Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Singhanias doing arrangements at home. Baisa gets annoyed. Naksh sees Goenkas coming. Singhanias help them. Naira says Kartik had some work, he will end it and come. She calls Kartik. She hugs Naksh and congratulates him. Manish says I did not know this day will come. Naitik says I m happy for children. Dadi says yes, we will be relieved when they get married, we got a mahurat, Kirti said yes, we have to ask Naksh, I called pandit and he gave this month mahurat, else it will be next year, its not good to postpone marriage. Bhabhimaa says give us some time to think. Dadi says we are one family, you can just tell us.

Naitik says no, actually. Dadi says you want to ask Naksh, I will ask him. She asks Naksh what is his decision. Naksh goes. Dadi asks why did

he go this way. She sends Naira. Naira comes to Naksh. She asks what’s going on in your heart, tell me. Naksh gets tensed. Naira asks him to swear on her and say. Naksh thinks he can’t tell her. He says I feel scared hearing about marriage, I recall the day when my marriage broke. She hugs him and pacifies. She says you got a new chance, say yes if you feel right else no, but decision should be one which gives happiness to you, just assure me you want this.

Dadi asks Naira what’s Naksh saying. Naira says Naksh is worried by his past, but he said yes. Everyone smiles. Naksh thinks my family’s happiness is linked to this relation. Both families congratulate each other. Everyone discuss about marriage. Naitik and Naira say marriage should be grand. Dadi says I want this marriage simple way, without many guests. Baisa comes and says think anything, but it will happen what we say, its Kirti’s second marriage, why should we keep it simple, its Naksh’s first marriage…. Dadi says I was just saying. Baisa says you said a lot, now I will decide everything, because this time we are groom’s family. Naira says Dadi, everyone has many dreams for Naksh’s marriage, even mumma had, we want to do it grand, we have to decide by keeping both families’ decision. Naitik says yes, we will talk in few days. Manish says I agree, we will leave now. Naira hugs Naitik. She sees her family and goes.

Kartik is busy in work. He says I should explain them not to hurry for marriage. Dadi says we should think of children’s happiness, not show, Kirti’s marriage happened recently. Manish and Akhilesh ask her to value Singhanias’ sentiments. Naitik says Akshara was dreaming for this day, how shall I skip her dreams. Baisa says they also did their wishes fulfilled in Kartik’s marriage, why should we get back. Bhabhimaa says we always agree to them, can’t they listen to us. Suwarna says we should listen to them. Manish says we should respect their decision. Surekha says they did not make us their servant by accepting Kirti. Suwarna says they did everything what we told them in Kartik’s marriage, they have total rights to do what they want.

Naira talks to Gayu about the marriage. Naksh asks how is Naksh, I feel bad for Kirti. Gayu says I m sure elders will try to sort the matter. Naira turns and sees Kirti. Kirti says I did not know anyone to get hurt, I want marriage to happen the way they want, as they accepted me. Naira says you are perfect, they did not do any favor on you. Kirti says my family can respect their wish, as they respected me. Manish hears her. Naksh says I have seen marrying in grand way, this time I want marriage simple. Naitik hears him. Naitik calls Dadi and asks are you annoyed by Baisa’s words. Dadi says she did not say wrong. Naitik says we are one family, we will take decision by keeping everyone’s happiness in mind, we will keep marriage simple. Dadi gets glad and asks did Naksh agree. He says Naksh said this himself. Manish asks whom are you talking to. Dadi says Naitik, they agreed for marriage in temple.

Kartik says I m against this speedy things, they should spend time. He argues with Dadi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sachu

    Hi my dears out here. Hi Raf yeah he is absolutely fine. Just keep troubling me always with his naughty behaviour.
    Omg Iam fed up of this Goenkas. I guess they are born with pride instead of brain and heart. Loved Baisa today and thanks to Naksh he made dadi ascend the victory stand today by agreeing to her wish. Naira has become a puppet in dadi’s hands. Whenever her orders are turned down she d order go Naira and she’d run accordingly. I cant stand all this rubbish. Keerthi cant also bear anything against her desire or else she starts trembling n crying. Made her character so weak. Guys seriously this is too much. Missing the old Singhanias very much. Reliving the good old days on hotstar.

