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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh insisting that he has to talk to Tara right now, so that there is no confusion later. They all get shocked. Naksh asks Tara to come with her. He walks away. She holds the thread. Naksh asks are you coming, or shall I leave. Tara gets shocked. Naksh shows the thread. She says I m coming, and goes with him. Everyone think what happened. Tara asks Naksh what happened, say something. He shows the prenup contract papers. She gets shocked. Everyone wait for them.

Naksh asks Tara to answer. She says I did not do this, I never wanted this and cries. He asks did Vaswani force you to make this agreement, or did your family told you, who made this. She says my family is not involved, I will explain. He asks her to explain. Dada ji asks Akshara does she know

anything. Akshara does not say. He asks did we do any mistake, tell us. Akshara says I don’t know what happened, Naksh and Tara will sort it, Naitik and I will go. Naitik asks them not to worry.

Tara says Preeti made papers, I stopped her, even then she made papers, you can ask Preeti, I will call her. Naksh asks will you leave me when Preeti tells you, its our marriage, not Preeti’s, if you trust her more, then go to her, why are you marrying me. She says you are misunderstanding, forget this, its my mistake, I should have scolded Preeti, I m ashamed, I m apologizing, forgive me, don’t get angry, I m not lying, do you trust me? Naitik and Akshara come there and see the door shut. Akshara says we should not go inside, let them solve the matter. Tara asks Naksh to say something. Naksh says you did not leave me to say anything, you insulted me, my love and my family, why did you do this, you made our relation a deal, you doubted me, you should have spoke to me, my family and I would have answered you, you found this way. He tears the thread. Tara gets shocked and cries.

Akshara wishes Naksh and Tara solve the matter, else we will explain, if family feels bad then… Naksh scolds Tara. She says I did not had doubt, I was afraid, you would be afraid too being in my place. He asks why, you know me and my family well, we always supported you for the things Dada ji did not support you. Dada ji gets worried. Vikram makes him drink water. The people gossip about burning havan kund and respect at stake. Mohit asks them to have food. The old man says we did not come here to have food, we came to bless. Mohit asks Tau ji to wait. Yash says if you go, everyone will go. Tau ji asks all of the people to sit for some time. Baisa asks what happened that Naksh got so angry. Dada ji says I don’t know, Naksh should have asked infront of my people. Sangram says yes, what is the matter that they left us here and went, I will see them. Dada ji says stop him, if he does anything in anger, then it will be problem. Naksh says my mumma convinced your family, and you think this about me. Akshara sees Sangram. He asks what discussion is going on. Akshara says we don’t know, wait. He says my Dada ji got unwell, villagers are making talk, whats happening, I don’t want any issue. She asks him to calm down. He says I m going inside. Tara asks Naksh to understand. Sangram asks Naksh what happened, tell me. Everyone come there.

Dada ji requests Naksh to tell him what happened. Naira asks are Naksh and Tara fighting, will their marriage break. Yash says no, they love each other. Naira asks why did Naksh go angrily. Ananya says he will sort out confusion. Naira says I know something happened, tell them not to fight. Jasmeet says they are just talking, its good to sort out things before marriage.

Sangram sees the papers…… Dada ji asks what’s this. Sangram reads…… he tells Dada ji that it’s a contract if they don’t get along well, then how will they take divorce and how they will live post divorce. Dada ji and Baisa get shocked. Yash asks Preeti do you have idea about this. Ananya says something happened, please tell us Preeti. Preeti says no, I don’t know anything and worries.

Dada ji asks Sangram to say right. Sangram says I m writing whats there, it’s a deal, Tara’s relation will run on this contract…. Dada ji asks Tara did she make these papers….. Akshara says why will Tara make it. Dada ji says Akshara ji, let me talk to her, wait. He asks Tara again. Tara says I did not make it, Preeti made it, I asked her to burn it, its not my mistake. Dada ji asks her to answer, did you make these papers. He raises hand on her. Tara cries.

Dada ji scolds Tara and asks do you think marriage is a business. He gets disappointed and asks who taught you all these cheap things, you got us insulted, you did not keep your inlaws’ respect too, why did you do this to hurt all of us together, after your parents’ death, I have raised you, I did not let your three brothers marry, so that I fulfill duty towards you, Naksh’s annoyance is right, even I m getting anger. Sangram says she lost her mind and scolds her. He says its matter of two families’ respect. Akshara asks can I talk to Tara. She says I don’t think its big issue which can’t be managed, Naitik and I knew this matter. Naksh and everyone get shocked.

Baisa scolds Tara and insults her. Sangram gets angry and argues with Baisa. He tells about Dada ji saving Naira from getting arrested.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ooo god I don’t like Umang Jain acting. Actuallly she is doing over acting. That is the big problem in it. First let she go and learn acting then do main lead characters…. Sorry if I have hurt any Umang fanssss. I didn’t mean to hurt u just said what I felt

  2. What Naksh did was wrong. He is a very immature person. First of all had Tara wanted the prenups to be signed wouldn’t she have given to Naksh to sign it. Had he forgotten that his dadi also asked Sameer to sign prenups did he shout at her.
    And also Mr.Rajan Shahi seems to be discouraging women sports.

    1. Naksh bullied her without giving her a chance to answer.
      Rajan Shahi wants his heroines to doll up and whimper than pursue something like sports.
      They harrassed a motherless poor girl who was misguided by her friend.

      1. Are u mad neerja … rajan shahi has always showed women doing good … in every field.. and here u cant relate those 2 matters. It was both naksh and taras mistake. So chill

  3. Stupid tara family,in tara family all members are very selfish even tat sangram stupid also,nakash and his family sacrifice many thngs for tara family even baisa also sacrifice,bt stupid sangram said about dadaji saving naira in front of akshara and naitik family

  4. Nice episode but tara should have told to naksh first only

  5. Both Naksh and Tara are too immature to get married. They also do not trust each other and trust should be an important factor in any relationship.

  6. I hope everything settels down fast

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