Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Naksh telling everyone that Akshara will be coming in few days. He asks elders about gift for Naira, she is here after long time. Bhabhimaa says Naira has come and we should be careful that Gayu does not feel that her value got less in our lives, Gayu has done a lot for us, do something to make raksha bandhan special for both of them. He says right, I will give same gift to Naira and Gayu.

Mishti says I want to talk to Kartik, his phone is not reachable, I m in tension. Naira says he will be busy in work. Naira thinks what to do of Gayu’s matter. Its morning, Naira wakes up Naksh early morning. Naksh asks her to go. she rings alarms and asks him to get up. She says fine, sleep, you don’t know importance of this day, I have missed you a lot all these

years. Naksh gets up and apologizes. He says we will celebrate well, and asks for Gayu, she has kept us united always, I don’t know how she gets strength. Naira says yes, if Papa was here, we would have done so much fun. Gayu hears them and gets sad that Naira did not name her. Gayu goes. Naira stops her and asks her not get ready, Naksh will come.

She asks Gayu did she talk to Kartik, Mishti is worried for him. Gayu says you should call Rajshri. Naira says we will talk after tying rakhi to Naksh. Gayu worries for Kartik and thinks where did he go. Vivaan calls her and asks are you celebrating Raksha bandhan, I had to tell you, I have sent your designs to my friend, she wants to tie up with you. Gayu says thanks for thinking all this, I will see. He says we will talk later and ends call.

The family misses Akshara, Yash and Rose. Rajshri says Naksh used to get sad on every Raksha bandhan and miss Naira. Ananya says we all missed Naira. Bau ji says Gayu used to manage everything. Naira says Akshara called, maybe her flight landed. Naira gets sad talking to Akshara. Bhabhimaa asks will Akshara not come now, why is this happening, Naitik and Naman did not come till now, whats use for such work. Naira says Akshara asked everyone not to get sad, come on smile.

Naksh says I can understand Shaurya’s feeling, you are missing Akshara. Shaurya says Akshara was away for 10 years, I will not get rakhi tied today, I m not annoyed with anyone, rakhi can be celebrated till Janmashtami, Akshara will come till then. Dadi says yes, people used to do this in old times. Rajshri says where there is love, its festival every day. Naira says we are here and will do our duty, we have to keep promise made to Akshara.

They all celebrate Raksha bandhan. Mishti ties rakhi to Naksh. Naira and Gayu take the same plate. Gayu gives rakhi plate to Naira. Naira ties rakhi to Naksh, and cries. Rama looks at Gayu. Gayu signs she is fine. Naksh hugs Naira. Gayu ties rakhi to Naksh. Naksh hugs her too. Karishma gifts Naira and Gayu, and says its same gift for both. Mishti comes and Gayu’s gift falls. A ring falls from the box. Everyone dance on Pyaar ke bandhan………….plays……. Shaurya misses Akshara and thinks of her. Nannu feels but unwell.

They all talk about Ananya’s birthday, they will celebrate it twice, tomorrow and when Akshara comes. Naitik sends a gift for children. Bhabhimaa praises Naitik and Akshara to send gifts and love for children always. Gayu goes to open gift. Naksh asks Naira to open it as she is Naitik’s princess. Naira says we three will open it together. They see photo collage of Naitik, Akshara, Naksh and Naira. Gayu thinks my pic is not in this.

Kartik asks Naira to go on picnic to any resort. Naira says I was thinking the same.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. QueenB

    I think they are building up a story for Gayu to turn negative 🙁

    1. No dear Yrkkh has always been a positive show never a negative character was there ..she might be a problem creator but not vamp like …she might just turn obsessive

      1. QueenB

        ohhh ok

  2. gayu ko koi kuch de do bhai.all time sad expressions.even when everyone is happy she has to create a sad n sympathetic face.noone can take other’s place.naksh-naira r not new siblings.they share a unbreakable bond since their birth.nobody can come between them.same goes for naitik-naira bond.even naksh who is real son of naitik hv accepted it that naira is naitik’s princess.once even ak also said nobody can take naitik’s value in naira’s life mot even me.the bond ak,nk,naksh n naira share sorry but they r way too deep.gayu should stop being insecure at every stage even when ak,naira,naksh n whole family repeatedly saying gayu is their family too.this character is way too annoying.

