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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara asking Sangram to take u turn. Sangram says no, now you have to go on the way on which I m going. She shouts Sangram and gets worried. Tara thinks if Sangram does something this time, I can’t stop myself and will say truth to Naksh. Naksh goes to her and asks what happened, why are her hands shaking. Tara says no, I m thinking about Akshara, she is brave. He says why are you afraid for Akshara, there are safety measures, Sangram is with her, is there something. She says no.

The cars cross the second checkpoint. The man tells the names of the people who crossed the checkpoint. Everyone wonder where is Akshara’s car, as the man does not name her. Naitik and everyone get worried. Naksh asks where is mumma’s car. Naitik says yes, he took everyone’s

names. He goes to Tara and her Dada ji. He asks them are they seeing whats happening, I thought Sangram changed, maybe I was wrong, if Akshara gets a scratch, I will not leave Sangram.

Tara asks Dada ji why is Sangram doing this, we felt Sangram changed and he is repenting, but now I feel he did not realize his mistake, that he went to kill Akshara. Dada ji says no, don’t say this. He gets a call and goes. Tara worries.

Naitik goes to the man and asks about Akshara, where is her car. He says I want to meet her. The man says sorry, we have rescue team, if her car stops, they will help. Rajshri says I told them not to send Akshara, if anything happens then. Bhabhimaa says we were also against this, but they insisted. Vishwamber says think good, why all these thoughts, think if Akshara wins the race and they keep party, who will come. Bau ji says we don’t care she wins or not, we just want her to be happy and finish this race. Devyaani says race will end when they know about the car.

Akshara asks Sangram to take car back. He asks her to sit silently. She asks where are you taking me, there is no such way in the route. Naitik says I did big mistake in come in your words, and scolds the man. Naksh goes to Naitik and asks him to calm down. Naitik asks how shall I calm down, Akshara’s car did not cross checkpoint. The man says her car is recorded going the other route. Naitik thinks if anything happens to Sangram, I can’t stop myself. He says I will go there. Naksh says don’t worry, Sangram is with her, relax.

Akshara shouts Sangram, take car back and tries to change the steering. She shouts for help. Sangram asks her not to shout, and sit silently, else he will have to take any other way to make her silent. Naitik says I was foolish to let Akshara go alone. Naksh says I don’t think you did wrong. Naitik asks the man about CCTV footage as they are recording the race, please show me. The man asks him to see. Naitik checks the footage.

Rajshri says its very late now, why are they not taking Akshara and Sangram’s name. Devyaani says yes, I m thinking same. Akshara calls Sangram selfish, and says I did not take your name as this will hurt Tara and Naksh’s relation, but you did not think this, if you do anything, I will not leave you, if anything happens to me, Naitik will not leave you, your family will also hate you. He says listen to others some time. She says change the route. He says sit quiet, the adventure is still there, I will take you where you have to reach, I will not repeat that day’s mistake and make you reach the finishing line. She shouts help.

The cars cross checkpoint 4. Ananya says strange, everyone’s cars passed and just Akshara’s car did not come. Rajshri says there is something fishy. Naitik says Sangram took Akshara that way intentionally, I will not leave him, I will go there. Mishti asks Karishma when will Akshara’s car come. Karishma says she will come. Naksh asks Tara what is she hiding. Tara says Sangram is with Akshara. He says yes, don’t worry. She says you are not understanding. The man announces Akshara’s car has come near the final lap. They all hear it and get glad. The man says yes, Akshara and Sangram are ahead. Everyone clap. Naitik stops and gets relieved seeing the car.

Akshara gets calm too. Sangram smiles. Everyone cheer for Akshara. Sangram crosses the final lap and says Madam ji, you reached your family safe and won the race too, just 500 meters more and you will get trophy. She asks him to lower speed. He says two cars are there. She says there is speed breaker, cars get turned over as people make this mistake. Sangram lowers the speed seeing the two cars getting off way by the speed breaker.

Sangram stops the car crossing the finishing line. Everyone clap for them. Sangram says congrats Madam ji, you won the race, sorry for the trouble on the way, but some pain has to be bear to win something. She asks how did he come in race. He says I also did not know, my friend participates in this race every year, his wife was admitted in hospital at night, he requested me to come and I came here. She asks how this car, it was lottery system. He says its from Lord, would you trust me if I told you, I thanked Lord when I got your car, I thought this is chance to prove Sangram changed, if I made you win race, my sins will be washed. She asks why did he take wrong turn. He says we took wrong turn before only, I did not tell you that you told wrong way and we lost the track, so I changed route and did not waste time, sorry for the trouble. She says no, I m sorry, I misunderstood you. She gets down the car. Everyone meet and hug her. Naitik hugs her and asks are you fine, I was scared. She says yes, I was scared and told wrong way to Sangram, even then he took short cut and made me win. They all smile. Sangram says yes, I made her win, but she saved our lives, she told about speed breaker on time, else we both would have been hurt. Naitik shakes hand with Sangram and thanks him.

Dada ji says great Sangram, come and hug me. They all get glad. Dada ji and Naksh hug Sangram. Naksh thanks Sangram for making Akshara win. He says don’t know why was Tara worried, I told her that Sangram will take care of Akshara and make her win. Tara takes Akshara and asks are you fine, I was very afraid. Akshara says there is nothing to be scared of, Sangram did not hurt me, he is changing, everything is fine. Tara says no, Naksh is very happy for your victory and thanking Sangram, when he knows Sangram is responsible for that accident, his trust will break, tell him the truth. Akshara says no, I don’t want to snatch family’s happiness, its not right time, Sangram did good thing, everyone is blessing him, I don’t want anyone to scold him or get annoyed. Tara says yes, but I feel delaying is wrong. She sees Naksh lifting Sangram and smiling. She says I wish you could see whats happening now. Akshara says I know Naksh’s happiness, we should not tell this to Naksh. Tara says fine, we will do as you say. Akshara says thanks, don’t worry. Naksh asks Akshara and Tara to come, Akshara is called for prize distribution.

Akshara gets the trophy. Everyone clap for her. The man asks her to say few words. She says person can do anything with determination, I learnt this in my blindness, handicapped is your body and heart, you can control heart and not feel weak, you should not make any handicapped person feel the weakness, help them as my family helped me, thank you all. They all clap for her. Naksh says now we will take pics, come. Karishma sees Maya there and thinks what is Maya doing here. Naksh and everyone take pics with the trophy.

Akshara says I think we should tell truth to Naitik. Naitik says I don’t think its needed, as things are fine now. Naksh calls Sangram. The man recognizes Sangram seeing the pic and says he is the one by whom your mother fell down. Naksh and Ananya get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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