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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik getting a call from Neeraj. He says he forgot to ask Akshara and takes her. Rajshri says its good we got to know greedy people, I will not find proposals again for anyone. Dadi says getting afraid is not right, be strong. Rajshri thanks Shaurya and Anshu for bringing their truth out. She is proud of them. Kaki says I have decided, whatever proposal comes, we will let Anshu and Shaurya find out about the guy. They all joke to open detective agency. Rajshri says we should internet services in right way. Naitik and Akshara sit working. Naksh says he will give highh speed to sing as he also used to like the same. He moves the swing and nut comes out. He shouts mumma and holds the cradle. Akshara and Naitik come running and are shocked. Naksh gets hurt

and starts leaving as everyone come and care for Naira.

Akshara stops him and says you have held the cradle, show me did you get hurt. She says he got hurt and cares for him. She says he is brave boy. Bhabhimaa asks him if its hurting him, he will take him to doctor. Naksh says I did not do anything. Akshara says yes, we know you took good care of Naira. Naksh apologizes to them. Naitik says its ok.

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Naitik says anyone would have done this, and you did your best to take care of Naira. They do his first aid. Naksh smiles seeing their concern for him first. Vishwamber talks to Rajshri. She says she is sad to think if today’s generations talks about dowry, how will we explain the next, how will society change. He says its not easy to change it. She says maybe we can bring some change. He says it can change many people, I m proud of you, write what you want to. She says I wish people understand it. He says yes, just write from your heart. He smiles seeing her.

Naitik takes care of Naira, and Naksh sits with Akshara and studies. Naitik shows her to see Naira, she is vomiting. She says its normal and cleans her mouth. Naksh is glad to get their attention. Naitik says he will give Naira a bath. She says no. He asks why not. Naksh asks why, we can also give her a bath, I will give her a bath. Naitik says no, this is not fair. Akshara says fine, we can share the duties. They sweetly fight and she says don’t trouble me, you both give her a bath. Naitik and Naksh prepare to give Naira a bath and bring warm water. Akshara hands over Naira. Naitik and Naksh give Naira a bath. Thoda hum bhi khelenge………….plays…………..

Naksh smiles seeing them trust him more for caring for Naira. Jadoo tera chal gaya…………….plays………… Akshara says you both also took a bath along with her and they laugh. Akshara takes Naira to dress her up. Anshu and Jasmeet say about Rajshri’s article read by many and she smiles. Rajshri says she wants to try more. Dadi encourages her. Dadi says she wrote very well and everyone like it. Rajshri is glad. Devyaani is worried as Alok’s family wants to meet them and talk, and says she is thinking they can keep any condition. Karishma says lets understand what they say, why to worry before hand.

Naman says what they say, we will agree, but what they say wrong, we will say we will not obey them. Devyaani says if I listen to you, all things will go wrong, elders will talk. Karishma says Naman did not say anything wrong. Bhabhimaa pacifies Devyaani. Rukmani reads an article and says whats happening these days, men can’t be trusted, Nikhil has left Rashmi. She says I should keep an eye on my husband and calls him. She calls office to talk to Virender, and comes to know he is not there. She doubts on him. Mohit comes and asks why is se worried. She says nothing and gets tensed.

Naksh greets Alok’s Tau ji and they give him gift. Naksh thanks him. Naitik asks him to go as elders are talking. Tau ji says I have come here to say something, that we decided is after much thinking, and nothing to trouble them. He says he has some imp rituals in his family and Bua ji agrees for it. Devyaaani looks on tensed. Tau ji says we got this happiness after many years and we want… Alok sits and looks on. Bau ji says we agree to everything.

Tau ji says we want to do marriage in one week and in our village. Everyone is shocked. Naman says village, no. Devyaani signs him. Bau ji says this marriage can be done in city and serve you better. Tau ji says I know, but in our family, every wedding happens in village. Naitik agrees and says if we got more time… Tau ji says no, pandit ji got this date. Bau ji says fine, we agree to the date you say. Rukmani calls many people to know about Virander. She gets more doubt on him and calls him again.

She says its switched off. Mohit and Nandini see her and she asks what happened to her. Mohit says don’t know, she looks worried. Nandini asks why is she looking worried. Rukmani says nothing. Alok talks to everyone and says Dadda ji’s stay in village will be tough. Bau ji says thanks for thinking this, but we will try our best to do everything in time. Devyaani asks Alok not to worry. Alok thanks them. He says I know its tough for you all. Naitik says no, its fine. Alok says I trust you, but promise me you will tell me if you need help, I would like to help. Tau ji says we will leave now.

They all greet him and he leaves with Alok. Naman says how will we do so much in less time. Karishma says it will be tough in village. Akshara says if we said yes, we should not think what to do. Naitik says we have to do it. Bau ji asks them to divide work and print invitation cards. Naman says once we know how many guests are coming, we will arrange caterers too. Devyaani says we will make guest list. Naitik gets a call and goes. He comes to know about big order and talks happily. The man says queen buying diamond from auction and she wants you to make her necklace. Naitik says sure, we will make it. The man says we will send it to you. Naitik thanks and smiles.

Naitik and everyone like the diamond and keep it safe. The box falls and they are shocked seeing its empty.

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