    1. Ponkuri

      Ur so right????☺Sachu… Agree 1000%

    2. Hey Sachu, Agree with every points, especially the point of Keerti being weak. I had high hopes for her in this show – maybe she will change when she gets to Singhanias house

    3. I agree with you

  2. Fenil

    Hello everyone.

    Good episode.

    They are rushing like Karnavati or shatapdi express.Dadi is forcing her thinking on everyone.

    I want Grand Wedding.Baisa,Bhabhimaa,Naitik is right this is first marriage of Naksh.They have many dreams.

    I never expect Keesh story this way.They are rushing so much..

    I will kill this Dadi and Surekha:@:@:@>:)>:)>:)>:)>:)>:):@:@:S:SDono jab bhi bolti hain kadwa bolti hain.Naksh ne haa kaha tab tak sweet ban rahi thi ab phirse okat pe aa gayi.In dono se achhi toh Komolika thi..

    1. Ponkuri

      Bro Fenil agree wit u this is Narsh 1st marriage? Dadi is so selfish to only think Kirti n her family… afraid of society taunt!!
      Why Singhanias gotta bear their pride?
      Singhanias status is not lower than them
      they hve right too!!! Bro count me in when u wanna kill those two!!! ??? n count Kaina in also! ?

    2. Ponkuri

      Bro Fenil yestrday comment in Hindi… I am not understanding Hindi so sorry Bro can translate for me? ???
      Can I also ask that day Kirti was leaving home n she said she was going to Maasi place? Wat is Maasi? TkQvvm Bro????

    3. Yes Fenil – they are rushing as Dadi knows she is playing a manipulative game. Wants to get it done before anyone comes to their senses and reject the proposal.

      Fenil in the other episode comments some of you were saying that you are watching YRKKH again from beginning – is there a link that I can watch it from but not hotstar as it does not work in the UK

  3. KAINA

    goenkas beliieve me i am truly hating you baisa is right

  4. Fenil

    Guys, is this true i heard My SRK and Anushka is coming in YRKKH For Film JHMS.?

      1. Fenil

        Aww Thank u Soumya.
        Can’t believe that u here

    1. Soumya85

      Isme thank you bolne ka kya h??aur q mai yaha nai aa sakti meri yrkkh family members ke pas?
      How are you all??
      Waiting for keesh weeding

      1. Fenil

        Woh kya hain na sissy aapne toh muh pher liya tha humse toh…..Whatever u came we are glad

    2. Soumya85

      It’s not like that bhaiya
      Mai roz sare comments read karti thi par comment nai kar pati thi as mai aj kal jyada online nai rehti na u know that and u r saying like that

  5. Ponkuri

    I really wanted to give Surekha a tight slap??wat she meant by Singhania family shuldnt make them servant by accepting Kirti!!! Does she means that Goenkas hve been treating Singhanias as servant whenever they comply to their wishes!!!
    I believe tis is wat Dadi n Surekha mentality ? (to be honest by the way Surekha words they themselves hve the mentality tat Kirti is a divorcee n its a big thing if there is someone willing to marry her again! tat is why she got the thinking that if Singhanias make any demands is taking advantage of tis reason) Dadi is very manipulating n demanding even when Naitik said gotta ask Narsh she insisted that she will asks him knowing tat Narsh will not say No??? ( I am very happy Narsh just walked away frm her…yeah!!! ???) n Baisa is great??????I agree wit her 1000%?? Singhanias shuld agree wit her?? As much as Goenkas wanted things to go their way pls remember Singhanias too? hve their rights!!!

