Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Dadi prays for Kartik and Naira’s relation

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira calling Kirti. She says she is not answering, I will go home and tell her. He asks what happened today when you were sure. She says I was sure, but truth has to come out. Kirti calls her and says Naksh has made my fav dish and sent from Krishna, he got time for this, he has sent a sweet message too, girls have to make adjustments after marriage, but I don’t need to do this. Naira says I have to tell you something. Kartik takes the phone and disconnects call. She says this feeling stopped me, we understand this, do what you feel right, if anything goes towards happiness via lies, we shouldn’t block it.

Suwarna gets shocked seeing Manish checking her cupboard. He says I m not getting my credit card. She says this is my cupboard. He says I thought

you kept it. She gives him the card. He asks what’s all these boxes, throw it. She says its gifts for orphanage kids, I will send it. He goes. She locks the cupboard. She gets her brother’s call and asks what….

Lav and Kush ask Kartik for their diwali gift. Kartik says I have much work. Naira says diwali gifts are special, last year I got a special gift, Kartik, we will go and do shopping, if he gets free, he will come. She takes her phone and goes.

Aryan says you have come. Naira shows photo and says you kept this in Kartik’s things. He denies. She thinks then who did this. She asks him not to do anything that annoys him. He says this photo was in phone, I will call dad and ask him. Suwarna comes there. Aryan talks to his dad. He lies about his work. He asks him to go home. He asks did you send my photo to anyone. His dad sees Suwarna and says I will talk later.

Suwarna asks how did you come here. He says I wanted to tell you that your son… She says I don’t want to break my patience. He says you made real son away for your stepson. She cries and says I couldn’t give a mum’s name to this relation. Naira says where did Aryan go. Aryan sees his dad and says what is he doing here, who is there. Naira sees him and asks what’s happening. He says nothing. She says then come. They go. She says Kartik is right, Aryan is strange. She says Kartik would be busy, but he will get diwali gifts. They leave. Kartik comes there and
doesn’t see them.

Aryan comes home and thinks who did Kartik get his photo. Suwarna gives file to Manish. She gets her envelop and says no one knew about my son, its a secret. Naira hugs Rajshri and cries. She says I have seen Kartik hurt. Rajshri says explain your perception to him, love and respect should be equal, if he annoyed, will you get annoyed as well, you have to try. She goes.

Its morning, Naksh and Rajshri see Naira. They feel Naira should go. He calls Dadi and says its diwali today, I think Naira should… She says I thought she will come, she maybe needed more there. He says sorry, I will send Naira. Dadi says no, I will send Kartik there to get her. She prays to lord to lessen Kartik and Naira’s distance.

She says I have to make them meet again. Lav and Kush ask Kartik for the gift. He reacts rude. The kids go. Dadi asks Kartik to go to Singhania house, take gifts for Kirti and get Naira back. She asks him to send someone else. She says Naira should have come back, why is she there, she is bahu, she should be here for puja. He says no need to say anything, I will go. He goes. Akhilesh says Maa you told about Naira intentionally. Surekha says Kartik couldn’t hear against her. Suwarna says its their true love. Manish asks why did they fight. Dadi says maybe for something kiddish. She prays for them.

Naira and Kartik meet. She forwards hand. He holds her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. what I liked was keerti praising naksh he sent her favourite dish but they couldn’t show us what the hell is this can someone explain me plsss what rubbish is this whole days went but no care about keesh how they developed their relation how their married life is going they r not showing us anything this is totally nonsense my blood is boiled now am fed up I didn’t watch today thank God I read update only I won’t watch at all till keesh scenes…

  2. kaina waiting for ur reviews….fenu,ponkuri,Aku,Missy,mitra and everyone else…

  3. Kaina1

    Cvs ko goli maaro
    Koi na bach ke jaane paaye
    kaira ko samjha do,
    keesh ke bichme na aajaaye
    frustated angry jo feel kare wo aaj ka episode nahi dekhe
    Aur jisko keesh nahi dekhna
    Woh jaake apni bhains charaye

    Bas 1-2 scene keesh ke scene hai
    har vakt kaira ka siyaape hain
    Jee bhar ke gaali dedo
    Na ghar waale na maape hain
    Cvs ko goli maro
    Darne ki kya baat hai
    Yeh toh bas shuruaat hai
    Arey abhi toh yrkkh shuru hua hai..
    Arey abhi toh yrkkh shuru hua hai..

