream turning into real was only the part that I Loved today! Good Night, Sweet Dreams, Take care all of u.!!

  7. Hi to my new , big and expanding YRKKH family Aniket, Pat Didi(elder sister), Shilpa, Soumya , Aliya Khan, Pawan, Adi , Kajol , Vrushy, Trisha, Riya, Sruthi, Has , Shopie , Divi , Aarti , Ponkuri , Ritz, Sanjana , Heshani , Sachiu , Riya , Karishma , Raven, Ishika , trishi , maria , Paakhi , Nikhil , Chanya , Shesha , Amalina , TV fan1 , Lasyashree.10 , Pari , Trusna , Ishu (Ishwarya) and all other YRKKH fans and silent comment readers. How are you guys??? I hope all is well !!!

    Thank you Aliya , Aniket , Twana , Soumya , chanya , Pat Didi and everyone for your wishes and sorry if I have missed anyone names.
    Hi Aniket I support your Sanskriti wala thinking and is glad that some you guys do think about our decreasing culture and Sanskriti.
    Hi vrushy , keep it up your excellent work FF yaha waha hai tu. This is superb . Till now you have posted 9 episodes of your FF , but I am sorry till now I have read only 3 episodes of your FF yaha waha hai tu and 6 is remaining because I am busy in my exam . And I promise you that I will read all your FF yaha waha hai tu after 29 . Though my exam will end on 9 February but I will get some time after 29 and so I will read remaining FF. Till now , episode 3 , I have thoroughly enjoyed your FF and these are awesome.

    Bye to everyone as I have to study for exam. Sorry guys but bye . You all take care of yourself.

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      And don’t be sorry, it means a lot to me that even though you have exams going on you took out time to read my work.
      Glad that you liked it !!

    2. Best of Luck for your exam Rahul….

  8. Thank u Rahul Bhai to support my thinking! Hi All, Heres an announcement, Our family of 20members is expanded to 23members and new 3members are- Pari, Trushna, Tvfan1. Sorry guys I know I have hurted u all, But according to our tradition we rectify our mistakes, and thats what I did! But plz frnds now I request there must not b any more expansion of the family. I am Sorry Pari, Trushna, Tvfan1! Plz forgive, and Welcome to the family!

    1. Hey aniket…plz dnt be sry…. I m sry for that mistyped comment of mine n hurting u…sry…nd thanq for including me in ur grp….
      I got to know that were unconscious for 2 days… Are u fine now???

  9. So now full and final 23 members of our family r- Rahul, Shilpa, Aniket, Pat, Pawan, Soumya, sachu, Sophie, Aliya, Twana, Riya, Sruthi, Vrushy, Adi, Trishi, Garima, Ishika, Chanya, Shesha, Ishu, Pari, Trushna, Tvfan1. Listen all of u, I am not restricting other ppl from commenting, but I am just saying that our family is now completed! I hope u all support me, and now not add more members. Last time only Adi and Pawan supported me but this time I want from u all.

    1. I am with you Aniket…

    2. I m also with u aniket bhaiya

    3. TYSM Sophie di and Soumya..!

  10. guys we are all here to comment on serial and give our opinions and not discussing our personal lives on this forum.
    anyways kaira should get married soon. akshara should come back soon.
    if kaira dont get married it will be a very sad serial.

    1. Hi Ridz, please don’t forget that we aren’t all here just to talk about personal lives as we do talk about the episode as well. And also no rules say that we aren’t allowed to make friends on the forum, but thanks for your input anyway

    2. ridz you really shouldn’t have a problem with us discussing our personal lives…it is really up to us…if you don’t want to discuss it that’s fine….
      And like Adi said…we also share our opinions on the show
      And we are a family..we can share whatever we want

      1. Agreed with u Sophie di… well If some ppl don’t like this… they can stop reading comments na??
        Why waste their time in reading our comments
        Not to hurt u Ridz n am not complaining abt ur opinion.. but we said our opinion..

