Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira receive a MMS

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira seeing Kartik’s video. She thinks what happened to sound…. this is nothing new, he keeps yelling at everyone these days. She messages that don’t send random messages in the group, don’t record anyone’s video without permission, else what will be difference between us and the one who made Tanvi’s video. Naitik comes to meet Dadi. She asks the man Kishore to get some stuff for guests. Naitik asks how is your injury. She says wound is fresh, it will take time to heal. He says its not Naira’s mistake, I hope you understand this. She say there is no doubt that its her fault, I don’t want to talk about this, tell me if there is something else. He says nothing, and goes.

She calls security and asks for Kishore. She asks what…. Naksh

says dad is not answering, its such a good news, I thought to inform dad. Kirti gets sweets to celebrate. He says my wife deserves a small gift. He shows her a necklace and makes her wear it. She says I m so happy, your project will be finally complete, when you get busy, will you have time for me. He says no, all my time is for you. She says you go to Mumbai to write dialogues for films. He says sorry, I m giving you less time. She says I can understand. He thanks and hugs her. She asks him to give good news to Bhabhimaa before she sleeps. Dadi asks why can’t driver and cook come.

Vaidehi says for the sake of children’s respect, everyone makes rules in college and society accordingly. Dadi says you are troubling us. Vaidehi says we won’t bear the injustice. Dadi asks what injustice. Vaidehi says you do and can’t see it. Kartik comes and asks what’s happening. Dadi says they aren’t allowing anyone to come inside the society. Kartik asks why are you doing this. Vaidehi says its called tit for tat. Naira looks on and asks Naitik to come fast. Naitik asks what happened Vaidehi. Vaidehi says those who do wrong with our dear ones in college, will we let them live in peace. Naira says I didn’t say anything to anyone, who told this. Vaidehi says they rusticated you, I have heard it, you are not at fault. Kartik says many people do this, they decide without knowing the matter well, we didn’t rusticate anyone, discipline committee took this decision but we challenged it, come Dadi, I have nothing more to say.

Vaidehi says sorry, I made a mistake and took wrong decision. Naitik says I apologize on their behalf. Naira thinks how much will the things spoil. Kirti keeps the files in drawer. She gets shocked seeing the papers. She says it means Naksh’s company is facing losses. Kartik and Naira sit sad. Naira says what’s happening, I try to avoid this and get involved. He drinks and says there is no way, I get dragged in this matters. Naira and Kartik get the video of their close moments in the swimming pool. They get shocked. Naira reads.. back out of Tanvi’s case else…. Kartik reads… else everyone will forget about Tanvi and talk about professor and student’s romance. Dadi comes and calls Kartik for breakfast. He says you have it, you need to have medicines, I have some urgent work. He goes. Naitik asks Naira where is she going. She says I have some work with Kittu and runs.

Naksh asks Kirti what happened, why is she not telling. She asks why didn’t you tell me. She says don’t misunderstand me, the file was open and I happened to see it, you didn’t tell me. Kartik and Naira meet on the stairscase. She asks did you see. He asks did he send this to you too. She says he is scaring us. He says so that we take back the case. She says I m not scared. He says I m also not scared, what if someone sees it then…. Dadi says something has happened, he left his car keys here. Naitik says there is some problem, the way she rushed off. Dadi asks did he go to meet Naira. Kartik says I won’t leave him. Naira says even I won’t leave him. Kartik says you need to get into this. She asks why, I m also involved. He asks what if this has risk. She says let it be. The kids laugh and call them cute. Naira says we will handle this together. He says let me handle this. She says I shall see. They go back to their flats and see Dadi and Naitik.

Naksh says I didn’t wish to trouble you and wanted to handle this myself, I m capable right. She says yes, but you could have shared it, I could have emotionally supported you. He says you were already worried. She says you should have shared it with Naitik. He says he will think about me when he gets time off Naira. She says what happened to you, you overthink. He says you can think what you want. She says that’s not fair. He says when you had already accepted this… she says its about family support system, Naira needs him the most, why are you jealous. He says I feel I did good to not share the problem with you, I understood how well you understand me. He goes.

Naira says I will ask Kartik, he wants to handle the situation alone. Tanvi thanks her and says if you hadn’t sent me a long message, I would have not come, my parents understood. Naira says the culprit will be caught, Kartik will find him. Naira goes and hears Kartik talking to Dean and Dadi. Dadi says its good decision to take the case back. Dean says Tanvi will be saved from the humiliation too. Kartik says we will tell the students that we caught the culprit, they all will get calm down. The window gets shut. Kartik says we are saying this so that the culprit gets relaxed and we reach him, we will execute the plan, when he learns we nabbed someone else, he will try to do such thing again, we won’t take the case back, we will surely punish him for defaming a girl. Naira says how can Kartik take the case back, does a girl’s dignity matter or not, Tanvi hopes that we will help her. She says Tanvi, we have to do something, we should not have false hopes, we have to make culprit believe us and offer him money, we need someone who knows everyone in the college. Kunal says I think I m that person, I want to help you.

Kartik announces that they caught the culprit. Naira says I want your help Kunal. Kartik says it will be easy for us to catch that person.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. naira always creates tantrums unwantedly

  2. Naira will never change.
    Always want to show herself as great nd pversmart
    Nw i feel goenka family did rit to push off frm d house
    Who wl tolerate a girl lyk her who doesnt evn respect others nd do anythn she wants nd evryone has to accept her evn if its wrng frm her side she s always ready to defend herself evn if its hurt someone
    Overacting stupid irritating character let her b wid dat kunal nd gt suffered den she wl gt her dumb brains back

    1. So true.she is an egoistic oversmart idiot.

    2. Oh hello priya….
      It’s not the reality…its only a show….nd naira is doing better…u know what u can’t tell anything about anyone….u dont have the right…nd naira iz only an actor….its not her fault….I think u r idiot….itz her job..whatever they will ask her she had to do….nd plz don’t insult someone…she iz like my sis..

      1. Angel agree 100% wit u…come on guys!!! This is only show drama why call people
        names??? She acts according to scripts!!!

        Goenkas family are being unfair to Naira n family!!! Remember Askshara case!!!

    3. Priya should also kicked out of her house and we all comment that its good she got kicked out as she is too over smart…How would you feel…Karma is a bad thing so think before you speak of a person or a situation as you never know how it may come back to haunt you. People please be nice to each other and distance yourself from uttering wrong about people as that is not our culture. What they show in serials is absolutely wrong and teaches more wrong stuff to growing adults these days!!!. Please its my humble request.

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