    1. Yes Ponkuri The Goenkas think they are better than the Singhanias – getting them to do their bidding and also humiliating them when they feel like – rubbish story line

    2. Soumya85

      Hello dii how are you??
      Remember me??
      I agree with all of your points
      I hate dadi and surekha sometimes when they do something like that!

      1. Ponkuri

        Hi Soumya how r u? So glad ur back? missed ur all so much???

  6. Hey all
    WOW so much selfishness in one place – Goenka mansion
    Naira has become the typical starplus bahu – I am married so my husband family is my everything & they should not be upset for any reason. She is so determined to win Dadi Goenka’s love – with all who loves her why does one selfish manipulative old woman who is always determined to get her own way always mean so much to her. She is two faced to her when her husband is around she acts nice and behind his back – put her and her family down. For me I wouldn’t want such a person to love me anyway. With so many people who love her why does this one person’s approval means so much to her. So she keeps dancing to her tunes.
    As for Dadi Goenka she acts like a two year old every time she doesn’t have her way she throws a big tantrum and blame Naira for everything. Even two year olds understand when you explain things to them.
    She want a simple wedding because she feels ashamed of her own grand daughter and wants to do it quietly. What about Naksh, this is his first wedding shouldn’t he has a say how he wants it.
    Oh my word; this is a mess – my head aches
    Suwarna has a strong relationship with Kirti – why can’t she sits with her and explain things
    Surekha deserve a tight slap – she thinks her motherhood is better than others.

    1. I totally agree with you too

    2. Ponkuri

      Missy n Anjana ur comments above is ????????

  7. @fenil I didn’t write much because I was totally upset with current track.yrkkh is famous for their marriages whoever it is . they show grand weddings and different cultures also.

    All marriage happened with the permission with two who are getting married and two families.they happily enjoyed.we also enjoye.they have shown lots of confusions and misunderstandings also.however t was lovely. I don’t remember a day that I miss the show now.even I Ioved the previous episodes.
    Now no one is doing akshara s role of understanding one is understanding naksh.what happened to natik and all singanias.where is rajasri aunty she should varsha and shourya.

    I agree to fenil.kaina, are right about oly daadi is talking and every one is dancing on her words.surekha always adding fuel into ?.

    I love baisa.she is totally right.i love the way she said v r boy’s family even though I agree with nathik they should together decide everything.

  8. I don’t know what happened to naira.she is not at all many times Karthik told they don’t rush.daadi is emotionally black mailing Karthik tomorrow.

    @missy old episodes are the golden days of yrkkh .it’s true that they dragged some times.however most of the time it was too cute.i don’t know how you can watch in UK.

    Even now v can enjoy akshara and natitik s romance.they have shown in a very mature way.i also felt that sometimes kaira’s romance is childish.

  9. I think that this time marriage should be according to singanias otherwise what can we do because this is depended on director or story writer

  10. Fenil

    Translation for above comment:- whenever Dadi and Surekha was uttered they always speaks bitter words only for Singhanias.Till then Naksh didn’t said yes they were behaving so sweet now again they came in original level ego.

    Yaa, Masi means Mom’s sister. Here Priyanka Masi is Soumya’s (Karthik and Keerti’s mother) sister.

    1. Ponkuri

      Thank you so much Bro Fenil for ur translation???

  11. Fenil

    Missy , I think pe mil jayEnge episode.

  12. Karthik has a very valid point but present it logically, not emotionally. Every time his point of view is not accepted, he gets upset.

    What’s happened to Naira’s unusually strong intuitions? Normally she sniffs out everybody’s ‘man ki baat’; how come this time she’s not able to read Naksh’s mind???? Looks like she wants to protect her stance at her in-law’s.

    Why has Naitik not spoken to Naksh yet? He should have a heart to heart with his son, just to be sure the decision is not out of compulsion.

    1. Some time naira was unnecessary interfering in others she is not at all understanding anyone.

  13. I really don’t want anything to happen between keesh.keesh is really cute together

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