  11. Hey guys. How is everyone??
    I loved the kaira dance sequence. Also according to the spoilers the kundlis will match. Really hope that dadi and manish acccept naira. I really don’t like how dadi only cares for only kartik. I also feel that the kaira scenes were better before they got togather. All of kartik’s drem sequences were better then. I also think that they shouldn’t show the wedding right now and should wait a little longer.

  12. Hey guys Don’t get pianic all is well

  13. Today was an okay episode but I am hoping the Kundli does match and they don’t drag…

    Apparently rishi dev is replacing naksh how are you guys feeling about this?

    Hope everyone in my yrkkh family are doing well

  14. Hii all
    Good morning all of you
    First of all welcome three of you
    Yes I agree with Aniket bhai that now there’s just not be any explanation of family now
    Coming to episode as aniket bhai and adi bro said I also think they must not drag now. It’s being Lil extra over drama now…..
    I am still missing the comments of aliya Di riya sachu Di Sophie Di….. So please comment as soon as possible…..
    Have a good day all of you……!!

  15. #there must not be any expansion of family now…….!!

  16. kaira bakwass
    naitik akshara romance best

  17. Hiii mere YRKKH family n all other commenters n silent readers
    Love the Kaira scene today!! ?????
    That dream turning to reality is awesome!!!
    Kundli problem! ?
    Hope it won’t seperate Kaira as we’ve seen many seperations of Kaira till date… Don’t want to see anyother problem between them!!!
    How come Dadi is happy with the marriage?
    samaj me nahiii
    Aliyaa kaha hai wo thu??? Itz okay if u r busy with the exam…. but miss ur comments
    Aur Aniket I agree with u… No expansion in hamare parivaar….
    Well that doesn’t mean others can’t comment. They can comment but can’t join our parivaar henceforth….
    Aniket u r fine now na? I mean seriously u were unconscious for 2 days??? ??
    I hope all my bffs are fine….
    Trishi my sleepover was gr8…. How was ur trip?? Hope u enjoyed well lil sis…
    Aur Sophie diii kesehai aap??
    Seems like everyone is getting ready to welcome 2017.. 5 days more na??
    Adi… how r u?
    Riya kaha hai wo thu???? Areee yaar I hope u r fine….
    yeah Ridz we discuss abt the serial na?? But we just like to talk abt the personal lives as well bcoz we all got together through YRKKH and we don’t hv any other place to chit chat u know… Hope u r okay with that??? However happy to know ur opinion abt this ?..
    Chanyaaa how r u lil sis?? Hope u enjoyed ur bithday to the fullest….
    Sachu diii how r u n ur baby??
    Have a gr8 day all…
    Aliya If u get a break, do comment yaar… Itz a humble req.. and not compulsory… ??

    1. I am really good Twana and how are you…

    2. Hi di…i am fine and ya enjoyed a lot

    3. Hi Twana! I’m awesome thanks wbu???

    4. I’m super fine… Just cleaning my room for the new yr ??
      Thankz for asking Sophie dii, Chanya n Adi

  18. Hii Guysss!!!! Hope evryone z fine n doing well…. Best of Luck for those who’ve got examss….
    Kaira scenes were mind blowing… ??
    Loved today’s Kaira scenes….
    Kundli not matching z the prob.. hope it gets solved soon!!
    Aliya diii how was ur Maths ppr?
    Aniket bhaiya yeah we should not expand our family more than this…
    Chanyaaa my bff hw r u?? Hope u r fine… ?
    Rahul bhaiya all the best for ur exam..
    Sophie dii n Sachu dii how r u all??
    Hope everyone z fine… have a nice day!!

    1. Hi bff!!! I am fully fine..hope you are fine you bff..???

  19. Thanks mere Bhai- Pawan and Thanks meri BFF- Twana for supporting me! This time I want support from all! And yes Twana, I was unconscious for 2days, but Now I am completely okay, Since Sunday evening, I am doing all my works on my own!