    1. Exactly Naira has been always a priority in naitik a life even naksh knows it ,and Naira has come back after so many years can’t u give some space for them ,we know u did a lot for the family but the family also did a lot for you,u cannot for heaven sake take nairas place in naksh and her parents life they have more deeper bond .seriously initially we felt she is feeling bad just for akshara and Karthik now she feels bad even slightest praise for Naira is unbearable for her …your daughter like not daughter ,be practical gayu u have been given so much of love and even now they treat u like daughter but don’t expect them to make u give nairas place.stop playing orphan victim card ,ask Naira how it is to stay without anyone she lived a life of orphan …u had a family u had a shelter then y u so ungreatful doubting everyone’s love.

  3. So everything is ready to make gayu negative…
    Her insecurities are understandable she knows it is not her parents, not her brother or it is not her house but after her parents death and naina’s run away she was given love and was raised up as aksha-naitik daughter . After naira’s return she is not jealous of her but I feels that they will exclude her from the family and once again she will be an orphan . It is completely normal now it is family’s turn to make her feel secure and not be biased. Of course naira is their biological daughter and was away for long years but they shouldn’t forget that gays is the one who relieved their pain and also give them lot of love in return. I hope she was not just a substitute for naira’s absence and they truly love her just for herself.
    For naira she never feels insecure coz she knows it is her mom, dad, brother… She knows she has all right on them , she has not to fear that one day they will leave her or will exclude her from their family’s picture.
    Both of them are right in their ways , it is the family and the parents who have to maintain balance so no one feels unwanted or unloved .

  4. Naika

    Guys i heard that kartik will turn negative as he will think that naira was the one who killed her sister and he will make naira fell in love wid him and take revenge???!!! Is that true plsss someone tell me i am in big tension!!

    1. Karthik does love Naira Naira unconditionally he even confessed in front of God in church so he has not come for revenge …even if he turns negative later surely nairas love will change him.karthik will understand what happened when he knows the truth .dont worry we should enjoy KAIRA now .evene creatives know people love them but it won’t be a easy ride for them .

  5. In future I don’t want naira to sacrifice…just want to stand on her words no mahanta…no sacrifice drama…this all happens only when she falls in luv with k…gayu sometimes may feel insecure,but y every time….when gayu’s dadi is not showing equal love to g&n..really sometimes people r so selfish…here aksharas family r showing love equally.. Yes sometimes gayu may feel lonely but not everytime….in upcoming there will be surely lot of negativity towards gayu… Hope everybody will put their point instead of bashing the characters…yrkkh ROKS,kaira ROKS…

  6. I feel so sorry for gayu. Naira is back after years and till then gayu managed everyone. Now that naira is back gayu is losing her value. Gayu has a job. Naira is just kiddish and stays at home. She is always home with everyone so of coz she will be loved. Meanwhile gayu works and so does Naksh, but they only praise kartik and Naitik. To be honest, I’m starting to dislike Kartik and Naira’s pairing and their dream sequences. Dream sequences suits more something which you don’t expect to be a dream, I think everyone here knows it’s impossible for kaira to romance. If the show continues like this gayu will surely hate naira and maybe even in real life. I think gayu and a more mature Kartik will make a better

    1. Couple. If Naksh and gayu weren’t cousins I would have gotten them married. They’re so cute together.❤️???! I’ve read it on filmyfolks that gayu and Naksh might be dating in real life. ❤️ ?

  7. Dude…blood is not important…love is wat matters…dumbo…wat c can’t take naira’s place n all?c does not need to … C jst wants to feel loved…n c is also aksaras princess…n even naitik’s princess…if blood mattered…there wud not be any old age home or any orhanage…get that

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