Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with priest asking bride’s father to get bride. Akshara says she does not have father, but her brother will get her. Everyone smile seeing Kartik getting Rose. Kartik smiles seeing Naira. Rukmani comes there and sees the main door locked. The rituals start. Yash says he can’t marry Rose and everyone get shocked. He says he will wait till Rukmani comes.

Rukmani comes inside and tells how much she tried to come on time, she was coming for Yash’s marriage, she came via window. Yash thanks her for coming, and says I can’t marry without your presence. Yash and Rose get married. The priest pronounces them as husband and wife. He says now you may kiss the bride. Yash and Rose kiss on cheek. Akshara congratulates everyone for the new happiness. Rukmani blesses

Yash and Rose. Anmol says congrats and hugs Yash.

Varsha and Shaurya go out and look for the car. She says there was cake in the car. He says driver is not answering, now we can just wait for him. The guard shows their car. Varsha says we did not see it. Shaurya says when person panics, he can’t see things. Both the families go to do rituals of lighting candles. Kartik says its family affair so…. Rose says you are my brother, come. They all light candles and pray. Kartik smiles seeing Naira.

Shaurya stumbles and cake falls down. Varsha asks him to be careful. He says cake icing spoiled. She says I will make it fine, I knew something like this will happen, so I got icing sugar. He praises her. Martha tells the color significance. Akshara puts green color and prays. Everyone put colors on the huge plate and pray. Gayu smiles and puts pink color. Varsha makes the cake icing proper. Shaurya says we can marry again. She says what are you saying, its time for children to marry. He says I decided we will marry. They laugh.

Yash keeps his flower in Naksh’s pocket and says you show me the day when I m in your place, we will dance together, this time we will find someone for you. They hug. Rose and Yash cut the cake. Martha thanks Rukmani for coming. Rukmani says I did not like what you said. Martha says sorry. Rukmani reminds one month world tour as dowry. Martha says sure. Akshara says we will dance now. Everyone dance on Janam janam…………….. Kartik smiles seeing Naira, and Gayu smiles seeing him. They all change dance partners. Kartik sees Naira’s dress’s back zip getting down. Naksh looks at Kartik. He takes her for dance, and she tries to go.

He takes her aside. She asks are you mad. He stops her and says everything is not like you think, I m not misbehaving, but stopping from something bad happening, try to think of other’s perception sometimes. He tells her about her back zip and asks her to pull it up. She realizes that and pulls zip up. She thanks him. He says no problem, and goes. Martha says I m so happy for you, and gives Rose’s hand in Yash’s hand. Rajshri sings Sone chidiya…….. Everyone cry. Akshara recalls her family, marriage and bidaai. She sings and cries.

Akshara says we know about Rose throwing bouquet, the one who gets it will marry next. Rose throws bouquet.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Who will catch that bouquet?

  2. I think karthik will catch bouquet

  3. Naira”ll get

  4. Kartik n naira will gt

  5. Hope naksh gets it and gets off married next in the track.may be gayu and Naira both will catch

  6. ok i think mishti

  7. naksh will get it!!!!

  8. Either naira or gayu will get the bouquet because in those traditions a female has to receive the bouquet

  9. anyone plzz tell me that why naira left home??? and what is that incident?? anyone here plzz…

    1. Arshi

      She had a frnd… and by mistake tat frnd died… in train… (i ddint see full epi of those segment so telling as per my view)

      Naira was been present in the time f murder.. so she s accused… but she didnt do anything… she got very muh scared.. when she tries to tell the whole incident to akshara.. she sees akshara talking to police.. akshara told tat.. if my daughter s in guilt.. we wont think once to get her punished… we know to respect the law….

      Naira hears those and gets more scared… though she didnt do anything.. she got scared and runs fron the home…being anger at akshara…

      Actually akshara calrifies the police only as the inspector told tat they r rich and can do anything to hide their daughters mistake….

      Hope u understood the track…. i just wrote what i knew… its not exact ….

      1. Thank you soo much for the reply Arshi , so its a misunderstanding between akshara and naira!!

    2. After breakup of Naksh marriage with Tara, family goes for a picnic ..There Naira”s friend Sukanya”s boyfriend misbehaves and Sukanya hits him on his head & he falls unconscious. Thinking that he is dead , the girls panic.. On return journey in train, Naira tells Sukanya that they should tell the truth to family but Sukanya refuses & threatens standing at the door that she will jump if Naira tells truth to any one.. At the same time Vicky (sukanya’s BF) who is not dead & is also in the train comes behing Naira to stop Sukanya but she gets shocked seeing him & slips & dies.. Now Naira who did’nt see Vicky behind & being a little teenage girl with mixed feelings of Guilt & fear & hatred on mother, runs away (as sukanya brainwashwashed her for a long time that Akshara lover justice more than her children & she also hears Akshara telling police that if her daughter is guilty she will herself get her punished)

      1. Thank you so much for the reply, u mean that her friend suykana died not becz of her!!

  10. i think karthik and naira both will get it

  11. Naksh will be the one

  12. I think it is naksh because ,he is going yo meet a girl in the upcoming days . he is going to fall in love , I read in spoilers

  13. Sethidisha002

    may b karia aur naksh

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