Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th July 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Naitik and Akshara discussing about Maa. Naksh says no one is talking or playing with me. Naitik says everyone was tensed but now everything is fine. Akshara sees Naksh’s books and says how come you did not get any homewrok today, Naksh makes excuses. Akshara notices there is no classwork. Naksh saves himself. Naksh is tensed.

Nikhil is talking to his boss, but he could not get any help. Rashmi comes there with money. Nikhil asks from where did you get this, she says I have sold the jewellery as I wanted to help you. Nikhil scolds her, they both have an argument. Rama comes there and scolds Nikhil for talking like this with Rashmi. She says I heard everything, Rashmi is right being a wife. She is worried about you. Rama says Rashmi

don’t do like this again. Rama says Rashmi did this for you. Rama asks him to keep that money. Nikhil takes it and leaves. Rama says Rashmi don’t do this again, I m not happy with this.

Akshara’s family is discussing about Rashmi. Ananya reminds Varsha and Shaurya about their marriage, they smile. Ananya says I will arrange the party for my parents.
Rashmi is working in the kitchen. She asks Rama are you annoyed with me, and apologizes to her. Rama says you did it for Nikhil, thanks. Rashmi promises that she will never do like this again. Rashmi calls someone and says thanks, your idea was good.
Shaurya and Varsha spend some time together and discuss that their marriage has completed ten years. Varsha and Shaurya hug each other and have a romantic scene. Naitik falls from the bed and wakes up. Akshara wakes up. They have a sweet talk. Akshara has a laugh on him.

The next morning, Naksh is seen spending time with his elder friends. Ananya and Yash misses him. Naksh says you are getting jealous. Naksh leaves. Ananya thinks of not going after Naksh. Naksh comes home and greets Maa. Naksh asks everyone where is my Dadi. Akshara says is it her, Naksh says no. He jokes with Maa to make her smile. Maa smiles atlast. Naksh hugs her. Everyone say Naksh did the work which we could not. Naksh argues with Baisa. Everyone have a laugh. Akshara asks Maa to keep smiling. Bau ji leaves for work. Nikhil, Rama and Rashmi comes there. Maa is shocked to see them.

Nikhil says what do you wanted to prove, Naitik asks what happened. Nikhil raises on Naitik. Bau ji asks what is the matter. Rama says don’t you know. Nikhil’s parents are hurt by something. They say we did not think you would insult us. Akshara says tell us what we did, Rama says Gayatri gave money to Rashmi. Everyone are shocked. Rama says she gave money to help Nikhil and Rashmi lied to us. Nikhil says did you teach your daughter this to lie to me. Nikhil says I was upset that Rashmi sold her jewels, but my mom was shocked to see her jewels with her. Did you all plan this. Rashmi says tell me, not my mum. She takes Maa’s side. Nikhil and Naitik have an argument., Rashmi says Maa care about us so she helped us. Nikhil gets angry and says I would have taken the money if I know your mum gave me. Rashmi says why, did your ego got hurt. Nikhil and Rashmi fight infront of everyone, Nikhil says leave me and stay in your house if you feel I m wrong. Everyone are shocked.

Nikhil says you decide now, where you want to live. Rashmi says I have made my decision. Rama says we have come to talk to them, Nikhil says I m fed up. Maa apologizes. Naitik argues with Nikhil. Akshara tries to calm then down. Rashmi says my decision is that I choose my family. Maa is shocked. Everyone scold Rashmi. Rashmi says I have thought about this, I m here to bear Nikhil’s anger. I m also fed up, I cannot bear it anymore. Nikhil says ok stay here, no need to come home. Rashmi stops Nikhil and says I won’t come to your house now. Naitik asks Rashmi to stop it and explains Nikhil. Nikhil gets angry and leaves with his family. Akshara stops Nikhil, he does not listen to her. Rashmi says let them go. Akshara apologizes to him and says we can talk about this problem. Nikhil says she does not want to leave with me. Akshara talks about Maa’s mistake. She says you think being in Maa’s position. Maa worries about you too, you are like a son for her. Akshara says if your mum did the same, then would you get angry.

Akshara calls Rashmi. Rashmi scolds her. Akshara is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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