    1. Anytime BFF ??

  20. Hello everyone!!thank you so much for all your wishes..just enjoyed a lot…and how are you all? Hope all you are fine .
    Rahul bhaiyya all the best for your exams and do your best
    And take of yourselves everyone
    Coming to the episode really liked kaira scenes.I too hate this horoscope drama and kaira rocks .suwarna is nice don’t know why karthik hate her so much..yrkkh rocks!! Kaira rocks!!
    Bye guys…have a nice day!!

  21. Hey Guys,
    The episode was good…
    KaIra’s romance thingy was the best…
    I hate that dadi she is so partial..why is she always judging Karthik’s sister and Swarana…
    I just want this typical kundali track to finish quickly…because it is very irratating
    I am happy that Rohan Mehra is being replaced…I am going to be honest guys, Rohan is good looking and cute but he can’t act…
    I want Gayu’s love interest to come quickly

    I agree with you Aniket no more members…
    I am sorry to hear that you weren’t well…How are you feeling now..

    I am fine, Trishi and Twana how are you…

    Best of luck for your exams Rahul and anyone else

    Welcome to the family trusna, Tvfan1 and Pari…

    Take care guys..Love you all

    1. Thanks sophie di…. And yes i too agree that rohan is cute but cnt act well…

  22. Hi Sophie di, I am fine now!! I am very soory di, I saw ur reply to my comment just now, and so couldnt thanks u before! Well, thank u soo much for being with me and supporting my decision! Also Thanks to Trishi!

    1. Welcome dear…

  23. Makers not separate Kira else your serial has nothing we want bond of kartik nira like naitik akshra we want akshra story in nira kartik relationship and don’t married kartik gayu else it is not gud for your trp

  24. Hi Rahul, Aniket, Sruthi, Shilpa, Twana, Sachu, Aliya, Riya, Vrushy, Pawana, Soumya, Kajol, Trishi, Has, Sophie, Karishma, Ishika, Saba, Ponkuri, Aarti, Ridz, Saraya, Pari, Shesha, TVFan 1 & all YRKKH Fans (Family)
    Welcome to all new members to our little/big family
    If I missed out your name I love you ?
    I am with you Aniket
    Oh Ridz ????? Stop it now. We are just being friendly to each other.
    My new motto go 2017 is going to be SPREAD the LOVE and STOP the HATE I love the dream sequence
    And I will hate for the Kundli to be another problem for Kaira
    Yes Adi I read about the new Naksh
    Good then the story can have more weight. He seems nice & have got boyish features like Rohan. I am sure it will work well.
    Rahul & others having their exams I pray you all excelled in your studies. Best Wishes
    I agree with you Vrushy they should not speed up Kairas romance to marriage. Realistically they would have waited 6months after the death of her mother before talking about marriage. I remember once when one of my older cousins was about to get married and our grandfather got sick all of a sudden – the whole family was tense for him not to die before the wedding takes place because by the time they do all the burial rituals it would have been six months. So everyone was praying.
    I know it is good that the family is trying to move on but I think the wedding should not be rushed
    Who else missed Luv & Kush today?
    I think Dadi Goenka is up to no good in wanting the marriage fast.
    Who else feel worried for Naira marrying into that family – I feel like trying times are ahead of her.
    Look at the way they treat the women in the family compare to the Maheswaris and the Singhanias.
    Anyways have a good week you all

    1. I connect with your story Pat di…
      Actually my auntie’s mother died just one day before my auntie’s wedding…it was sad..but the wedding still took place…
      And yeah I missed Luv and Kush today..

  25. Ya agree with u Sophie Di, Rohan cant act!! Its good that he is being replaced!! Thank u Pat di!! Where r the remaining members??

  26. A big hlw to my all yrkkh family,other yrkkh fans nd silnt cmmnt readrs…
    Its owky Aniket…Dnt be sry..Infct im sry fr whtevr i said…Plz frgiv me…nd im fully supprtd u…
    bdw Sophie di,Aniket,pawan thnk u so mch fr xcpting me…
    Rahul vai all d bst fr ur xm…
    Aliya where r u?? how was ur xm??

  27. sorry guys i am busy these days due to my exams going on…a big vala hiii to all

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