Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naman asking everyone to wait, they will tell whats their plan. Sanju says when will everyone come. Ananya calls the elders to come soon. Rajshri says I m ready. Sanju says then come. Rajshri says no, call Devyaani first. Devyaani says call someone else first. Ananya says chill, I know how to get them out. Naksh says relax and sit, and enjoy the show. Sameer says great. They all get surprised seeing Singhania home live. Naksh says this is my idea, Naman and Anshu installed cameras there to know what ladies do. Bau ji says its wrong. Shaurya says we should not spoil their privacy. Naman says we are family. Naksh says there won’t be anything wrong. Sameer says this is fun. Naitik asks Naksh how does he get such ideas. Naksh says you had problem that mum left,

I helped and got scolding. Bau ji says we will leave, what will we do sitting here.

They stop seeing their wives in trendy clothes in the live feeds. Rajshri dances. Naman asks will they go now. Bau ji, Omi and Vishwamber sit. Rajshri slips. Vishwamber asks her to be careful. They all laugh. All the ladies come in filmi style. The men look on and laugh. Sameer says I will call Rashmi, she will be glad. They all stop him. Naman says he will learn after marriage. Naitik gets glad seeing Akshara. The ladies take selfies. Akshara says she will call home to ask about kids and Naitik’s legs. All the men get their wives’ call. Mohit says wait, Naitik you take the call first. Naitik answers the call and says kids are fine, my leg is fine too. She says how did you know I was asking this. He makes excuses. She asks how did I get mum’s sneeze sound. He says I think mum hears us. She says I m calling from my mobile. He says I will end call. She gives him a kiss. He says everyone is seeing. She asks who. He asks what are they doing in party, anything weird. She says you don’t trust me and ends call.

Akshara tells everyone that kids slept. They think to start party. Sanju says you all should try wine. The kids come there and Naitik signs Anshu to switch off the video. Naksh and Yash come and ask why did they not sleep. Naitik says we should ask you. Naksh says kids woke us up. The kids say they want to see the movie as well. Anshu asks them to sleep. Naman says the one who sleeps first will get gift. Sameer asks Gayu shall I come. Gayu says no thanks. Naitik asks Naksh and Yash to go with the kids. Naksh and Yash sign each other.

The men sit watching the video again and see the ladies drinking wine. The ladies dance on baby doll mai sone di……………
Rashmi calls Sameer and asks did Gayu sleep. He asks did she call to ask about Gayu, she slept, don’t worry. She asks him to check once. Gayu could not sleep. Naira asks Gayu to sleep. Gayu says I m not getting sleep without mum, she might be enjoying there. Naira asks her to call Rashmi. Gayu calls Rashmi and gets her number busy. She says is mum talking to Sameer, mum does not have time to talk to me.

Naksh tells Yash that elders are hiding something, they did not let us see, shall we go and see. Naksh and Yash look on. Sameer asks what happened. Shaurya says party is not over, they maybe tired. Naman says they will do something. Mohit says our bachelor party is not so bad. Naksh says see how they are enjoying. Yash says I did not expect this from elders. Bau ji says we will go and sleep now. Mohit says they will sit till the program ends. Bau ji and Vishwamber stop seeing the ladies back infront of the camera, and talking about some game.

Akshara says this will be our last game. She says we have to tell something about our husbands, which no one knows. Karishma asks bedroom secrets. They all smile. The men get tensed. Akshara starts the game and rotates the bottle. Rajshri tells about Vishwamber. He gets tensed and asks them to stop it. Naitik asks Naman and Anshu to shut it. Karishma tells about Naman itching. Naman feels embarrassed. Akshara’s turn comes and Naitik gets tensed. Naitik asks Naman to switch off. The ladies ask Akshara to say. Naman says everyone’s secrets should be out. Naitik cups his face.

Akshara says she will tell about Naitik, when he comes in their bedroom… and Naitik gets shocked as everyone stare at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. divya are you reading spoilers they are very interesting if not then read them now gayu is going to spoil the mehndi of rashmi is given in spoiler and thank you for supporting me I love this serial

  2. a comedy episode superb

  3. This is the only show that doesn’t have to many negative characters and very bad twists that don’t make any sense… I like the way they represent family union and good values.

    1. Yes this is my same thought… Very positive serial

  4. yes manav i do read the spoilers, gayu became so possessive hope to know the reality soon,
    and wow what an awesome episode the girls were awesome i enjoyed to the core one of the best episodes though felt sad for gayu ‘s mood off other things are really awesome.
    superb dressings, girls looks imitating heroins, jealous boys.
    waiting for the next episode.

  5. same here waiting for next episode and wants aksara to get the gayu back in her original mood

  6. Really a nice full of comedy and happiness moment…
    I like the show because here very few negative characters….?

  7. That precap was ugggh and was it really needed for Akshara to say that

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