    Baad mein na kehna kuch bhi
    Pehle hi de doon warning
    Cvs ki bashing chalegi till six in the morning
    Jee bhar ke gaali dedo
    kyuki cvs samajhte nahi
    aur agar kisi ko bura lage toh
    woh jake apni bhains charaye

    Soochna janhit mein jaari
    Jisko apni jaan pyaari
    aaj ka episode mat dekho
    Cvs plz keesh ke scene dikhaye
    Nakhre vakhre na dikhaaye
    kaira ko kar de bye bye
    keesh waale
    Do teen scene dikhaye
    hume keesh dekhna hain
    Hum keesh dekhenge (ho!)
    Kisi ke bhi papa se nahi darenge
    Hum hain bete hum, baaki saare paani kam
    Humein rok ke dikhaaye jiski bum me hai dum

    1. Medha

      Jitni taarif kru uti hi kam hain……
      Wonderful song

    2. Kaina1

      dhanyawaad aapka

  4. Kaina1

    aaj ke episode pe no analysis kyuki agar mene analysis karna shuru kiya tohh 100 comments sirf mere honge aur un me bhi me cvs kaira ko left right center bash karungi bas aur kuch nahi kyuki aata maji satkli yaar 2 days without keesh scene cvs kya sochke tumhe itne wahiyad khayal dimag me aaya aur kal kaira milan matalb fir se no keesh scene aur kaira milan me karthik aur naira baat karenge sab sort out karenge bhai jab baat karni thi tohh faltu me humare dimag ka dahi kyu kiya aur dadi ka sach saamne aajayega fir woh behosh ho jayegi (bhagwan kare humesha ke liye ho ) haan aur uske baad kaira bister se gir jayenge ( kisi building ke 50 floor se kyu nahi gir jaate ye log) in short koi keesh sepration track nahi hai kyuki agar woh hua toh keesh ko footage deni padegi aur cvs ke jite jee aisa nahi ho sakta so it will be another kaira show ( am still wondering is it yrkkh??) and the suwarna and aryan track bhai mujhe dur dur tak koi keesh track nahi dikh raha hai so guys no analysis today bass KOI YE BATADO KI CVS KA MURDER KAISE KARU ??
    OPTION A ) AK-47 SE
    kuch bhi karo yaar cvs ko sadh buddhi dedo bass
    anyways there are lots of keesh scene in diwali episode (news segment me dekha ) aur cvs agar tumne voh kaate na toh i am telling you #rotinhell

    1. Aku

      All of the above please go ahead we all are supporting you

  5. Aku

    Why can’t CVs along with kaira uff Shivangi go and die somewhere?

    1. Kaina1

      kyuki dadi goenka ne mahurat nahi nikala hai ab tak

      1. Aku

        Hahahhahah… ????

  6. Hi everyone….. Hi ayesha…..I saw the episode at 6.30 p. m and wanted to inform u people that today too keesh scenes r not there Bt didn’t know how, so commented in yesterday’s episode’s comment section….. It is very clear now that CVs r only interested in Kaira and believe that they are the reason for the rise in trp and so fully focusing on them… I am praying that the trps should go down.
    Kaina do u still believe in the CVs? What they showed in the news segment only those 2 seconds of keesh will b there rest will b Kaira, their dream sequence, singhanias and goenkas singing praises of how great kaira’s love is and finally close ups of Kaira.. I bet u in this….. Feeling pathetic

    1. Kaina1

      i saw ur coment and didnt watch the episode yaar news segment me toh full fledge keesh scene hai i mean there is a moment in which keerti feeds sweets to naksh on their first diwali and then she gets a scolding from devyani as naksh is diabetic then rajshri comes to her rescue then there is a scene keesh bedroom scene then there is naksh helping keerti scene then there is keerti praying for naksh success in krishna luxary resort then there is puja scene so in short there are lots of keesh scene but i dont believe cvs they will show 2 sec of keesh and then kaira ka pyaar majboot kaira aise kaira waise i believe u its gonna be another kaira showdown bhagwan jaane kyu karte hai aisa ye cvs i dont believe cvs i know it gonna be another kaira showdown

    2. Aku

      Yeah you are right.. we all should boycott the show.. fir Apne ap hi shayad CVs Ko akal ajayega.. kya pata ajaye . They still don’t get this thing into their heads that most of the people watch for a glimpse of keesh.. mostly people are not interested in ill-mannered naira uff insecure Shivangi.. my mom watched next day on hotstar and I’m like how can she handle this.. but for them it’s just a time pass they don’t care who she is shown but we people our generation do care

    3. Kaina1

      mitra girl grt going ur prediction comes true it is indeed a kaira show at diwali becoz naira will enter goenka villa then she will dance along with goenkas then there is aaltu faltu kaira romance and then there is kaira ka bed se girne waala scene dude ur prediction comes true and even b4 that naira and karthik will go somewhere and not inform any1 and then naksh will get tense and whole shinghaniya sadan will be like where is naira where is naira so u were right first naira karthik will miss each then their milan then every1 in shinghaniya sadan worried then dg inform them then keesh scene then naira entry in goenka villa again then naira dance then kaira bed scene in short only two minutes of keesh rest naira kaira naira

  7. Who’s CVS here ????

    1. Kaina1

      creatives of yrkkh who decide the storyline

  8. kaina 50 building se Dhakka dedo they deserve it anyways am feeling calm and happy that I didn’t watch today’s epi thank thank god…
    and kaina ur remake lyrics is awesome hahaha I wish CVS and shivin kaira could see this so that they could know we don’t have any any interest to see those immature ki dukan…am seriously fed up to see their scenes so I have decided first I will read update if I find keesh will watch it in YouTube just for them anyways I have seen in an spoiler about keesh diwali scenes wow that was awesome waiting for that… and I have noticed that they show much better in spoilers than the episode for God sake don’t cut their scenes otherwise am gonna strangulate u guys in such a way that u will remember all your life!!!

