Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone asking Ananya to open the door. Ananya throws her jewelry and gets angry. Naksh asks elders to go, Yash and I will talk to Ananya. He calls Ananya and she disconnects call. Yash and Naksh sit outside and talk to Ananya, asking her to take her time. Ananya cries. Shaurya asks Akshara to not feel bad of Varsha’s words, and apologizes. Akshara says she has full right to tell me anything, she is my friend. Naitik says don’t apologize, think being in Varsha’s place.

Akshara says when Varsha understands that Ananya will be happy after this marriage breaking, her anger and annoyance will go. Shaurya thanks her. Akshara asks him not to thank her. Anshu says you did this with good heart and everyone misunderstood you, you would have felt bad. She

says yes, but if I left, I would have not seen my face in mirror, I have to keep my friendship like Varsha, its my turn and I will not leave her, we will solve it.

Mohit gets angry on Rukmani. She says my words are bitter, but true, I chose a good guy for Ananya, he would have not left Ananya, Maheshwaris for insulted, I m feeling bad. Mohit argues and says you are not feeling bad for Ananya. She says you made Yash like you, he did not come with us. He says Yash is there to be with Ananya. Rukmani taunts Nandini on her weakness. Nandini says your mind has this weakness, not my body. Rukmani asks Mohit to see Nandini. Mohit holds Nandini and says I m seeing and thinking how Nandini was quiet since many years.

Naksh tells Ananya that he will break door, but how will Ananya be without door then. Yash says idea is good, but door is tough. Naksh says if strong relations can break, why not door. She asks them go and not bore her. He asks her to come out, call us inside and then shut door. Yash asks why is she sad as relation with Ranveer broke. Naksh says yes, we will get him and make you marry him. He says yes, we thought you don’t like him. Naksh asks her why is she sad. She asks them to go. Yash asks her to imagine, she would have been on strict diet after marrying Ranveer. Naksh says yes, Ranveer would have gifted you oats on birthday, and jokes. They ask Ananya to open the door. She opens the door and says enough. They hug Ananya. Naksh says you scared me. They see the room messed up. Yash asks why this room look like earthquake came here, where is your ring, did you throw it. Naksh says it was expensive, if Ranveer’s family comes to ask then.. Ananya says its there, give them. They cheer her. Naira and Mishti come and say you forgot us. They all hug. Varsha looks on.

Shaurya says everyone loves Ananya like we do. She asks you also feel me wrong, tell me what you mean, I know I chose wrong guy, but was this just my work. She says I called you a lot to come and see the family, your work was imp than family, now manage work as Ananya’s marriage got cancelled, I will manage Ananya, you are also wrong, if you can’t support me, don’t stand against me, its not your right. Naksh says we will sleep here together. Ananya faints. They all ask Ananya what happened.

Baisa tells Bhabhimaa that house is running according to Akshara, does she take all big decisions, in inlaws and Maayka, she broke Ananya’s marriage and chose Tara. Bhabhimaa says Naksh chose Tara. Baisa says families decide marriage in our home, Akshara stayed abroad for 10 years and got those values, did she forget our values. Bhabhimaa says no, Akshara is never wrong, I trust her, she always thinks and do things, I m always with Akshara.

Doctor tells Ananya and says nothing to worry, she got stressed. Akshara cries and signs Varsha. Varsha feels bad. Akshara recalls her time. Varsha gets a call. She goes out and talks to Savita. Savita apologizes to Varsha and says its Ranveer’s mistake, he told us everything, its not Ananya’s mistake, she is very lovely, we like her a lot, we explained Ranveer, he will apologize to you all, don’t let this marriage break, we will lose our name, explain your family, children did mistake, we are elders and can rectify mistake, it will be good if we get them married.

Karishma tells Devyaani that she has done all the work, take rest, I will leave now. Devyaani says you come like guests, I don’t like this. Karishma says you all are also bearing punishment for our mistake, I know loved ones are hurt, maybe our punishment did not complete. She greets Devyaani and Bau ji, and leaves. Devyaani gets sad and asks Bau ji about the punishment duration, as person gets hope on its ending time, I have hope, can you tell me when will this end. She goes.

Shaurya says you felt you will get slim if you don’t eat anything, you fainted. Ananya asks for Varsha. Varsha cries seeing Ananya. Rajshri and Shaurya go out. Varsha asks Ananya to rest. Ananya says I m very sorry, I know you got hurt, its my mistake, I promise I will not trouble you more, I will do diet and exercise, so that you don’t get ashamed by my fatness, you are annoyed with everyone because of me, don’t stay sad, I will feel bad, I m sorry. Varsha asks her not to think much, I will make things fine, have juice now. She cries seeing the ring mark on Ananya’s finger, and sees the ring kept on the table.

Vikram says its wrong, Ranveer would have refused if he did not like the girl. Aditya says yes. Vikram says Akshara has courage, she broke the relation. Sangram says yes, she is right. Tara says I felt Akshara’s decision is right. Sangram says if its about us, pain looks much, don’t worry, I m saying, be alert and don’t do any mistake that hurts your relation. Vikram says they are good people, but don’t bear wrong things. Sangram says no, they have forgive me, but we can’t say what happens anytime. Tara worries.

A man comes from Ranveer’s house. Varsha gets a box and says I called him. She gives the box and asks him to give this to Ranveer’s family. She says Ananya’s ring was tight, it should be changed when it hurts, even relations, I returned their ring and they have sent out ring, if engagement is not happening, why to keep relations, I told Savita that Ananya’s fate has better guy than Ranveer, as Akshara said. Ananya hears them and smiles. Everyone get glad and happy.

Someone makes guard unconscious. Naira plays with Naksh. Few goons enter the home. Akshara asks Naitik did Tarun really come here. Naksh and Yash get shocked seeing something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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