Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Varsha saying about Shaurya’s true love. Naira listens to her and thinks of Kartik. Akshara sees Karishma upset and signs Varsha. Varsha gives a bright color saree to Karishma and compliments her. Gayu asks shall I keep this saree. Akshara asks will you keep fast. They all pull her leg and hope Gayu gets married soon. Varsha asks Naira to take a saree, and also keep fast. Naira says no, I can’t do all this. Karishma says when love happens, its not known. Akshara gets Naitik’s message and replies I love you too Naitik. They tease Akshara for choosing saree by Naitik’s choice. Akshara blushes.

Varsha gives the gown and asks anyone to wear it, Kartik ordered this. Naira sees gown and recalls she liked that gown and that time her size was not available

at shop. Varsha says he got this for Kuhu, but its bigger sized. Gayu says I will try it please, its beautiful. Gayu goes to room and says I know Kartik got this dress for me, I understood what he means to say. Gayu comes and says it did not fit me. Akshara says did you like this, I will get one for you. She asks Naira to try it. She says I won’t let Gayu’s heart break and make same gown for her also, but this one is of Naira. Naira smiles taking the gown.

Mishti asks Kartik not to do this, elders will get hurt. Naira hears her and asks is everything fine, is there problem at office, what did Kartik say. Mishti says why do you care if he goes anywhere. Naira asks where is he going, did he say anything. Mishti says nothing.

Naitik asks Kartik do you have to say something. Naira comes and looks on. She says whats Kartik telling Papa. She sees a frog pic on Kartik’s desktop. She gets to see Kartik’s ticket and rushes. She goes to Kartik and asks are you going somewhere. He asks why do you care. She asks him to answer, why is he going and where. He says I can do anything I like and can go anywhere and anytime I want. She asks him not to trouble. He asks is this not enough that I m going. She asks him to say. He says talk slowly, its office, I m going because of you and our love, I feel unwanted here. He handsover coffee to her and says you decided happily ever after ending, but once upon a time two people met was my beginning, you can’t change it.

Varsha says Kartik said he wants to shift, maybe he wants to stay with friend or seeing his own house. Akshara says what, maybe he wants to go. Varsha says Rajshri got very upset, he has become like family. Akshara says we can’t stop him, Rajshri can meet him at office anytime. Varsha says yes.

Kartik walks on the road. Naira follows him. Dekho na pyaar pyaar……plays………. Kartik imagines happy moments with Naira and smiles. Naira too imagines such sweet moments of their friendship and fun. The weather gets windy and it starts raining. Kartik walks ahead. Naira sees him walking towards Do not cross line. She shouts Kartik and he stops. She runs to him and asks are you mad, if anything happened then. He asks why are you following me. She says stop. He asks why. She says if anything happens. He says let it happen, does it matter if I fall in pit and die. She says yes, it matters, because I… He says tell me why. She says we are friends Jai Veeru.

He says no, we are not friends, I can take care of myself, just go Naira. He goes and crosses the pit line. She shouts Kartik….. He looks at her. She breaks the lines and runs to him. Kartik smiles. Naitik comes there and calls out Naira. Kartik and Naira see Naitik in the car. Naitik does not see Kartik and asks what are you doing on road Naira, that too in this rain, come fast. Naira goes and sits in car. Naitik says you always like to stand in rain, see weather, you will fall ill. They leave. Kartik looks on.

Everyone tell Rama that its good she came and she can stay for more time. Gayu says I won’t let Rama go. Akshara says we will enjoy more when everyone is together. Varsha asks Akshara to spend time with Naitik alone. Akshara says don’t make my excuse, you want to be with Shaurya alone. Varsha says I was thinking for you. Akshara says I know you. Naitik and Naira come home. Naitik says Naira got drenched in rain. Akshara asks her to go and change clothes. Naitik tells Akshara that I came early, you look busy, you have to come to me. She asks are you challenging me. He says I mean its unfair to not do anything for someone who does a lot for you, don’t make any excuse, else you did not see my anger. She smiles.

Naira gets a ring and Kartik’s note to make Naitik’s princess as Kartik’s queen. She gets tearful eyes. Akshara comes and asks Naira to share things with her. Rama gives sargi to Gayu. Rose says I wish I could keep fast. Rukmani asks her to keep fast next year. Akshara and Varsha tease each other. Naira wears the ring and tries to remove it. She thinks of Kartik’s words.

Akshara dances with everyone. Some goons catch Naira and ask her to give the ring. Naira says I will not give you this ring, my Kartik gave me this ring.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Naira finally starting to realize her feelings for Kartik superb????? waiting for the moment Naira and kartik become Kaira!??❤️️❤️️?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Anika

    Nice precap.
    My Kartik!!! Wow finally Naira realized her feelings!
    So excited for tomorrow’s episode.

  3. What a episode seriously SHIVIN rocked the episode with their acting
    Very symbolic episode it will akshara who will unite KAIRA
    Worst kart is sacrifice drama by Naira a girl who stood for right just to make a character mahaan they had to spoil a character

  4. at last naira realized her feelings for kartik. m vry exvited for the nxt episode n even the upcomming episodes

  5. shivi u just roked..kaira perfect 4 each other…day by day loving them more…..

  6. finally finally time is coming for my kartik wow

  7. The episode is so……so ..intersting .It is cool nira has realize her feelings for kartik i wish kartik and nira will meet before stupid gayu come between them.

  8. Cynthia

    Doesn’t Naira goes to school/college, they never shown Naira going to school.?

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