Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh and Tara talking about Dada ji. He says he could not believe her Dada ji will bring her proposal. Tara says I understand your parents did not agree till now, they are concerned. Ananya and Naira take his phone and talk to Tara to tease him. They all see Akshara and get tensed. Akshara goes. Tara smiles happily. Rajshri makes Naksh wear pagdi and asks Akshara to see. Akshara asks them not to force her, she is not able to be happy.

Naksh talks to Akshara. He says he loves her and he will marry when Akshara finds right, he will not hurt her and not trouble her, just say yes. Akshara agrees and hugs him. Everyone smile. Bhabhimaa comes home and tells them that Naitik and Akshara agreed, she is glad that Naksh will marry till they are here. Devyaani

asks her not to say so. Bhabhimaa says Dadda ji and I used to talk about Nandini and Rashmi’s marriage, he id not here, but I have to do his share of happiness.

Bau ji says yes, everything will happen, Naitik and Akshara went to Krishna to talk to Tara’s Dada ji. Bhabhimaa hopes they bring good news. Naitik asks Akshara to keep her point. Dada ji comes to Krishna with Sangram and Vikram. Naitik and Akshara welcome them. Naksh thinks to call Tara. Naira and Mishti tease him about Tara. Tara calls him. Naira teases him and tells Tara that Naksh is missing her a lot. Naksh asks for his phone. Tara laughs. Naira says Naksh will have to gift them what they ask. He says done. Naira gives him phone and they leave. Naksh says sorry. Tara says they are cute. He says he is worried for Dada ji and Akshara’s meeting. She says she is positive, we were not doing right to marry in Goa, here we will get married by elder’s blessings. He says our name will be taken together now.

Dada ji asks about engagement, I have seen the world, I knew you will agree. Akshara says we did not say anything, we want their happiness and good too. Sangram asks what do you mean. Naitik says we have some conditions for this relation. Dada ji asks what conditions. Naitik says we accepted your coin, but we are not ready for marriage, stop this here. Sangram asks what are you saying, you can change tomorrow. She says we want Naksh to become independent and Tara to finish studies, then we will see marriage. He says no one makes girl sit at home after tilak. He says I agreed for children’s happiness.

Naitik says no need to fold hands, we want to take step by thinking. Sangram says you want roka to be done and then sit quiet. Naitik asks them to go with time. Dada ji says I heard your family has traditions, but you can’t force me for this. Akshara says we are not forcing, we told this for their good. Naitik says the coin is still there where you kept, you can come tomorrow to take it, or give in Naksh’s hand. Dada ji is shocked. Naitik says our conditions are same. Dada ji asks when to come tomorrow. Naitik asks do you agree. Dada ji says yes, I m girl’s Dada, you are guy’s family, you won’t care, my girl will lose name.

Naitik says there is no difference in girls and boys. Dada ji says there is difference, else you would have not taken advantage being guys’ family. Akshara says no, we are doing for their good. Dada ji says what is their good, no use to argue, tell me when to come. She asks him to come for lunch tomorrow with family and give coin to Naksh. Dada ji agrees and leaves. Akshara and Naitik wonder did he get convinced or not, its good he agreed now.

Sangram and Vikram ask how did Dada ji agree to them. Dada ji asks what is benefit in saying, if they are keeping condition, what should I do. Sangram asks him to break relation, what is the need, what does Naksh have. Dada ji says Tara loves him. Sangram says that’s why we are helpless. Dada ji says we can win fight in one time, not war, Akshara will agree for engagement and marriage, we have to keep patience.

Naitik and Akshara come home. Naksh is excited to know. He looks at them and sits. Naira says Naksh is very smart. Akshara says we told Dada ji we will do relation, but not marriage, Dada ji got annoyed and then agreed after we explained. Naitik says we called him for lunch tomorrow, old things can be cleared up. Everyone smile. Akshara asks Bhabhimaa not to think about marriage, Naksh is young. Bhabhimaa says its fine, I will make sweets.

Vishwamber sees Rajshri smiling. He asks her did she think Naksh’s kids name. She says yes, how do you know. He says I m also thinking same, twins will be good. She says we have to hide our happiness, else we can hurt Naitik and Akshara. He says yes. They laugh. Tara gives medicines to Dada ji. He says you will not be needed to do all this, I have to get habitual. She asks why. He says you will go away from home, Dada ji, so you have to be habitual, coin ritual will happen tomorrow. She says I have to finish studies, I know I m here. She goes. He says you don’t know your Dada.

Devyaani says 5 people can easily eat the food. Dada ji comes with many people. Akshara and everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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