Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajshri saying how did they send Sanju alone. She tells inspector that Sanju is decent girl. The inspector says this girl was alone and… They all defend Sanju and does not listen to Sanju. The man says I m not inspector. Sanju says he is pandit ji. The man says my brother is full time pandit, I work in police and sometimes I do pandit work, Sanju has come there and convinced my brother to send me here. Rajshri says fine, but you are in these clothes. The man says she did not give me time to change clothes, and shows clothes. He says he will go and change. Rajshri thanks Lord and says we should get Naksh now. They all thank Sanju.

Naira says Naksh is going to come now. Shaurya says we did not find Naksh. The pandit comes and asks them about groom. Varsha

says baraat did not come till now. Naitik calls Akshara and says he is angry on Naksh, its some plan. The girls dance as band comes. Rajshri says baraat has come, and Akshara gets puzzled as Naitik is on phone. He says how did baraat come when I m here. Rajshri sees the baraat and no baraatis.

They see the band baja and asks where is Naitik and family. Akshara says maybe there is some confusion, I will talk to Naitik. Naira says address is right and laughs. Naksh comes with the horse and smiles. Rajshri asks whats happening. Akshara says Naitik is worried there. Naksh says this time baraat will go from here, bride will go on the horse. Akshara says this can’t happen and they explain the rituals. Naksh says we can change, its not wrong. Akshara gets angry and calls him foolish.

Naksh says I wanted to make your marriage different and interesting. Akshara says this can’t happen, that’s it. Naitik calls Akshara and asks about Naksh. He says Naksh is here, he has got band and horse here. He says what, how did he get there, whats happening. She shows him on video chat and asks Naksh to answer. Naitik asks where was he. Naksh says I was trying something new and decided that mum will bring baraat this time. Naitik says what. Naira says it will be fun, why can’t bride come in horse, as they are equal and mum should get this chance. Naksh says I m sorry to make you wait and worry, I m coming with the horse, be ready. Naitik says we should be sorry to not understand you, kids are right. They all smile.

He says we always say there is no difference in girls and boys. He says we are marrying again, we should not care for people and do what our heart says, its good way to celebrate our unique way. He asks his family. Rukmani says this does not matter, as everything will be by rituals in marriage. Mohit comes and says mum made me happy. They all get happy seeing him. Mohit greets everyone and hugs Naitik. Mohit says this surprise is better than his surprise. He says I think its not wrong. Bhabhimaa says if Dadda was here, he would have welcomed the baraat, he has always supported new thinking.

She asks Akshara to agree, and she does not have any objection. Naksh and Naira thanks them. Bau ji says we are proud of the kids. Devyaani says I think we should ask Rajshri and Vishwamber. Bau ji asks is he bringing baraat. Vishwamber says yes. Akshara says I m scared to get on the horse. They all laugh. Naksh says he will help. Rajshri says we are ready to leave. Yash says Ananya and Sanju will bring everything here and arrange the mandap. Naitik says he will help. Devyaani says he is the groom. Naitik says we have less people and much work, and jokes. They all laugh. Bau ji says we did not arrange pandit, as baraat is coming here. Rashmi says we will get pandit from Akshara’s home. Nannu makes juice fall on Sanju and she goes to clean it.

Rajshri and everyone get ready to leave and do aarti. Akshara is scared to sit. Rajshri asks her to caress it, its new for the horse too, as bride will be sitting on it for the first time. Akshara sits on the horse by difficulty. Naksh says horse will run now. She says I won’t sit. Shaurya says nothing will happen. Everyone clap. Dadi says lets take baraat and leave. Shaurya says Devyaani called and pandit ji reached there. Varsha locks the house. Jasmeet hugs her parents. Sanju cleans her dress and looks for her dupatta. Jasmeet tells Pammi about new thinking of new times and asks her to come. Sanju sees everyone gone and door locked. She knocks the door and says baraat went.

The baraat goes and Naksh and Naira ask Akshara to smile. They all dance in the baraat and she smiles. She dances too. Naksh says he has to talk to Yash. Akshara asks him to be with her, she is scared. Sanju says Nannu took my phone. She tries calling from landline and no one takes her call. She gets tensed.

Naitik and Akshara are lifted by Shaurya, Naman and Anshu to exchange garlands.

Update Credit to: Amena

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