Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Negi asking the kids to be ready to have Halwa puri. Naira asks who will feed them halwa puri. Negi says there is a good lady, she is a Devi, maybe she will help us in getting our home back. The kids call her an angel and rush to the ghat. Naira says who is this great donator who came to save our ashram. Akshara prays at the ghat. Naksh makes puja arrangements at home. Naitik says its not fixed like this. Naksh says sorry, I don’t know doing this, Gayu told me so I tried. Naitik helps him. Naksh finds Gayu upset.

He asks Gayu what is she thinking. Gayu says we are doing puja since many years, why is Lord not hearing us, Mama and Mami are already worried, if we don’t get Naira then… Naksh says sometimes hope gets less with time. She says I lost my parents,

I don’t want to take Naira’s place. But I love Mami as my Maa. Naksh says you thought well, you call Maa to Akshara, not Mami. She thanks him. He wishes that when the puja ends, Akshara gets two daughters.

Akshara says puja is for Naira, why am I thinking for Tina. Naira tells the kids that its puja plus party. She says I m sure someone will save our ashram, maybe aunty will give us money to pay for Tejani’s loan. Varsha asks pandit about puja. He says it will start in some time. Varsha says they are making rangolis, they say prayers are answered today. Naira and kids get late. The kids get hungry. Naira says we will reach in some time. The kids say we can’t walk more. Naira tries taking lift. Kartik comes there and kids ask for lift. Naira looks at him and asks kids to get down the car. Kartik says they are doing right, they have to sit in car to reach ghat. He starts car. Naira sits in car. He says a proverb and taunts her. She says I don’t have money to pay. He asks her to get out and starts driving.

He says some people know to take revenge, and does not help. She thinks she has seen his face and now her day will go bad. The kid cries and asks for food. She says we will reach there soon. Kartik gives them sweets. He asks her to have laddoo. She thanks him. They argue. He feeds her laddoo. She thinks its like made my mumma. He asks did you not like it. She asks who made this laddoo. He says halwai….. The kids laugh. He thanks Akshara in heart as her laddoos got of kids’ use. Akshara makes Naira’s pic in rangoli. Varsha smiles. Akshara says what if we did not get poster permission, we have rangoli permission, who knows anyone can see and recognize my Naira.

Kartik drops them and says thanks for coming with me, you won’t say thanks, I will say. Naira stares at him and goes. Everyone do puja at home. Naira tells kids that they will see rangolis later. Akshara does puja. Naira comes there. Akshara gets restless.

Kartik comes to Akshara and sits in the puja. He wishes he gets interview call and gets this job. Om bhoor…..plays………… Akshara turns and Naira turns too. They don’t see each other. Naira goes after a kid. She asks the kid not to go anywhere and takes him back. She stops and sees her pic rangoli. She gets shocked.

She runs from there. Akshara sees her and calls out Tina. She goes after Naira and says why is Tina leaving without meeting me. Naira says who made that pic and runs. She gets shocked seeing Akshara. Naira cries and sits to hide in the crowd. Akshara walks to her. Kartik was in interview call with Naitik. Naira collides with him and his phone falls. She cries and says sorry. She runs. He says something really happened to her. He talks to Naitik and says sorry, my phone fell. Naitik asks is there any problem. Kartik says no, you ask. Naira sits somewhere and cries, saying why did mumma came here, who told her I m here, why did she make that rangoli, does she want to tell police, maybe she will get me caught, Negi said she came for puja, whose puja, I don’t care what she does. She worries.

Naira calls Naitik and hears his voice. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Very emotional episode …..i wish naira and akshara meet soon and clear naira’s misunderstanding

  2. very very nice episode..
    emotional n well excuted.precap is awesome n hope akshara clears naira’s misunderstandings n again we got to see a family reunion of nk ak naksh n naira.

  3. Irritating episode! Y da hell that idiot Naira running away from her Mom(i.e Akshara).

  4. Plz make naira and karthik moments more I lve there pair

  5. To b frank..akshara cares for naksh more than naira.

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