  9. Dear Keesh fans and yrkkh fans.. do visit this website and kindly input your comments on the current track.. not only us most of the people are frustrated on what CV is doing.. injustice to Keesh or check India forums under thread sidelined

  10. what to say i wish to keep hitting cvs with anika’s chandni till they show us keesh properly and till they understand that everything has limit…we r humans we cant handle overdose…naira the tiny face creature i wish to keep slapping her face till she get some sense when ever i see her face or listen her voice my blood boils in such a speed that i just turn my face her voice clearly says that she is really acting it feels she intentionally make her voice to say something especially in a emotional scene fake acting i just dont like to see her again and again and kartik the guy with no mind senseless behavior without listening to the one who wants to clarify he just speed up his car(wish someone had hitted him in such a way that he will never be able to drive car)i wish to enter the screen and hold his collars in such a way that he will never be able to breath(because he dared to hold naksh’s collar)even then naksh as a true gentleman came to talk to him but what to do idiot kartik has to become a kid like mum is giving food to a kid and he says no mummy no i dont want to eat ok fine kids have excuses but ur grown up kartik u should have listened to naksh no matter how angry you are is this called rishta???he is elder to u he wants to talk to you and ur misbehaving only because of a small misunderstanding ur ignoring him is this what u do when u have such a close relation i cant believe we r watching yrkkh with such a heartless person and immature kartik totally nonsense now lets wait for keesh scenes hope they dont cut any scenes….o_Oo_Oo_O

  11. Hello guys how are you
    I’m also watching the show for 1minute or 2 minutes keesh scene.they are going to do Pooja in they look magical.
    @fenil I also thought they are going to start with breakfast scenes yesterday but no….
    The way keerthi explains about naksh if they have shown it would be wonderful.but they don’t want to show any of it.idk why they are not tiered of showing same kaira scenes.v all fed up

    @kaina I’m with you and agreed to you and others.
    @keesh that ff posted in Instagram was too cute.
    Earlier CVs were using each and every opportunity comes in their they don’t want to use golden opportunity of showing keesh.
    Anyway I love the keesh scenes even though it’s rare, everywhere it’s look like nakshara………

  12. Jessy,
    Couldn’t comment on the indiaforum thread….. Couldn’t register. It shows invalid email ID….

  13. Reading your comments first…. neither i want to read written episode nor watch it. Thank you guys for the comments. read you again tomorrow 🙂

    1. Kaina1

      munnu thanks for the appericiation i am happy that you like my comments in yesterday episode thanks a million time dude

      1. Kaina, not only in yesterday’s episode, I am a regular reader of your comments. you are great follower of Yeh rishta… I envy you.

  14. Just A Few Words

    Kaina – awesome re-make! I am not watching unless I find a change in the story! Bas ho gaya! All I find is repetitive Naira and Karthik scenes! Karishma is happily roaming without her Daughter although they showed Husband in jail! Re-place mishti(although I doubt will anyone come and if at all they come we will like it)! Didn’t they feed sweets to Naksh and Keerthi on the engagement day or during the haldi ceremony? How does this Devyani expect keerthi to know Naksh is diabetic when he didn’t take any medicine Nor injection? Anyways she wasn’t planning to feed Naksh an entire sweet shop! A small piece will not do much harm! On a lighter note the CVs got reminded of Naksh being diabetic all of a sudden on his first Diwali after wedding ?????
    Oh yeah they also had a mini sweet shop in the aeroplane but forgot when Bhabhima needed one ???! Someone ask the CVs to eat almonds/badam and bindi! Kuch tho yad hoga ki kya lik rahe hai! God pls give some brains to the CVs and Producers of this show! We can not tolerate more torture by watching only one couple story(which keeps going in viscious cycle – love-fight-hatred- patch up-love-fight-hatred!! Get some good tracks for your leads and for Keesh

  15. Just A Few Words

    A big hi to the rest of you – Aku, Ayesha, Mitra, Keesh and the rest of you who aren’t here yet!

  16. Aku
    Guys comment on this and take out your frustrations

  17. Laveena




  18. Kaina1

    @sanjana thanks sanjana for appericiation it really meand a lot

  19. *.Are you really so cute, beautiful, Awesome, s*xy,and always look like an angel or my eyes are bluffing me. I know they are not. Because you are one of the prettiest girls in the world. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

  20. Aku

    Any one seeing the episode now on hotstar premium th Bata do any keesh scenes? And I saw the heading kaira back home.. anyways please reply on this comment so that we all can be saved from kaira torture

  21. I’m also loosing interest in the show. All time Kaira Kaira Kaira. Today’s episode is also bakwaas..few secs for Keesh & whole tym kaira.

  22. 3 to 4 seconds of keesh scene today (26/10/2107) bt that was fantabulous, rest is full of KAIRA…

  23. Hey all YRKKH family
    Hope all is doing well
    I haven’t watched any of the episodes this week been busy
    I will catch-up soon with you all

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